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How many images fit in 400MB?
This all depends on the size of your images. If, on average, your images are 250KB, you can fit about 1600 images in 400MB of space.

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When editing a gallery, if you want the new images to be seen at the beginning of the gallery instead of the end, click on the "sequencing" tab.
Beside "Images" there are two options: you may either add new images to the beginning of the gallery, or add new images to the end of the gallery.
Click the circle next to "add new images to the beginning of the gallery".
Click the "Update Placement Settings" button.

When editing your account information, you can add a copyright statement to your images. Next to the "Copyright Statement for Images" tab, enter in your desired copyright statement. Hit update. This statement will now be seen beneath your images. This method will apply the same copyright statement to all of your images in all of your galleries. If you want a different copyright statement for a particular gallery, go to that gallery's edit page. Click on "advanced". Enter the copyright statement in... (more)

On the edit gallery page, there is a button to Remove Select Items. Put a check in the box next to the image(s) you wish to delete. This button should only be used if you are completely sure that you wish to delete an image from a gallery. After you delete an image, there is no undo option.
This button will not delete a gallery. To delete an entire gallery you must first delete all of the images from that gallery.

Are you using Zone Alarm or similar protection software? If so, try lowering the ad-blocking level. The programs consider the images to be banner ads because of their width. If you do use Zone Alarm, you will have to let PBase images through by taking the following steps: 1. Select the privacy panel and then the site list tab 2. Find the entry for PBase. If there isn't one, click the "add" tab and add an entry for 3. Once you have an entry for PBase, highlight it with the mouse, then... (more)

When you upload an image to PBase, three versions of the image (other than the original you uploaded) are automatically generated - small, medium and large. The small is no larger than 160 pixels on either side, the medium no larger than 400 pixels, and the large is no larger than 800 pixels. PBase will only generate sizes that are smaller than your original. So, if your original is smaller than 800 pixels on both sides, no large will be generated. When viewing the image, if different size files... (more)

When editing your gallery, there is an option near the bottom of the page to "Move Selected Items to Another Gallery".
Beside the "Destination Gallery" there is a drop down menu where you can select the other gallery you want the image to appear in.
Check the box next to "Copy instead of Move"
Click "Add to Gallery"

Go to the edit page of the image by following the link "edit this image"?. In the edit page , you will see a box at the bottom allowing you to upload a new image in place of the present one, while maintaing hits and comments.

This all depends on the size of your images. If, on average, your images are 250KB, you can fit about 1600 images in 400MB of space.

Yes. You can disable right click by adjusting your account settings. It is located in the Options Tab of "Update Account". Check the box for right click disable. You also have the option for creating an alert text. After making any changes, click update. Please remember, if you put your images online, there is nothing you can do to stop people from downloading them. If you are really worried about people using your photos, you may want to consider adding a copyright statement on the image itself... (more)

Yes. When viewing any gallery, you can click the "slideshow" link at the top right of the page to view a slideshow of the gallery images.
By default, the images display for 3 seconds each, but you can adjust the speed of the slideshow to display the images for 1, 3, 5, or 10 seconds. You can also click the image to pause/play the slideshow at any time.
You must have javascript enabled on your browser in order for the slideshow to work.

Only original image file sizes are used to calculate your disk usage. We have a couple of options to let you easily reduce the amount of disk space you are using without uploading new, smaller images. You can process images that have already been uploaded to PBase as well as select a default setting for processing new uploads to a PBase gallery. The tools to do this are found on your gallery edit pages. Current Processing Options No Change With this option, no change is made to originals... (more)

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