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Additional Rock Art of the Utah Area

This gallery does not represent all of the rock art photos I have taken in the Utah area. This gallery is actually a dumping ground that contains images that didn't fit elsewhere. In addition to the images in this gallery, additional rock art images covering the Utah region can be found in the following places:

The Great Gallery
The Harvest Scene
Vernal Area Rock Art
Nine Mile Canyon
Moab Area Rock Art
Fremont Indian State Park
Cedar Mesa Area
Natural Bridges
Monument Valley
Capitol Reef
Zion National Park
Echo Park
Parowan Gap
Canyonlands - Needles
Montezuma Creek
Ute Mountain Tribal Park
South Fork Indian Pictograph Panel
Cave Valley Rock Art

I should note that by "Utah region" I am referring not only to Utah but also the northern edge of Arizona, the south of Nevada, and the western edge of Colorado. In particular I'm following the map guidelines set down by Dennis Slifer in his book "Guide to Rock Art of the Utah Region."

Some of the absolute best rock art panels I have ever seen are represented in this gallery. For instance, the Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel, and Sego Canyon are here in addition to a lot of other great stuff. The Great Gallery used to be here but has now been moved to my Canyonlands - Maze gallery.

Much of the art displayed here is 1500-4000 years old and is associated with the Barrier Canyon Style and other Desert Archaic forms. These eras belong to pre-history and pre-date "The Ancient Ones". Much of this art (like that seen at the Great Gallery) includes anthropomorphs without appendages and in a mummy shape. Faces and eyes are simple and abstract and the figures tend to have horns or antenna. Birds and animals can be found perched on their shoulders sometimes. In addition, many figures seem to be handling snakes or snake-like objects. Edward Abbey in his famous book Desert Solitaire wrote, "These are sinister and supernatural figures, gods from the underworld perhaps who hover in space, or dance, or stand solidly planted on two feet carrying weapons a club or sword. Most are faceless but some stare back at you with large, hollow disquieting eyes. Demonic shapes, they might have meant protection and benevolence to their creators and a threat to strangers: beware, traveler, you are approaching the land of the horned gods...."

Some later Fremont, Ute, and Navajo art is here as well. The Fremont lived between 500 and 1300 AD. Fremont rock art includes both petroglyphs and pictographs although petroglyphs predominate. Figures tend to have trapezoidal bodies and elaborate necklaces and they are often seen holding shields. The Ute are relatively recent peoples to the Eastern Utah area and they are unrelated to the Fremont cultures. Like many other recent Native American groups they were quite mobile and placed a lot of value on the horse once they started using it. A few very recent Navajo panels can be found in this gallery as well.

Much of the information provided with the images comes from the Internet as well as the books "The Rock Art of Utah" by Polly Schaafsma, "Stone Chisel and Yucca Brush" by Malotki and Weaver, "Guide to the Rock Art of the Utah Region" by Dennis Slifer, and "Legacy on Stone" by Sally Cole. "The Rock Art of Utah" is a classic work on the subject but a little outdated. "Stone Chisel and Yucca Brush" and "Guide to the Rock Art of the Utah Region" are new books which have some very nice modern interpretations of many panels. "Legacy on Stone" is outstanding as well. All four are worth picking up if you have an interest in rock art.

All images taken with a Digital rebel XT and t1i with various L lenses.

Favorite images from my various Southwest Trips can be found at:
Favorite Images From Various Southwest Trips

Wild Horse Canyon pictograph (detail) Cedar Mountain Area (Silent Sentinel Area) Rochester Panel (detail) Sego Canyon pictograph (detail)
Bluff Panel Site 2 (detail) Buckhorn Wash (detail) Panel near Meet-Up Panel The Head of Sinbad
Black Dragon pictograph Glen Canyon Linear Panel Betatakin Clan Sego Canyon Panel
Sego Canyon Temple Mountain Hundred Hands Area Duck Head Panel
A petroglyph panel in Petroglyph Canyon The Moqui Queen Wild Horse Canyon pictograph Cottonwood Canyon Ute Panel
The Hundred Hands Bluff Panel Site1 (detail) Cedar Mountain Area (Daisy Chain) Cottonwood Canyon
Sego Canyon Panel Cedar Mountain Area (Silent Sentinel) Lower Calf Creek Falls Pictograph Temple Mountain
Petroglyph Panel in the Buckhorn Wash Area Yellowjacket Rock Shelter Rochester Panel Buckhorn Wash (detail)
Petroglyph Panel in the Buckhorn Wash Area Meet-Up Panel Deer Creek Sego Canyon Panel
The Hundred Hands Buckhorn Wash (detail) The Head of Sinbad Cedar Mountain Area (45 Degree Rock)
Basketmaker panel near Goosenecks State Park Sego Canyon Glen Canyon Linear Panel Sego Canyon
Bluff Panel Site 4 Wild Horse Canyon pictograph Buckhorn Wash (detail) Basketmaker panel near Goosenecks State Park
Duck Head Panel Sego Canyon Panel Black Dragon Canyon Cottonwood Canyon
Lower Calf Creek Falls Pictograph Sego Canyon Betatakin Rochester Panel (detail)
Dominguez Canyon Sego Canyon Panel Bluff Panel Site 2 Wild Horse Canyon pictograph (detail)
Hundred Hands Area Moab Mastodon Black Dragon Canyon Petroglyph Panel in the Buckhorn Wash Area
Buckhorn Wash (detail) Dominguez Canyon Sego Canyon Panel The Moqui Queen
The Head of Sinbad Dominguez Canyon Bluff Panel Site1 Black Dragon Canyon
Near the Rochester Panel Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel