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Visions of Art

The works in this gallery represents my impressions after 2 visits of the famous art exhibition " documenta 12 " at Kassel/Germany 2007.

The "documenta" is regarded as the most important exhibition of contemporary art, drawing attention from all over the world and is organized every 5 years.

The works are not only captured exponats, moments and people. I have tried to include in some of the works my own emotions and visions.


Sculpture for one day_1 g6/26/601226/3/85247976.qh1bU1eD.jpg g6/26/601226/3/85248367.1C3zDzVD.jpg g6/26/601226/3/85250121.pzuDckUJ.jpg
g6/26/601226/3/85253351.AqreB8X1.jpg human mantra g6/26/601226/3/85255269.RPovDM5w.jpg the dialogue
Sculpture for one day_2 art creates movement_1 art creates movement_2 focus on red
...talking about art (?) objects of common interest Sculpture for one day_3 the shadow
patchwork of love and pain  NO THANK YOU! Sculpture for one day_4 Nangaparbat
the invisible stairways behind the curtain... the value of  a human life g6/26/601226/3/85375237.ph7x1cdy.jpg
collective tension 80D Kodak Wratten Sculpture for one day_5 avec les armes...des amours / with the weapons of love
the art of silence the denied portrait one handed photography 08/09/2007, 12:31, pic no. 639, Modus: AUTO PICT, IS non active, flash active
gasoline can sculptures Capturing the capture of art Denim sculpture out of balance
the encounter plugged the red room fates between the fronts
(psychedelic) exhibition guard framed (abstracted version) framed (color version) g6/26/601226/3/85449932.lTfwThNd.jpg
the darkroom_1 the photographer Men`s clipper cuts (original exhibit) faces (abstract)
We are lost again Andy Warhol the darkroom_2 Hip To Be Square_1 the leg of the (stuffed) giraffe Brownie
original color version framed_2 the unconscious becomes visible... Head decoration_1
Escape the dishonor purple haze... despair
art and reflection_1 exhibit object and guards CICLO DE ARTE EX singing, dancing....adoring
art and reflection_2 bittersweet  promotion for a second only... behind the curtain
He`s a poet... ...only a few days till christmas! childhood the bottle
a closer look... under water ballett Sculpture for one day_6 g6/26/601226/3/85671862.Ede1jXxX.jpg
head decoration_2 g6/26/601226/3/85676162.a7Mb6jMx.jpg emotions_1 curves
the line is broken... contradiction g6/26/601226/3/85692105.ttjeXOHP.jpg Emotions_2
g6/26/601226/3/85745590.uVaDd35W.jpg g6/26/601226/3/85745626.w3l9cJTF.jpg Virus  series_1 Virus series_2
capturing the capture of art Emotions_3 the little sinner THE END OF THE GALLERY - Thank you all for paying attention and supporting!