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EGYPT has been on our "wish list" for a long time but because of wars and terrorist attacks in the Middle East, the proposal to visit Egypt had once been shelved indefinitely. With efforts of the Egyptian Government to safeguard tourism after the 1997 massacre, Egypt has again re-emerged as one of the safest countries for tourists in the region.

Egypt has long been a holiday hot spot for European travellers and all the tourist infrastructures are well-placed. Apart from the "must-goers": the Great Pyramids, ancient monuments and temples, there is also a string of other options for leisure and adventure. Though the daylight is a bit short, the weather in December is most suitable for travelling as all the sweating in the extemely hot summer can be avoided.

After this trip, we re-affirmed our interest in visiting the less-developed countries and nations for their distinguished culture, history and civility. We certainly would plan our coming trips in this direction....

Cairo, Egypt
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Luxor, Egypt
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Egypt - Nile Cruise
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Egypt - Sunrise
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Edfu, Egypt
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Kom Ombo, Egypt
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Abu Simbel, Egypt
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Egypt - Feluccas
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Egypt - People & Stories
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Egypt - Snapshots
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C us in Egypt
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Egypt - Monochrome
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X-pan Panoramas
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