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INDIA Tamil Nadu 2007

India Tamil Nadu, the land of the Tamils is the southern-most India state of Tamil Nadu is bordered by Puducherry, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.India Tamil Nadu has had continuous human habitation since pre-historic times. Its long India history and Indian cultural traditions are among the oldest in India and the world. The ancient Indian Tamil kingdoms of Chera, Chola, Pallava and Pandya are of very ancient origins. They patronised a mature India culture which produced some of the oldest surviving Indian literature in India.Colonised by the East India Company, India Tamil Nadu was eventually incorporated into the Madras Presidency. After the independence of India, the India Madras State was created in 1956 based on India linguistic boundaries. The name of the Madras State was changed to Tamil Nadu in the year 1969. The politics of India Tamil Nadu has been dominated by DMK and AIADMK, who are of the Indian Dravidian movement which agitated demanding concessions for the 'Dravidian' population of India Tamil Nadu. Lying on a low plain along the Indian southeastern coast of the Indian peninsula, Tamil Nadu is bounded by the India Eastern Ghats in the north and Nilgiri, Annamalai Hills, and Palakkad on the west. The state has large fertile areas along the Indian Coromandel coast, the Palk strait, and the Gulf of Mannar. The fertile plains of India Tamil Nadu are fed by rivers such as Kaveri, Palar, and Vaigai, and by the northeast monsoon. Traditionally a manufacturing Indian state, Tamil Nadu is also a leading producer of agricultural products.The sixth most populous state in the Indian Union, Tamil Nadu has the largest Indian urban agglomeration nationwide. Increases in literacy have caused India Tamil Nadu to report the second lowest growth in population in India for the last decade. Globalisation brought increased export opportunities, making India Tamil Nadu the fifth largest economy among the states of India. In spite of all these TN has the most number of HIV positives in India declared in 2007.The growing demands for skilled labour have caused the increased number of educational institutions in India Tamil Nadu. It has the highest number of vocational training institutions in India. India Chennai, which was known until 1996 as Madras, is the fourth largest city of India and the state capital. Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, Salem and Tirunelveli are other large cities (Corporations) of India Tamil Nadu (Tamilnadu).The art and culture of Tamils in Tamilnadu are among the oldest in India and the world. Great literature, music, Tamilnadu dance and architecture have evolved from India Tamil Nadu over the past two millennia. India Tamil Nadu provided the cradle in which the rich musical tradition of India Carnatic music evolved. Many of the great composers such as Tyagaraja lived and flourished in India Tamil Nadu.India Tamilnadu




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Butterflies on the beach Look at her wings ... Unemployed The new fishermen's fleet
No Doctor ! The Peacock Student stonecutter Walking through history
Tea from the sea The world upside down Fly the sky Icarus
Sunrise at Mamalla beach Sheltering fisherman Return from the sea A fisherman from Mamallapuram
A trio carrying the boat Bus 119 If I worked my hands in wood ... A Farmer at the teastall
My wheel The Temple Goat How do ... ? Firewood
The Groom's best man Where was she looking at .... Safe  by mother, wondering Young Girl
Banana Man Tea Man A boy and his Brother From ox to cc to hp...traffic
Tamil delight A Coconut, cheap and best Winnowing The Lorry Driver
Handicapped Children's health care Old woman and her buffalos Old Famer's Lady
Herding the buffalos Vishnu believer After work ... Farmer's palm leafs huts
Wooden stable construction Rag-and-bone Man An ice-cream in between Lady Rice
Turning the gold A Lorry, Women Tamil Bride Kailasanathar Temple I
Kailasanathar Temple II Kailasanathar Temple  Entrance Inside the Kailasanathar Temple Walking around the Sanctuary
Fresco of the Kailasanathar Temple Sanctuary of Siva Pallava's Architecture Dosai
My can is still empty, you know ... Eating in a small corridor Eating in a small corridor As old as her house
Source of Life Crossing a hay-wagon He is standing on its tail !!! When blacksmith's shoes fit
... some extra jam ... ? Pilgrims from Andhra Pradesh Thirsty Shiny Shoes
Andhra Pilgrim Street Workman My Sweet Lollipop Ekambareswarar Temple
Ekambareswarar  Watertank Motor Check-up Motor Revision Fuel
After work Tressing A fisherman's woman cooking fish for us Cleaning the nets
Red Leafs of Tamil boys Mamalla Town at Night Mamalla at Night Moonrakers
Seashore Temple Sea Shore Temple The Shore Temple Today my best friend saved my life ...
Lost Golden Glory The Endless Coromandel Coast Restaurant Nautilus Walking Claypots in the rain
Chengalpattu Lake Kaveri River Nightlife in Madurai A Fast-food Counter
The Parotta team Competition Dance Competition The poor and the Rickshaw man
The Rickshaw Man Waiting for fresh milk Sleeping at a small temple wall Between piles of Calendars
Doing the dishes Cooking the rice Looking forward to 2007 Concentration
Between her cows Waiting Tricycle Man Watching life on the street In the shade of a tree
Vegetable market in Sellur Christmas at Madurai Clouds over Yercaud Firework in the sky
Firework in the sky Enough ? Flowers at the kilo Blue eyes and red teeth ...
Weighed and found wanting Wrapping in a plastic bag Muslim Bride Hand drawings
Wedding shoes Grabbing some sugar at the entrance Hosting a Muslim marriage The village idiot
Jallikattu : a risky game ! The purple bull Vigorous young men At bullet speed ...
Taming the bull Make way ... Yellini Hiding behind a garbage can
Check post of Hogenakal Driving is tiring A local Salesman A good massage before showering
First some soap ... and more soap ... ... give me the soap ... ! Ready to go ...
The Waterfall Shower Hold your breath ! Watersplash Milagu Meen
The big Waterfalls at Hogenakal Parisal At your service ... you come along ? A Parisal as Parasol
One with nature Five Rupee boys Another five Rupee Jump Boating along the falls
The man and his Parisal Lake view at Sundown Waiting Parisal After Party
Misty sunset over the vast rolling plain When the gentleman farmer left ... Two more bricks Color on color
Getting some structure in life ? More sand for more bricks Thou were shaped from mud ... ... and more bricks ...
The Hook of a loadman Waiting Treshing Winnowing
A hay maiden Walking haystacks Bringing in the Gold The fisherman and his sea
Mandapam  harbour A snack at the fishermen kitchen Railway bridge Railway bridge
Repairing the railway bridge Kaka Rameswaram fishermen harbour Parundu
Repairing the deck Intruders on the Kaangiendra Thevan Brahminy Kite Dry fish
Traces in the sand Watching TV Sunset near Dhanushkodi Pottu
A holy dip A man from Rajasthan Where are you going ? Snapped on video
A flabbergasted stare New bridge Salt pans In the shade
Religion or Fancy-Fair ? A walking wardrobe mushroom A professional aberation ? Wardrobe as pillow
Young salesboy at Alagar Kovil Kanniyampatti woman Kanniyampatti at dusk A man tree ...
Sunbeams Broken home Thandethi The vast enclosed fields
WHO is DRUNK here ? ... got a fag for me ? Green Saloon Amaivadai
The street-snackbar Spicy cutla fish The lotus boy A view in the Samanar Temple
Samanar Kovil Up to Samanar Malai Samanar Temple cave Sundown over Samanar Hill
Steps leading to God Lakshmi looking over the plains Moon Eclips seen from Madurai /  South-India Night bus Madurai - Salem
Succeess Offering his beauty Holy water Boys and water
 I said Wild thing ... The final steps Karuppasamy Kovil Cotton tree lane
University Garden At the Pillaiyar Kovil Pillaiyar Kovil Perumaal Kovil
Tea time Winnowing mothers The village Kodikkulam The Toothbrush
What's for dinner ? Catch your lady Pakkiyam Recess ...
Fool on the hill Early morning at the lake A paradise for pastel painters Water
Mangulam Village Getting water Paraimadayanpatti Walking in the sky
The family Panguni Thiruvila Panguni Thiruvila What's up man ?
Siva in the street Station wall habitants I Station wall habitants II Station wall habitants III
Oil and rickshaw A Vaigai Shower II A Vaigai Shower Vaigai Colors
Don't squeeze the tomatoes ! The Goat Butcher Blue waterbarrel Pottu
Brahmin schoolboys Brahmin priest and his pupils Brahmin class The Actor
Lices Next step Hello ! Shade
The morning paper Kanavugallee ... After drinking his tea Getting water at the lake
A walking tree Road to Natham An Elephant Ride Rolling for Mariamman I
Rolling for Mariamman II The square in front of the Temple Maale Wanakkam Family night stall
Lady in Red A Devote of Mariamman Climbing a cloud Traffic Jam on the Pole
Taken a break Poking up the stove In the heat of the fire The very first fire walker
Down  to earth, no fear to fall ! Tailor Hot of the press Cycles
Behind bars Brass world Saloon hairdresser His kingdom
A homeopathic tea A double cut for the same price Between chickens Muslim Moon
Merry-go-round White on white The less you've got, the more you spend Enlightened by trafic spotlights
Put yourself in his shoes ... Bloody Hot Sun Day Tears of protest The Timiri Kombu player
Meenakshi Temple festival A Chenda Player The Elthalam player One in a thousand
The white glove Sugar cane juice A street tea Astrologer
Mother, a good homemaker Early morning at the tea stall Santa Claus ? Milk in the morning
Accomodated dressing Updating Meenakshi Mariage Day The waiting flock
Enlightened Heralding drums Sundareswaram Nooooooooo !
The Bride ... Meenakshi 1st & 2nd Loge A Spider woman VIP lounge
Water balloons Peeping out the frontdoor The men on the rope Meenakshi Car
String of beads No stickers ! Happy Diwali Shield the light ...
Barking dogs, don't bite ! - Madurai The second shadow ... Finished her laundry ... and then the Quarrymen came
Free fall in between lines Surfacing Getting the bus In the shade of a Government shop
A light symphony of White & Red Lazy Sunday Afternoon The right man of the Chairman Man of honnor
Thaambulam The Register The Kitchen Rice ...
Fun in the kitchen The Dining Hall Don't touch the cup ! The men's table
Holding on to the ramp Center of the village Old golden palm leaf house Hiding in the dark
The Blacksmith I The Blacksmith II Removing the old iron Fixing the iron
The bull and the blacksmith Turning the bull The man and his Bull Delousing
Colors of my house ... Local tea stall Brother's care Big eyes
Vigourous Woman Looking over the fence Mother and daughter On the bus
SEA A menu step by step Damn wind ... Nightriders of the sea
Hop in and let's break a wave ... Awake ? The last barier Next generation of fishermen ?
Struggle with nature Repairing nets II Repairing nets I Mienavan
On top of the world Drifting straight into your living-room The net Repairing
A Tamil Thatcher A practical toothbrush Sil the beachcomber A Dog's Tale
Sweet Reminiscence Waiting on the beach Carrying to sea United we stand ...
The fisherman at the rope No ... my wife doesn't smile so nice ... ! Farming in the center of the town Between legs
Repairing his Tricycle Cleaning pipes Vaay mudu License to sleep
Muslim blessings to a Hindu God From under the Vaigai Bridge Life at the Vaigai bridge A Sadhu with an authentic bowl
Transportations ... old and new Dreaming to be on the cover of his favorite magazine ... The Sadhu and the lady Schoolgirls
The rag-and-bone man Sunset at the Meenakshi Temple Digging a hole ... Waiting in the shade
Cause beans are good for you .... The Butcher and his flies Balancing Painted nails
Problems ? Murrukku A snack on the street Idly in the morning
Pumping water Body language A world of signs Keeping the books
Taxi men At the tea stall Laundry at the Vaigai River Going to school
Wheel ... spares ... Life ................ the span ! Street kitchen Competing publicity Time for school
Deliciously pure ! Persuasive Old man time passing A Sunday Garland
Goat Butcher Pathayaathirai Colors of the street The landlord
Wisdom written on  walls Appetite for a coffee Together with God Hear the drum ....
When a star appears in the sky Running shadow Dolls Nandi
City at two speeds Where it gets really hot Dates, figs ... Blue Hotel
Lorries and Lorry men On strike ! Meenakshi tidbits