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Your profile page displays information such as name, email address and a personal URL.
This information can be modified on the Account Page. Get there by clicking the "edit your account settings" link on your profile page.

Personal Information
See a user's name, email, URL, country, and profile portrait.

View statistics about how many galleries, images, and page views the user has. The page view count is updated once a day when you view your own profile page.

You can also view the user's guestbook, send the user a message with the PBase messaging system, and add the user to your list of favorite artists.

If you are looking at your own profile, you will see links to:
- View Usage and Payment History
- Comment Management to edit your guestbook entries and comments
- You have 1 unread message waiting - to view and send PBase messages
- View your favorite artists
- View your topics

Personal Message
Each person can add a message which will display on their profile page.
This could contain your location, favorite subjects to photograph, or anything else you want people to see.

Random Pictures
For paid users, four random public photos belonging to the user are displayed.
The statistics on the profile page are updated once a day when you view your own profile page. So, it may take some time to see results of adding/removing images and receiving page views.

A common reason that images appear when you think they should not is that they're actually still public. If you make a gallery non-public, its subgalleries remain public unless you change them. So, to make an entire gallery and its subgalleries non-public, you have to go in and edit each gallery indicating whether you want them to be public/non-public/password protected. To check which galleries are public/non-public/locked, go to your root gallery and click on the "tree view" link on the top right... (more)

The steps below show how to access the comment management page.
Beginning from your profile page click the "Comment Management" link found in the "Statistics" section.
Here you are able to delete and hide comments. You are not able to make private comments public.

The steps below describes how to set an image as your profile page portrait.
Begin by clicking on the image you want as your profile page portrait. Then click the "edit image" link found towards the top of the page.
Now, click the link "Click here to make this image your profile page portrait".
When setting the image as your profile page portrait is successful, you will see a green success message at the top of the browser.

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