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                                                   New Work

Lacewing on Glass Yellowjackets on beetle carcass Praying Mantis Longbodied Cellar Spider
PEA Island Mallow Western Spotted Orbweaver, female Variegated Meadowhawk, female
Screwworm Fly, Compsomyiops callipes, male Dusky-footed Woodrat Poppy Flower Blue-eyed Darner, male
Buckeye on Buckwheat Giant Tachina Fly
Giant Tachina Fly
Black Saddllebags, Tramea lacerata, male Western Spotted Orbweaver, female
Sara Orange-tip Fennel Speckly-eyed Syrphid Fly Red Clintonia
Green Soldier Fly Western Fence LIzard Midge, Chironomus sp. House Spider, female
American Rubyspot, male Snowy Egret, breeding male Western Tiger Swallowtail Plant Porn: Bugs' eye view of a Delphinium
sarcophagids in copula Shepherds Purse Tachina Fly, Xanthoepalpus bicolor Anna's Hummingbird, male
Syrphid Fly, Allograpta obliqua, male Arabesque Orbweaver, Neoscona arabesca Chrysotoxum Syrphid Fly, male Green Lynx Spider & Spiderlings
Assassin Bug, Pselliopus spinicollis Dung Fly fruit fly in the web of an orbweaver Honey Bee packin' pollen
Common Hairstreak Spotted Spreadwings in copula Cellophane Bee, Colletes sp Differential Grasshopper, female
Dipper Salt Heliotrope, Heliotropium curassavicum Anise Swallowtail Tailed Copper, female
Mating Flies
Mating Flies
Lygus Bugs
Lygus Bugs
Tachina Fly, Cylindromyia intermedia Dance Fly, Empis sp, male
Crimson Columbine California Dandelion, Agoseris grandiflora Common Verbena (Vervain) Pacific Clubtail, male
Flame Skimmer, female moth, sp Dairy Ants, aphids Two-banded Checkered Skipper
Green Lacewing English Plantain, Plantago lanceolata Black Bee Fly, Thyridanthrax atratus, female California Wild Orchid
Leafhopper, Pagaronia triunata Coffee Fern Syrphid Fly which way is up?
Silvery Blue, Glaucopsyche lygdamus Convergent Lady Beetle Brome Grass Small-flowered Linanthus
Pitcher Sage Horehound Common Linanthus, Linanthus androsaceus Western Green Hairstreak, Callophrys affinis
White Ramping Fumitory, Fumaria capreolata Cutleaf Geranium, Geranium dissectum Bicolor Lupine, Lupinus bicolor Ghost Fungus
Syrphid Fly Boxelder Bugs, two stages Golden Digger Wasp American Rubyspot, male.jpg
Anise Swallowtail.jpg Anna's Hummingbird.jpg Aquatic Gartersnake.JPG Arabesque Orbweaver, female.jpg
Arabesque Orbweaver, Neoscona arabesca 7996p.jpg Asian Lady Beetle, female.JPG Band-winged Grasshopper, Trimerotropis pallidipennis, male.jpg Bee Fly, Bombylius cf albicapillus.jpg
Bee Fly, Thevenetimyia sp.jpg Bee Fly.JPG Birdseye Gilia, Gilia tricolor.jpg Black Saddlebags.jpg
Black Spreadwing, teneral male.jpg Black Widow captures 2 wasps.jpg Black-legged Tick.jpg Blow-wives.JPG
Blue Bottlefly.JPG Blue Dasher.jpg Blue-eyed Darner.JPG Brown Pelican.jpg
Bumblebee, sp.jpg California Dandelion, Agoseris sp.jpg California Dandelion.jpg California Darner.jpg
California Gull.jpg California Sister.JPG Callipe Fritillary.JPG Cardinal Meadowhawk, male.jpg
Chaparral Pea.JPG Checkered Skippers mating.JPG Common Green Darner.jpg Common Lagoon Fly.jpg
Common Ringlet.jpg Coyote.jpg Cranefly.jpg Cream Sacs, Castilleja rubicundula.jpg
Current Biology Cover.jpg Dance Fly, male.JPG Desert Firetail.jpg Digger Bee.JPG
Dome-web Spider.JPG Elegant Clarkia.jpg English Plantain, Plantago lanceolata.jpg Fence Lizard.jpg
Fendler's Meadow-rue, male plant.jpg Fiery Skipper, female.JPG Fiery Skipper, male.jpg Flame Skimmer, male.jpg
Flat Bug nymphs, Aradidae, fungus.jpg Flesh Fly.jpg Flower Flies in copula.jpg Foothill Penstemon, Penstemon heterophyllus.jpg
Franciscan Onion.jpg Fremont's Death Camus, Zigadenus fremontii.jpg Giant Trillium.jpg Golden Paper Wasp, Polistes aurifer.jpg
Gopher Snake.JPG Grand Hounds-tongue.jpg Great Blue Heron.jpg Great Purple Hairstreak.jpg
Green Bottle Fly.jpg Green Lacewing, Chrysopa coloradensis.jpg Green Sweat Bee.JPG Gum Plant, Grindelia camporum.JPG
Harvest Brodiaea, Brodiaea elegans.jpg Hill Star.jpg Honey Bee, Polygonum.jpg Horehound, Marrubium vulgare.jpg
House Finches.jpg Large-headed Fly.jpg Leaf-cutter Bee, Megachile sp.jpg Lorquin's Admiral, male.jpg
Lorquin's Admiral.jpg Lupine cf bicolor.jpg Milkweed Bug.JPG Monarch Caterpillar.jpg
Mylitta Crescent.jpg Northern Bluets in copula.jpg Ookow, Dichelostemma congestum.jpg Orange Sulfur.jpg
Pacific Forktail w-prey.jpg Pacific Star-flower.jpg Pacific Tree Frog.jpg Paddle-tailed Darner.jpg
Padre's Shooting Stars.jpg Pitcher Sage, Lepechinia calycina.jpg Poison Oak.JPG Pokeweed, Phytolacca americana.jpg
Polypody Fern.jpg Praying Mantis, male.jpg Praying Mantis, Mantis religiosa.JPG Purple Nightshade, Solanum xanti.jpg
Rattlesnake Grass.jpg Red Beardtongue, Keckiella corymbosa.JPG Red Ribbons, Clarkia concilla.jpg Red-eyed Horsefly.jpg
Red-tailed Hawk.jpg Red-veined Meadowhawk, male.jpg Robber Fly, lacewing.jpg Rock Lettuce, Dudleya cymosa.jpg
Rock Rose, Cistus sp.jpg Rocky Mtn Bite Fly.JPG Rosemary, Rosmarinus officinalis.jpg Sand Wasp, Steniolia scolopacea, female in flight.jpg
Sand Wasp, Steniolia scolopacea, male feeding.jpg Santa Cruz Garter Snake.jpg Scarlet Monkeyflower.jpg Scarlet Pimpernel, Blue.jpg
Serpentine Linanthus, Linanthus ambiguus.jpg Seven-spotted Lady Beetle.jpg Silvery Blue, Glaucopsyche lygdamus.jpg Silvery Blue.jpg
Small-flowered Linanthus.jpg Soap Plant, Chlorogalum pomeridianum.jpg spider, long-jawed, male.jpg Spotless Lady Beetle, Cycloneda sanguinea.jpg
Spotless Lady Beetle, Cycloneda sanquinea.jpg Spotted Coralroot, Corallorhyza maculata.jpg Spotted Towhee.jpg Stinkbug, nymph.jpg
Syrphid Fly, female.jpg Syrphid Fly, male.jpg Syrphid Fly, Spilomyia sp.jpg Syrphid Fly, Syrphus opinator, male.jpg
Tachina Fly, Gymnoclytia occidentalis.JPG Tailed Copper, female, Lycaena arota.jpg Tobacco Hornworm, Manduca sexta.jpg Turkey Vulture.jpg
Variable Checkerspot.jpg Variegated Meadowhawk, female.jpg Variegated Meadowhawk.jpg Western Green Hairstreak.jpg
Western Pondhawk w-prey.jpg Western Pygmy Blue, Harlequin Bug.jpg Western Rattlesnake 2.jpg Western Rattlesnake.jpg
Western Skink.jpg Western Spotted Orbweaver, female.JPG Western Spotted Orbweaver, Neoscona oaxacensis.jpg Western Tiger Swallowtail.jpg
Widow Skimmer, female.jpg Widow Skimmer, male.JPG Wind Poppy.JPG Windmill Pink, Silene gallica.jpg
Winecup Clarkia, Clarkia rubicunda.jpg Yellow Mariposa Lily, Calochortus luteus.jpg Yosemite 1.jpg Yosemite 3.jpg
Yosemite 8.jpg