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Direct Linking
Paying PBase customers can direct link to their own public images as long as they have direct linking enabled on the image's parent gallery. If you try to direct link to images that are non-public or password-protected, it will fail.

You can enable or disable direct linking for your whole account at the update account page.
You can enable or disable direct linking for a specific gallery in the advanced view of the edit gallery page.
If you disable direct linking, images that have already been linked to will still show up for a little while before they are updated. All other images are blocked from direct linking immediately.

Unfortunately there is no way to tell who is direct linking your images.
However, please note that even if you have a very large counter value for your direct links, it does not necessarily mean that someone has illegally linked to your image. It has been found that the direct link counter is incremented even if you just copy the full URL of your image and paste it on your browser and press enter.

To get the direct linking URL for an image, view the image and add .jpg or size.jpg to the end of the URL. This works just like linking to an image page but append .jpg to the end of the URL. example: number.jpg example: number/size.jpg Note: to direct link to a .gif, use the .jpg extension also. It will still send the gif file. You can also easily get the direct linking URL by viewing the edit image page and looking... (more)

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