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EXIF is a standard format for embedding information about an image into JPEG files. It was popularized by digital cameras, almost all of which store information about each photograph in the files.

EXIF includes date, camera type, and exposure information including aperature, exposure time, and focal length. Eventually all digital cameras will probably have GPS receivers and store location data as well.
PBase automatically extracts and displays EXIF data.
When you upload a JPEG file to PBase, any EXIF data will be automatically extracted from the file and displayed along with the photo. The data can be very useful, and many photographers are interested in the camera type and exposure settings.

You may use a digital camera that supports EXIF, and wonder why this information is not showing up on PBase. The most likely answer is that you have used some software to edit your photos before uploading for cropping, resizing, color correction, etc. Review your photo editing process and try saving the image a different way to preserve the EXIF information. Photoshop’s “Save for Web” feature seems to deletes EXIF information from the images. However PS does not actually delete the info, rather it... (more)

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