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Birds of Maui

After three years of not travelling abroad, we finally took a holiday before Christmas to escape the cold of winter and to enjoy some warmth and sun in Maui, Hawaii.
Most of this gallery will be of birds we came across there, with a few scenics thrown in. Itís always exciting to see species that would never be seen back home.

Millions of years ago, the first birds either flew to Hawaii or were blown off course.
In this isolated island environment, largely free from predators, these colonizers evolved into todayís endemic birds of Hawaii that are found nowhere else on earth.

Along with the native birds, many non-native species were introduced to Hawaii from other places such as Asia, South America, Africa and Europe as pet birds and gaming birds.
A few were even introduced to control insects and pests on the island.

With habitat loss and climate change, birds are impacted by disease carrying mosquitoes, which now breed in areas that were formerly too cool.
As a result many endemic birds are on the endangered list.

Aloha! Zebra Dove (Manuku) Lovey Dovey Gray Francolin Common Myna (Piha'ekelo/Manu'aipilau)
Hawaiian Stilt (Ae'o) Hawaiian Black-necked Stilt Black Lava Beach Pacific Golden-Plover Java Sparrow
Java Sparrow Lava & Coral Beach Spotted Dove Japanese (Warbling) White-eye Japanese (Warbling) White-eye
Cattle Egrets Cattle Egret Summit of Haleakala Volcano I'iwi Ohiía Tree
Hawai'i 'Amakihi Chukar Volcanic Flora Red Junglefowl Mrs. Junglefowl & chics
Red-crested Cardinal Maui Sunset Northern Cardinal Hawaiian Coot ('Alae ke'oke'o) Twilight
Juvenile Black-crowned Night-Heron ('Auku'u) Black-crowned Night-Heron ('Auku'u) Black-crowned Night-Heron Junior & Senior Black-crowned Night-Herons A Wandering Tattler wandering