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INDIA Tamil Nadu 2006

India Tamil Nadu, the land of the Tamils is the southern-most India state of Tamil Nadu is bordered by Puducherry, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.India Tamil Nadu has had continuous human habitation since pre-historic times. Its long India history and Indian cultural traditions are among the oldest in India and the world. The ancient Indian Tamil kingdoms of Chera, Chola, Pallava and Pandya are of very ancient origins. They patronised a mature India culture which produced some of the oldest surviving Indian literature in India.Colonised by the East India Company, India Tamil Nadu was eventually incorporated into the Madras Presidency. After the independence of India, the India Madras State was created in 1956 based on India linguistic boundaries. The name of the Madras State was changed to Tamil Nadu in the year 1969. The politics of India Tamil Nadu has been dominated by DMK and AIADMK, who are of the Indian Dravidian movement which agitated demanding concessions for the 'Dravidian' population of India Tamil Nadu. Lying on a low plain along the Indian southeastern coast of the Indian peninsula, Tamil Nadu is bounded by the India Eastern Ghats in the north and Nilgiri, Annamalai Hills, and Palakkad on the west. The state has large fertile areas along the Indian Coromandel coast, the Palk strait, and the Gulf of Mannar. The fertile plains of India Tamil Nadu are fed by rivers such as Kaveri, Palar, and Vaigai, and by the northeast monsoon. Traditionally a manufacturing Indian state, Tamil Nadu is also a leading producer of agricultural products.The sixth most populous state in the Indian Union, Tamil Nadu has the largest Indian urban agglomeration nationwide. Increases in literacy have caused India Tamil Nadu to report the second lowest growth in population in India for the last decade. Globalisation brought increased export opportunities, making India Tamil Nadu the fifth largest economy among the states of India. In spite of all these TN has the most number of HIV positives in India declared in 2007.The growing demands for skilled labour have caused the increased number of educational institutions in India Tamil Nadu. It has the highest number of vocational training institutions in India. India Chennai, which was known until 1996 as Madras, is the fourth largest city of India and the state capital. Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, Salem and Tirunelveli are other large cities (Corporations) of India Tamil Nadu (Tamilnadu).The art and culture of Tamils in Tamilnadu are among the oldest in India and the world. Great literature, music, Tamilnadu dance and architecture have evolved from India Tamil Nadu over the past two millennia. India Tamil Nadu provided the cradle in which the rich musical tradition of India Carnatic music evolved. Many of the great composers such as Tyagaraja lived and flourished in India Tamil Nadu.India Tamilnadu




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North Gopuram Kashmir Shop Here comes the sun ... Sweeping the street
Tea is served Hindu or Muslim The  Band Watch the watch maker
Waiting on the bus to start its journey Banana leafs The load man Looking for a bearing ?
Nirwana Two rickshaws for the price of one Street flower Madurai sweeping force
Hands on parotta Women construction workers Latest model of suncap Sunset at Thiruparangkundram
Don't forget your cigarettes Dettes Cow dung Massala Vadai
Water ladies Telephone boot New boats ... donated by ... Into the sea
... do behave yourself on stage ! Husband and wife Having a haircut Having a haircut
Bulls eye Countryside of Timmanatham Rice fields Planting the rice
Shivaratri Look at me Tamil hospitality Mother of Ochu
Veeda's Pipes ... that makes the world going round. Devote
Vaigai River Cloudy Rice is life A City Streetscape Rainboy
Vaigai River Rainy Vaigai River - stormy weather Savings for God Bells for God
The Pineaple Man Tamarind Mangulam Village Itcham
Tears of Devotion Kannier Bakthi A sudden take off .... Amaavee ! Oh mother !
Golden Tsunami Purple fury ... the Exterminator Yanai asirwatham
Good morning Mamallapuram Catamarans after sundown ... Nightfall Bald Garfunkel
On the Road to Mungalam Getting water Handicapped ? Beeda
Magalier, magalier, magalier .... Countryside Thimmanatham Thimmanatham lady
Tiles Sunset leaving Mangulam On the edge of light HOMAM
Nightlife in Madurai Lazy weekend Birds of different feathers a LAT relation
Street grill Fields of rice Kolam Kolam tool
Morning coffee, morning news Reading glasses The newspaper Comb the river
A loner Girls, girls, girls Cupper Sleep ... sleep on ...
Poongal Vaalthugal Another view inside the train Kaval thalaivalli illai It's Sunday ...
Ritshaws drifting through the night .... Lonely Hearts Club Band Kudiyaarasu vaalthugal Nalla pugaipattakarar aaga kanavu
A view over his shoulder Karrapu ennai Belgian Mirrors Yanaimalai Narasingam
Where is my coffee ? The Horn Garlic A Box Shop
Guarlands Sari Salesgirl Street scene at night South Gopuram
Night tidbits Maawathum Aruvani  I Aravani II
Naked hooked on ... Crates Cow shed My sleep niche
Looking at life on the street ... Puja Little angels Ayainar Kovil
Tell me would you be happy .... A fan of palmleaf ... the only luxury she had The yellow tube Thiruparangkundram lake
Lake in the twilight zone A rash moment Aadhu kadai Kolli Kadai
Between lemmons Tomatoes The Lime Man The Lime Man
The Cocunut Woman Weighed and found wanting .... A sack, sacks ..... and sacks of patotoes. The potato loadman
The banana flower woman Final transaction Peeling beans Cause you're so .....
A late breakfast Blessings Holy smoke !!! Sparkling juwels
The man between his cauliflowers ... Siva's bull Local cell Do you sop also ?
Shiny clean Happy to be here ... Home Cooking. Grandma
Vaigai bridges Schoolgirls Peeping fan Marching
Keeping Ranks In Line A Tamil Beauty Glass Onion
Happy , the way it is Delight New Looks of the Meenakshi Temple Holy Flame
Incensed Endearing pray Hair Style Lifelong smile
The messenger Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal The Balance Intens Listener
Lady in Green St Marys Church Retired The Love of Siva and Parvati
Celebrating Munishvar A Rickshaw man A rickshaw dream in rose North Gopuram at sundown
Tiles Blessings Boys Small boy, big dreams.
Guards of Ayainur A Tea ,   a Bidi and Cricket The girlfriend from next door ... Back to school
A Farmer Rice Harvest Make hay while the sun shines ... Karumbu
Brushes Time for a chat ? Blistering dry sun Milking
The farmer's daughter Tea Time Koku Winnowing the Rice
Winnowing ... A bumper crop Tamil Gold Students
Dreaming Soap Women & Water Wasti
Offerings and devotion An empty look Alms never make poor Serene purity
Nandi Vedaradha Temple in Thiruvadavur Water Kaale Wanakkam Surian
News Joy Carpenters Auto-rickshaws .....
Elderly Mirrors .... On the road to Madappuram ... Reading the newspaper
The haystack Shy wondering eyes A quarrel Sandy plains
Enlightened Memories Weaving Baskets Patchwork
A devine sleep The eye of God The bullock cart Handsome ?
Trust Pride Men hanging around Granite
The quarryman The explosion The Stone cutter Yanai Malai
Toys for children Baskets A first Tamil lesson Milling
Transmission Belts Lakshmi Having Fun Load man
Drying the rice Sacks of rice The Rice Load Man Grandma
Banana leafs Local Hairdresser Fishing I Fishing
Fishing III Laundry Bridges over the Vangai Look at him
My cocoon Threads The loom Broken ....
Pechiamman Temple A smile on a white wall Pottu The Loom
View over the Vaigai River Crossing After work Rinsing off the soap
Soap From behind her tiles At the loom Thangai Kutirai
Peaceful Mind Workshop The local cycle repairman Cupper pot
A fine smile Ironing Setting up the loom Bricklayer
Sadhu Carrying Tiles Sleeping tricycle man Sign language
Cricket The Spin Bowler A graphical look A sunny smile
The Loom On a Tamil bus I On a Tamil bus II On a Tamil bus III
Into the bull's den Jallikattu Spectator A Tamil Flower Look there !
Trapped Do you wanna dance ? A perfect catch Another catch
A fraction of a second later Touchdown Old lady winnowing The Jump
Twilight A pray Coexistance Her local kitchen
Yellow Mellow King of Diamonds Mungalam village Planting the rice
Parotha II Sweeping the rice Super Strong Getting coco
Art Deco Shivaratri Holy Men Cowherding A little pray
The farmers wife Lorries in the night The Barbers Cut Going nowhere ...
Sugarcane juice Alms for the poor Carrying Water Carrying Bricks
A Tamil Man Playing in Thiruparangkundram Lake Treshing the rice Dust Masks
Local Farmer Village Square Old Lonely Woman ? Chatting
A Tamil Lady The drummer A tree full of boys Sun breaking through thunder clouds
Don't step on me Murrukku Sprockets A turkey look
Lorry parts The Red Umbrella Golden year A young Farmer
Her Shop A rickshaw man Bargening Papayas
A carpenter Sweet Dreams A healthy old man After work
Vegetables Early morning market Meenakshi Temple at the break of the day Washing up
IMG_2989.jpg IMG_3460.jpg IMG_2845a.jpg IMG_2326.jpg
Dance Festival Women at work Working at evening glow The Farm Yard
Fixing the Fence Mamalla Beach Cricket Open Sewers in the Slums of the City Preparing Idly
Mental handicapped living on the street City Fruit Stalls Jallikattu - Taming he bull Jallikattu - Taming he bull
Jallikattu - Taming he bull Repairing nets On top of the waves Life fading away in the shade
A view over his shoulder And .... everything is copied here ... img_0335.jpg St Marys Church
img_1546.jpg Loading the lorry Carrying Tiles