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No. Costs are too great to offer unlimited space without bombarding everyone with pop-up ads and banners. However, the cost is low for the features and photo storage you're getting and the support we offer (forums, one-on-one email).
The price you pay helps to cover the disk space, the webservers, the database, backup systems, bandwidth, and support.

Yes. There is a 30 day trial account for anybody that wants to try out PBase before committing to joining. Click here to register.

The cost is $23US per year for 3000MB of space.
Other plans are also available. Please visit the pricing page to check them out.

PBase accepts payments via credit card, check, paypal, and money order.
Go to the payment page to select the plan you want and a payment method.
You can send checks and money orders in US Dollars to the address below. Be sure to include your username along with the payment.
PO Box 487
Danbury, NC 27016

You can upgrade your account at anytime by making a payment for the amount of additional space you want. The credits added to your account can be spent at any rate.

Making a payment adds credits to your account. Those credits can be spent at any rate, depending on how much space your photos use. So, a $60 payment can be used for 9000MB for a year, 3000MB for 3 years, or whatever plan fits your needs.

We use a credit system so users only pay for the amount of space they are using. Each credit is worth 3000MB for a month. Each month, you spend credits based on the average amount of space you used rounded up to the nearest 3000MB. When you run out of credits, it is time to pay again.
This way, if you want to upgrade to more space several months after your first payment, there is no confusion about when your new renewal date will be. You renew when you run out of credits.

You can view your account status at anytime by going to your profile page and clicking the link to "view your usage and payment history". Here you can see how many credits and approximately how many months of service you have left.

When you see the "24 months left" at "3000 MB" on your quota page, this prediction is based on the number of credits you have remaining and the number of credits you are currently using each month.
If you meant to pay for 6000MB for 1 year, but it shows that you have 3000MB for two years, this is only because you are currently using less than 3000MB. Once you go over 3000MB and are using 2 credits each month, that prediction of remaining time will adjust itself.

Only original image file sizes are used to calculate your disk usage. We have a couple of options to let you easily reduce the amount of disk space you are using without uploading new, smaller images. You can process images that have already been uploaded to PBase as well as select a default setting for processing new uploads to a PBase gallery. The tools to do this are found on your gallery edit pages. Current Processing Options No Change With this option, no change is made to originals... (more)

To purchase a gift subscription, go to
You can choose to notify the recipient of your gift via email or print out a gift certificate to give to him/her.

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