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Scotland bitsnpieces

DSC_0850-001.jpg DSC_8922-001.jpg DSC_8318-001.jpg DSC_8517-001.jpg
10th July 2020  to the beach 31st July 2020  Carrbridge DSC_6745-001.jpg DSC_4033-001.jpg
DSC_2962001.jpg DSC_0326001.jpg DSC_0324001.jpg DSC_0320001.jpg
DSC_0206001.jpg 13th August 2019  Scottish Lighthouse Museum 21st June 2019  deer by the loch 14th July 2019  hoilidays
24th July 2019  Northstar DSC_9471001.jpg DSC_8838001.jpg DSC_8798001.jpg
DSC_8820001.jpg DSC_8801001.jpg DSC_8800001.jpg DSC_8797001.jpg
DSC_8172001.jpg 18th February 2019  Glen Dronach distillery DSC_6147001.jpg 8th January 2019  Whitehills harbour
2nd January 2019  Brig 1st January 2019  Tay Bridge DSC_5977001.jpg DSC_5352001.jpg
DSC_5329001.jpg DSC_5337001.jpg DSC_5331001.jpg 21st November 2018  not so  filthy weather
10th November 2018  end of the day DSC_4458001.jpg DSC_4384001.jpg 15th October 2018  house by the lochan
13th October 2018  rain DSC_3521001.jpg DSC_3524001.jpg DSC_3501001.jpg
15th September 2018  Haddo 19th August 2018  Burghead DSC_2282001.jpg DSC_2076001.jpg
DSC_17002.jpg DSC_15592.jpg DSC_14602.jpg DSC_14422.jpg
DSC_13852.jpg DSC_13732.jpg DSC_0818001.jpg DSC_0741001.jpg
13th May 2018  Johnshaven 23rd May 2018  to ride it is to love it 29th April 2018  Johnshaven DSC_9117001.jpg
DSC_8277-2.jpg DSC_8287-2.jpg DSC_8286-2.jpg DSC_8281-2.jpg
DSC_8274-2.jpg DSC_8262-001.jpg DSC_7966-2.jpg DSC_7517-2.jpg
DSC_7013-001.jpg DSC_6977-001.jpg 26th November 2017  Sutherland 29th November 2017  Kilted Frog
2nd December 2017  Loch Morlich 24th December 2017  Inverness DSC_4481-2.jpg DSC_3825-2.jpg
DSC_3448-001.jpg 10th August 2017  Glendronach 18th August 2017  Dunblane Hydro 19th August 2017  High Street
DSC_2795-001.jpg DSC_2788-001.jpg DSC_2718-001.jpg DSC_2767-001.jpg
DSC_2769-001.jpg DSC_2763-001.jpg DSC_2760-001.jpg DSC_2753-001.jpg
DSC_2657-001.jpg DSC_2691-001.jpg DSC_2615-001.jpg DSC_2489-001.jpg
DSC_2478-001.jpg DSC_0269-001.jpg 17th October 2016 Carrbridge 21st October 2016  Old School
DSC_3739-001.jpg DSC_3825-001.jpg 29th November 2015  St Andrew's Day 14th February 2016  ice road
24th January 2016  wintertime 14Maywebsize 109.jpg DSC_7017-001.jpg DSC_7182-001.jpg
14Maywebsize 50.jpg DSC_3876-001.jpg 17th April 2015  Easter Aquhorthies DSC_5221.jpg
DSC_5340.jpg 17th August 2015 golden days 2nd January 2015  Loch Leven 31st January 2016  calm between two storms
3rd January 2014  River Edge Lodges 28th February 2015  River Ury 10th January 2014  snow in the air DSC_5768-001.jpg
12th May 2015  Shower approaching 17th July 2014  Eilan Glas lighthouse DSC_6083 copy.jpg 12th October 2015  Na Fir-Chlis
DSC_1729 copy.jpg 22nd February 2015  iron age house 6th April 2014  barrels 8th February 2015  the seaside
17th December 2014  early start DSC_5097 copy.jpg DSC_2198 copy.jpg DSC_0012 copy.jpg
7th May 2014  Harbour at Buckie 10th May 2014  Sunny Saturday 27th December 2014  frosty walk DSC_5373 copy.jpg
12th July 2014  sunrise doesn't last all morning DSC_4868-001.jpg DSC_0080 copy.jpg DSC_0115 copy.jpg
13th August 2013  secret beach 12th August 2013 Loch Erribol DSC_0317 copy.jpg 12th October 2013  Craigievar Castle
14th May 2013  big skies 12th June 2013  midsummer light 2nd January 2013  River Edge Lodges 16th August 2013  heavy shower finishing
30th August 2012   Blue Moon DSC_0164 copy.jpg 22nd September 2013 Balquhain stone circle 30th December 2012   long road
2nd July 2012  raining DSC_0235 copy.jpg 25th July 2012 Ben More 17th June 2012  Glenfiddich whisky barrels
DSC_0103 copy.jpg DSC_0254 copy.jpg 13th February 2013  snow at the coast 4th November 2012  four mile walk
30th July 2011  Loch an Eilan 18th September 2012  North Wind DSC_0026.JPG DSC_0260 copy.jpg
18th September 2009  meander DSC_0029 copy.jpg 12th February 2012  Balquhain Castle 10th March 2013  wintry oasis
DSC_0066 copy.jpg 21st October 2011  Autumny colour DSC_0079 copy.jpg 28th September 2011  last of the sun
16th May 2011  Middle of May DSC_0078 copy.jpg DSC_0124 copy.jpg DSC_0177 copy.jpg
DSC_0185copy.jpg 12th July 2009  here comes the sun DSC_0151 copy.jpg 29th July 2012 Thundery
23rd May 2011  windy day DSC_0132s2.jpg DSC_0031 copy.jpg 1st May 2011  at the coast
DSC_0021s.jpg DSC_0093s.jpg 5th November 2011  north or south 14th May 2011  rainbow near the Ivory Tower
DSC_0358 copy.jpg DSC_0193s.jpg North Sea DSC_0069s.jpg
Loch Earn DSC_0044s.jpg DSC_0053s.jpg 1st February 2011  very last of the sun
7th March 2012  ghostly moon Loch an E4.jpg DSC_0252 copy.jpg DSC_0024 copy.jpg
9th September 2011  September sky 25th June 2009  fishing DSC_0021 copy.jpg 6th May 2014  on the way home
DSC_0062s.jpg DSC_0011 copy.jpg 22nd May 2011  Loch Morlich DSC_0071 copy.jpg
26th May 2010  dreamy sky DSC_0013s.jpg DSC_0012 copy.jpg Loch Earn
22nd June 2009  steep hill 3rd November 2010  Early November 9th May 2011  the road home DSC_0075s.jpg
21st February 2010  speedy DSC_0057s.jpg 24th October 2010  Wicker 24th February 2012  north wind
DSC_0018 copy.jpg 10th July 2010  good weather 23rd April 2009  Blairdaff DSC_0007 copy.jpg
DSC_0197s.jpg Insch DSC_0004 copy.jpg DSC_0039s.jpg
DSC_0062s.jpg DSC_0124 copy.jpg DSC_0129s2.jpg 2nd April 2010  new house
12th December 2009  northern light 25th March 2010  fog 9th July 2009  leaving DSC_0075s.jpg
9th September 2010  gold DSC_0022s.jpg 1st September 2009 coast road DSC_0048s.jpg
DSC_0096copy.jpg DSC_0068s.jpg DSC_0088 copy.jpg DSC_0133 copy.jpg
4th January 2010  snow on the tracks 18th August 2009  on the way home 5th February 2009  trees in winter 9th January 2010  grave mistake
DSC_0168s.jpg DSC_0019s.jpg Loch Morlich DSC_0333 copy.jpg
31st December 2009  End of the year 30th April 2010  moOOOoo 30th June 2009  down by the harbour DSC_0250s.jpg
20th March 2010  boiinnnNNng DSC_0011 copy.jpg 26th December 2009  fallen tree 8th January  2010  snow at the coast
30th October 2009  fading 2nd June 2009  white cottage 4th June 2017  shoppie 6th February 2008  sunshine all day
7th January 2008  icy DSC_0020s.jpg 5th July 2008  Kyle of Tongue 7th July 2008  Sealcair
24th September 2010  rainbow DSC_0001 copy.jpg 6th September 2009  painted lady 25th October 2009  hot poker
5th January 2010  snow approaching DSC_0076s2.jpg DSC_0156 copy.jpg 1st June 2009  sunny afternoon
29th June 2006  by the banks of my own lagoon DSC_0041s.jpg 8th February 2009  winter moon DSC_0170s.jpg
7th April 2008  fluffiness DSC_0104s.jpg 27th June 2009  Findochty DSC_0087 copy.jpg
21st June 2009  a day out 2nd September 2009  houses 5th April 2008  Sandy Knowes Fishery 29th November 2009  St Andrew's Day
15th October 2009  Loch Alvie 11th October 2007  top of a mountain 4th February 2008  harbour DSC_0066 copy.jpg
10th April 2010  warmest day DSC_0075 copy.jpg 19th April 2010   north wind 8th July 2010  Eilean Uibhist a Deas
DSC_0098s.jpg 20th January 2008  not so bleak midwinter 26th October 2008  Jack Frost is coming 31st October 2010  End of The Wickerman
Loch Alvie 1st June 2007  au ciel d'été 5th April 2009  church at Tongue 28th February 2008  hanging out
19th October 2009  shelter from the storm DSC_0129 copy.jpg DSC_0212s.jpg 5th July 2009  sangomore
DSC_0006s.jpg PICT0006s.jpg PICT0035a.jpg DSC_0059s.jpg
6th June 2007  hairiness 2nd July 2009  wickerwoman DSC_0055s.jpg DSC_0087s.jpg
DSC_0185s.jpg 12th May 2007  sorry to leave DSC_0083s.jpg DSC_0039s.jpg
2nd January 2009  at the coast 6th March 2009  wisps Bridge of Earn 12th April 2009  postbox
DSC_0130s.jpg DSC_0016s.jpg 8th October 2008  rainbow appeared 21st December 2009  Winter Solstice
DSC_0030s.jpg 11th April 2009  Balquhain 18th October 2009  tree tunnel DSC_0202s.jpg
5th September 2009  Balquhain 16th July 2006  spirit of summer 3rd June 2009  harbour 10th June 2007  buttercups
23rd February 2010  snow by the sea 9th June 2007  misty 15th February 2008  1746 2nd October 2009  waltzer
6th July 2008  blue lagoon 27th February 2008  sparkling 29th August 2007  stormy energy 17th August 2008  threat of a shower
DSC_0002s.jpg DSC_0012s.jpg 6th August 2008  Kyle of Tongue DSC_0060s.jpg
Loch Pityoulish 21st October 2009  storm at sea DSC_0196 copybw.jpg 5th January 2009   cold morning
26th June 2009  summer is here DSC_0007s.jpg Gardenstown DSC_0007s.jpg
26th June 2005 shady DSC_0088s.jpg 20th September 2007  no heating required 7th August 2007  lemon and lime
PICT0033z.jpg 23rd July  on the way to work 26th September 2008  autumn skyburst 1st April 2007  snowy owl
DSC_0056s.jpg 6th July 2009  camper van DSC_0080s.jpg 11th May 2007  Cairngorms
DSC_0040s2.jpg 11th May 2010  heavy shower 4th April 2008  River Earn 25th March 2008  Coldbackie
25th June 2007  The Bass DSC_0067s.jpg 8th April 2009  new born 30th July 2006  no sign of hail
PICT0009s.jpg DSC_0162 copy.jpg 7th November 2007  like a roller in the ocean PICT0030a.jpg
25th August 2007  summery evening 21st June 2007  midsummer leap 16th October 2007  Fetternear DSC_0266s.jpg
DSC_0049s2.jpg 14th September 2006  who's the daddy? DSC_0143s.jpg 3rd September 2006  near Bridge of Earn
28th December 2011  winter storm 23rd January 2007  Strathisla 2nd October 2007  misty start DSC_0039s2.jpg
5th July 2007  looking for puffins DSC_0023s.jpg 9th July 2008  Ardvreck Castle 30th September 2007  three calves
28th April 2007  the cuteness DSC_0124s.jpg 19th August 2006  up to the north DSC_0033s.jpg
15th October 2011  Kilted Frog 26th September 2007  late getting away 29th July 2007  shower approaching oyne.jpg
14th October 2009  October Skye 21st December 2010  shortest day 17th October 2007  winter is coming DSC_0001s2.jpg
10th October 2006  warm welcome 4th October 2006  panorama DSC_0018 copy.jpg 1st December 2009  stormy
16th June 2007  just us 28th October 2008  wintry DSC_0009s.jpg 2nd May 2006  late misty sunshine
DSC_0028s.jpg DSC_0045S.jpg 8th May 2007  monarch of the meadow PICT0001s.jpg
DSC_0031s.jpg 16th May 2008  Glen Tanar 24th June 2006  climbing up on Moncrieffe Hill 22nd February 2008  double rainbow
30th August 2007  going to bed early 2nd August 2007  by the river 10th May 2007  Somewhere in Scotland DSC_0002s.jpg
Balquhain stones 31st March 2007  sunshine PICT0059a.jpg Pict0005a.jpg
DSC_0108s.jpg 8th September 2007  at the beach 10th July 2006  Lighthouse family 8th November 2007  ominous sunrise
12th June 2006  the peatiness 17th July 2006  River Findhorn PICT0002s.jpg 6th October 2006  River Don
24th November 2007  moonlight shadow 21st July 2006  cloudburst DSC_0015s.jpg 23rd April 2006  sheepish
29th April 2007  banks of the Dee DSC_0045s.jpg 6th September 2007  late summer 30th June 2006  leaving for home
DSC_0055s.jpg 7th March 2007  home early DSC_0070s.jpg
17th March 2006  last snow of winter 14th August, sunny 28th July 2007  day at the beach moonstone2.jpg
DSC_0009s.jpg   Duffus Castle 19th September 2006  different day, different mood 12th December 2006  wintry shower approaching
30th June 2007  sorry to leave 19th January 2007  barrel mountain Loch Laggan 29th October 2007  still Autumn
16th March 2007  storminess 15th October 2006  Loch Morlich 10th March 2009  Janet the lifesaver DSC_0090s.jpg
DSC_0014s.jpg DSC_0050sbw.jpg Steornabhagh
11th June 2007  the joy of living 23rd September 2006  Inverallochy 24th December 2007  blue moon 13th January 2007  not the Singing Butler
DSC_0153s.jpg 7th November, a walk by the river
PICT0121a.jpg 27th May 2006  outlook showery 14th August 2007   clouds of summer 28th May 2006  further on up the road
7th September, perfect stillness 20th August 2006  Atlantic Salmon DSC_0017s.jpg 30th May 2006  golden evening
5th April 2005, Glenfiddich distillery 14th January 2006 where we used to live Venus Craigevar Castle
28th July 2006  Findorn by the beach 16th October 2006  detour 21st April 2005, vertigo! 30th July 2005  the leapiness
26th July 2005  the co-ordination 1st February 2006 elusive wispiness of the winter sun PICT0199a.jpg
PICT0034a.jpg 8th July, Waverley Pict0023.jpg
DSC_0041s.jpg 19th November 2005 more ice DSC_0064a.jpg
Simg0012.jpg PICT0055a.jpg 2nd October,  soggy River Don
the calf at bay Fraser Castle DSC_0106s2.jpg
Walled Garden 31st May 2005   lost track of time 16th October, Loch Lomond Benachie
9th June 2006  further mistiness 10th March 2007  Crovie Easter Aquorthies 29th November 2005 freezing fingers
Loch Laggan 9th July 2006  La Mer,  Qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs PICT0016a.jpg
3rd August 2005 morning rush hour
Balmoral Castle 18th January 2005  keeping warm Smoo Cave
31st December 2003 salmon 30th October 2005 slightly warmer than he's used to
DSC_0012s.jpg 3rd April 2005, green and misty 14th February 2005, home again! 2nd March 2006  further dumping of snow
9th April 2005, Kinnaird Head Lighthouse Crovie 16th August, Lairig Ghru
6th May  Balmoral Castle Pict0007.jpg Scotland Smoo Cave
29th March 2005 Dunnideer 26th September 2005 angels
5th September, Benachie Crovie 15th March 2005 wet N windy
Haddo Brodie Castle Balmoral Castle
PICT0191a.jpg Crovie Simg0005.jpg
2jan0520a.jpg 15th October, 'ducks n drakes' thunder approaching Skye
Pict0019.jpg 20th November, Tarland 19th October 2005  Slains Castle
Crovie Dun Bheagain
near Monymusk Smoo Cave
Talisker 24th May 2006  caught in a shower 4th September, River Spey
28th April 2005 the windiness... 1st December, frostiness Dunnottar
27th September, sky-burst 8th April, Chilean blue eagle
Craigievar Castle Castle Fraser
Loch Morlich 31st October, ghostly tree 9th May 2005 the tranquility
Balmoral Castle