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Uploading Images
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There is a section on the edit gallery page headed "Upload images to this gallery". This is also on your profile page for uploading to your InBox, but usually you will want to use the form on the edit gallery page. First, click the [Browse...] button. Next, hit the [Upload Image] button. Now all you have to do is wait. After uploading, it may take some time for the thumbnails to generate. Until they are finished you will see an image that says "creating thumbnails". Usually this will happen very... (more)

There are many different web browsers, most of which work with PBase. There are a couple of known problems. Internet Explorer 4.0 on a Macintosh will not upload anything. Upgrade to IE5.0. Opera on Windows will not upload ZIP files. Use a different browser for zip uploads.

In the edit gallery page, there's a link to the upload mode. This is a separate page with nothing but a bunch of file selection fields with [Browse...] buttons. This allows you to choose many files from your hard drive, and then hit the Upload button just once. This is much more efficient than uploading one by one, and not as much trouble as making a ZIP file. Using a ZIP file is sometimes too much trouble if you have only a small number of photos to upload.

The best image format is JPEG, which is the best format for images on the web. Almost all digital cameras and scanning and editing software will save images as JPEG files.
Make sure you upload your files in RGB format. CMYK images will not display in most browsers.

Currently other types of media such as audio, video, text, or anything else are not supported.
It is possible to embed a YouTube video in your image captions. Using the PBlog template, you could add posts that have no image, but have an embedded video in the caption. See an example at

The easiest way to upload a bunch of photos is to combine a batch of photos into one file and upload just the single file. PBase accepts uploading of ZIP and TAR files. Some people ask about GZIP, which is not handled. The purpose of ZIP or TAR in this case is not for compression. JPEG files already use a very good compression algorithm designed for photographs. ZIP or GZIP will not decrease the size of the files at all. Zip and Tar Software Windows * WinZip seems to be very common.... (more)

The maximum size of any image file that can be uploaded is extremely large and would only affect attempted abusive uploads.
There is no maximum size for uploading .zip files. However, due to the instability of most household internet connections, we recommed that you keep your .zip files below or around 40MB.
If you try uploading large .zip files and experience errors or timeouts, try breaking the file into several smaller files and uploading them seperately.

The steps below describe how to upload photos to a gallery.
Begin by clicking the "edit this gallery" link found towards the top of the page.
Scroll down to the "Upload Photos to this Gallery" section. First you press the "Choose File" button to browse your computer for the image you wish to upload. Next press the "Upload Image" button.
When the upload has succeeded, you should see the image below.

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Guest 21-Jun-2006 19:19
A zip file is actually the easiest way to upload more than 3 images. a simple free program like "JustZipIt" (recommended} quickly and easily turns a folder ( in which are the images to be uploaded) into a zip file. REDUCING your image file before uploading is strongly recommended........ Kym Ketcham, professional photographer and someone who uploads hundreds of images daily