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There is no cost to create an account and try PBase out for a 30 day trial period, but please read the pricing information if you would like to become a PBase subscriber. You will need to provide the following information in the registration process: Email Address Your email address is used to send your password to you if you should forget it. Your address will not be displayed to other users unless you choose to later by editing your account and adding a public email address. You can also login using your email address instead of your username. Username Your username is a unique identifier that you will use... (more)

No. Costs are too great to offer unlimited space without bombarding everyone with pop-up ads and banners. However, the cost is low for the features and photo storage you're getting and the support we offer (forums, one-on-one email).
The price you pay helps to cover the disk space, the webservers, the database, backup systems, bandwidth, and support.

It is possible to change your username.
Submit a Customer Support request via the button in the left menu. Select Username Change as your category, and follow the instructions from there.

If you have forgotten your password, use the forgot password form. Enter your username and hit the "Send Mail" button. Your password will be emailed to the address stored with your account. So, make sure you keep your email address up to date in our records.

Are you using Zone Alarm or similar protection software? If so, try lowering the ad-blocking level. The programs consider the images to be banner ads because of their width. If you do use Zone Alarm, you will have to let PBase images through by taking the following steps: 1. Select the privacy panel and then the site list tab 2. Find the entry for PBase. If there isn't one, click the "add" tab and add an entry for 3. Once you have an entry for PBase, highlight it with the mouse, then... (more)

The easiest way to upload a bunch of images is to combine a batch of images into one file and upload just the single file. PBase can deal with ZIP and TAR files. Some people ask about GZIP, which is not handled. The purpose of ZIP or TAR in this case is not for compression. JPEG files already use a very good compression algorithm designed for photographs. ZIP or GZIP will not decrease the size of the files at all. When editing your gallery, you can also click the "upload" tab. This will take you... (more)

To keep track of the amount of traffic you are receiving on your pages, we have supplied hit counters. These hit counters are only viewable by you and are not available to other users when viewing your pages. Gallery Hit Counts To find out how many page views your gallery has had, select the gallery and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the bottom left, you will see the hit counter which looks like "## pageviews since DD-Month-YY" (The date is the creation date of that particular gallery).... (more)

Cascading style sheets are a way for you to adjust settings on your PBase pages. You can adjust fonts, borders, background, and much more.

If you find an image or gallery that you want to tell a friend about, just copy the URL from your browser's location/address bar, and paste it into an email or message to your friend.
An image URL will look something like
A gallery URL will look something like

If the camera database at is missing something, please send an email to and we'll add it as soon as we can. If you have photos of the actual cameras you would like to contribute, we'd love to have them. You could either email them as attachments to or if you already have them on PBase, let us know which gallery they are in. If you want your photos to show up as samples taken with a camera or lens, just set the camera or lens type by... (more)

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, but getting error messages as though your are running an earlier version of the browser, you are probably running in compatibility mode. Compatibility mode makes your browser behave like IE7. In IE8: Go to Tools Select Developer Tools Look for Browser Mode: near the top of the window after File Find Disable... Browser Mode should be set to Internet Explorer 8. (Not Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View) Look for Document... (more)

The steps below describes how to set an image as your profile page portrait.
Begin by clicking on the image you want as your profile page portrait. Then click the "edit image" link found towards the top of the page.
Now, click the link "Click here to make this image your profile page portrait".
When setting the image as your profile page portrait is successful, you will see a green success message at the top of the browser.

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