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The Multiple Earth Theory (A Unified Theory of Spirituality, UFO's, Aliens and the Paranormal)

The Multiple Earth Theory - A Unified Theory of Spirituality, UFO’s, Aliens and the Paranormal


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-- The Multiple Earth Theory --
A Unified Theory of Spirituality,
UFOs, Aliens and the Paranormal

October 14, 2013



Image Above: Should we pursue the consciousness singularity (balance), the
technology singularity, or something else?




The pursuit of balance does not mean that one should seek to incorporate equal parts of light/good and equal parts of dark/evil within themselves or in the world around them. Rather, balance is a reference to the concept of freewill which may be defined as our innate right to freely choose between all polarities and all dualities that are incorporated into this current reality. However, included in this gift of freewill also comes the idea responsibility. A state of balance helps one to clearly see the light ("good"), the dark ("evil") and all of the grey areas that often lie in between each polarity/duality. In effect, balance is an understanding and a realization of the ramifications and the responsibilities of freewill.



As discussed in previous sections of this series, responsibility often means different things to different people. However, in general, the modern idea of responsibility has been corrupted to such a degree now that it has come to represent mostly a duty towards the system of commerce, mass consumption and a personal/collective monetary servitude to the corrupt rulers of this world. Since this form of responsibility was designed to "consume" one's life, there is usually little time left over to pursue true oneself (learning, growth), to those around us (community) and to the planet that we live on (respect and gratitude for the home that supports us). 


The dark system that we currently reside in would like many of us to believe that (outside of our duties to the monetary system) entertainment, distractions and the physical pleasures should represent the main focus of our life.

The current human equation looks something like this:  

(Individual free time) minus (personal monetary and economic pursuits) minus (mass consumption) minus (entertainment and distractions) = Little time left for family, community, personal and spiritual growth 

This human equation did not develop naturally or by accident, it was designed this way. 

As things continue get worse on this planet, people are drawn more and more into virtual reality and illusion in order to escape true "real"ity. Thus, come graduation time (death), many people find that they are ill prepared to move forward. Subsequently, they are held back and reincarnate here on earth once again...except the next time around, things are even worse than before because so many people have been conditioned and programmed to forfeit (responsible) freewill and forgo the opportunity to create meaningful change and progress that could have been realized in the incarnations that came before. 

In effect, many souls have become trapped in a vicious cycle of incarnation and reincarnation into deeper and deeper levels of virtual reality and illusion (within a true reality that is becoming more akin to a prison planet rather than the beautiful free planet that the earth once was long ago). 

Prison Planet

So who is running this Prison Planet Earth? Or is this actually the University of Earth? Or perhaps it is both? 

If we were to examine this world from the microscopic (unseen) level, we would likely see many different types of parasites that inhabit the environment around us (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi, etc). Similarly, if we were to take a hike through a dense forest, we would probably walk by many different predators, animals, parasites and terrestrial life forms without even realizing that they were there. If we were to stroll through a house of mirrors, it is likely that we would not notice the beings that are on the other side of those mirrors. Following these examples, is it unrealistic to assume that other types of parasites/entities/predators also inhabit the unseen dimensions/realms in the world around us as well? 

I sometimes hear UFO researchers say...if (some) "aliens" were indeed hostile they would have conquered us long ago, given the advanced technology that they have access to. But what is the true nature of a parasite? Parasites usually attempt to stay hidden and/or concealed so that they may continually feed on their hosts. Parasites also typically try to keep their hosts alive for as long as possible (although in a debilitated state) in order to harvest the most nourishment possible and protect their "asset" for future consumption. 

What if there were a group of parasites/entities that existed mainly outside of our normal conscious perception (outside of the physical plane of our earth)? What if these entities needed the human race to experience certain attributes of existence that they once had themselves (or perhaps never had) such as physical pleasures, various emotions and a desire for power and control? What if these entities had the ability to use the human ego as a portal to access our emotions and experiences? What if the human race was actually food...spiritual, emotional and energetic sustenance for these entities? What if the human race was in some way also dependent upon the interaction of these entities (to a certain degree) in order for us to have the proper environment in which to grow...spiritually, emotionally and energetically? 

If there were indeed such entities/parasites, would they have a vested interest in keeping the population of earth "dumbed down" (in the dark) to such an extent that humans had to keep reincarnating back on earth in order to learn the lessons that they never become fully aware/conscious of in their previous life? Would there be a vested interest in keeping the human "herd" alive and viable (but in a debilitated/controllable state of mind/body/spirit) and roaming the "free range" of earth?  

Does a farmer conquer his land, or use it as a resource in order to grow and harvest crops? Does a rancher conquer his land, or use it as a resource to raise the herd and profit from the harvesting of mature cattle? Do humans use the land (earth) to grow, or do they often act more like crops and cattle bound to the farm and restricted to the feed lots? 

If these gods/entities had a plan to return to earth in physical form, would they not want to keep the human race around as subjects to rule over and to use as laborers (slaves) so that they would have easy access to the riches of the empire? Has this not been the nature of our existence and history for a very long time? 

Natural Resources

In this modern system of human commerce, the death of a human being is equivalent to losing an asset or a unit of wealth (i.e. not all souls are recycled back into this system). Therefore, as previously suggested, there is a vested interest in keeping us around. On the other hand, a large population of strong, caring and knowledgeable individuals can threaten the status quo and topple a corrupt/oppressive empire. Therefore, the solution to such a dilemma (as we see it today) seems to revolve around the idea of creating population of debilitated "slaves" that can be milked for their wealth in the form of taxes, licenses, permits, fees, penalties, debt servicing, mass "consumerism" and ongoing health care costs (insurance premiums/drugs/treatment costs)...while simultaneously limiting any resistance that might arise from strong truly awakened human beings that aware of their full potential. 

If these parasites/entities feed off of various negative human behaviors and emotions (such as fear, greed, ignorance, cruelty, war, hatred, jealously, etc), then a population that is continuously in this state of mind would make for an ideal food source. 

How would these entities go about creating such a resource? The answer to this can actually be seen all around us today. They would probably attempt to corrupt the human "vessel" with various chemicals and toxic substances (Big Pharma, fluoridated water, GMO, pesticides, chemtrails, food additives, radiation, electromagnetic pollution, social programming, etc) that would help to override our humanity and the true soul essence within us (morality, integrity, creativity, individuality, unity, love, compassion, empathy, etc). 

The Light Within

I realize that the information above paints a rather dark picture of our current situation, but it doesn't have to be this way. We have been programmed and conditioned to think that we are less than what we truly are. We have a light within us (a connection to ourselves, to the divine and to everything around us) which provides us with unlimited potential. We are actually incredibly powerful spiritual beings. We only need to remember that which we have been conditioned to forget and that which we have been led astray from...for many millennia. 

The first step in pursuing freedom is seeing and understanding the issues. The second step is seeing and realizing the true power within us. The third step is applying that power (freewill) in a constructive and responsible manner so that it will promote positive and lasting change. This is actually happening all around us, right now. 

Regaining "sight" is not something that should be feared, but rather it is something that should be rejoiced, for it is our sight that guides us out of the darkness and lets us see the light once again so that we may free ourselves of illusion and see the beautiful reality that is hidden just beneath the surface of this (current) manufactured chaos. 

Cosmic Law

Why are humans treated like cattle and regarded as sheep by the system? Throughout history, the human race has been "subject" to a complex system of legislation, laws, doctrines, agreements, privacy statements and "permissions". Most of these laws and agreements are so wordy and so complex that the majority of people do not realize that they have agreed to give away virtually every aspect of their personal sovereignty to various entities (government, corporate, human and non-human). We essentially sign our life away at birth and give these entities "perceived" dominion and "power of attorney" over our lives. Thus, in order to move forward as a race, we must make a firm stance for freedom and reclaim our personal power, freewill and individual sovereignty. These are our innate rights as human beings, they cannot be taken from us...they can only be given away and/or willfully forfeited by us. 

The Fallen Ones

The story of the Fallen Angels is a good metaphor to help describe the true reality of our (current) human condition/existence. The story basically revolves around a group of non-human entities that "fell from grace" because they allowed their ego (pride & desire for power/control) and lust for the physical pleasures to overshadow a higher responsibility to the Universe (God/Creator/Source) and to the "prime directive". Throughout history, many have thought of these (and similar) entities as gods, by many different names. In fact, these entities do posses great knowledge, technology and mystical god-like powers. 

The human gods (those that we currently worship here on earth...politicians, religious figures, corporations, celebrities, etc) have fallen in much the same way as the ancient gods rejecting true responsibility (the other often forgotten component of freewill). Unfortunately, much of the population on earth today seems to have "followed" and "fallen" in line right behind them. 

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and hell are just descriptive names for higher and lower realms (or perhaps more accurately, different states of being). If we assume that our souls are eternal, does it make sense that we would experience just a single 50-100 year "term" and then graduate to heaven (or flunk to hell) and subsequently experience total bliss or total damnation for the rest of eternity? Does it make sense that we would have the necessary experience and spiritual maturity to handle god-like powers (similar to the Angels/Fallen Angels) after such a short training period? Look around the world today, how many people do you think are ready for super powers? Is the earth a spiritual training camp, a prison camp or remedial education for the "fallen"? Or is it perhaps all of these things? 

What if we were to examine the idea of "ascension" on a more earthy level? What if a parent placed his five-year-old son in a full-size Indy car and sent him on his way instructing him not to drive too fast. Would this child have the necessary experience and maturity to control such a powerful vehicle without crashing? Or would it take many years of practice...first in a toy car, then in a go-cart, then in a passenger car and finally in the Indy car?

The Current Situation

Where are we now? Greed is a very difficult thing to control. Greed is not good. Greed eventually consumes and destroys all. The concept of greed is not just limited to money, however. Greed is a sign of imbalance. It is an affliction of the mind that has reached epidemic proportions in our modern society today (it was also seen in many of the "fallen" civilizations of the past, just before they fell).

The "human" parasites (corrupt leaders, politicians and corporations...or the managers/representatives for the non-human parasites) seem to be messing everything up for the returning "gods" via their unsustainable lust for power, greed and control. Because of this, the human race is beginning to see the system for what it really is...a ponzi scheme, a shell game and a house of cards. The signs are becoming increasingly clear...this is not just a scary situation, but it is also a great opportunity to reclaim our individual power, (re)bond with our planet and begin to live again in a more harmonious manner with ourselves, with each other and with nature.  

The Great Awakening of the human race appears to be gaining traction. This awakening of consciousness will give us the opportunity reclaim our freewill, engage in responsible living and finally break free from the viscous cycle of reincarnation that we have been bound to for so long. Or, we can continue down this same road that we have been traveling on for so many years...towards a nightmare of gargantuan proportion. 

The Nature of the Universe

If the Universe is a "just" Universe, why are there so many unjust things that are allowed to exist in it? When are the good aliens coming to save us? When is God going to give us a sign? When is the deity coming?  

There is a certain philosophical mode of thought that states that things must be destroyed first in order for them to be purified and thus renewed. If we look around nature we can see that this is indeed a very common and natural that is always ongoing in various places and cycles around our planet. A forest fire is a great example this idea. For many years the Forest Service attempted to extinguish any fires that occurred as quickly as possible. However, later they came to the realization that such a practice often inhibits growth in the forest, rather than encouraging it. Forest fires tend to clear out years of thick underbrush that can sometimes choke out other life. When a fire is allowed to burn (in a controlled manner) it clears out this brush and creates a fertile environment for new seeds and new life to take root and grow. This new growth helps to feed the entire ecosystem of the forest.

A "controlled burn" can be very beneficial. However, a forest fire can also get completely out of control and destroy everything in its path. Could it be that what we are experiencing right now is a "controlled burn" us an opportunity to clear out the underbrush (old systems, oppression, corruption, illusion, etc), quell the fire, plant new seeds and subsequently grow in the fertile new soil? Could be it that we are being given a choice either actively grow in the wake of the fire or passively sit by and watch the fire consume everything in its path (including us), so that the earth has no choice but to reset and start completely new once again (as it has many times before)?  

When we ask the question, "when is God/the deity/the good aliens coming to save us", perhaps we are missing the point and the opportunities that are already being presented for us.  

Using a another analogy, why does the universe (or a parent) allow a one-year-old child to fall down? Perhaps the Universe (and parents) instinctively know that a young child can only gain the necessary confidence and strength to walk if they are allowed to experience and grow within the natural process of falling down, standing up and then finally walking. A child may get some bumps and scrapes along the way, but the ultimate accomplishment is worth those bumps and scrapes (i.e. walking is much more effective/productive than crawling).

Similarly, when a parent teaches a child to ride a bike or to swim, they understand that eventually they will have to let go of the child and trust that they will be able to keep swimming or riding the bike on their own. The parent usually stands nearby in case the child needs assistance, but the child must learn to ride the bike for themselves, rather then ask the parent to ride the bike for them. 

Such is the nature of the Universe/God/Creator/Source and all of the beings within it.

As above, so below.


100 Years
(Five for Fighting)

Street of Dreams


(Indigo Girls)

Who are "they"? Who are "we"? Are the "others" good or bad? Or, are there elements of both good and bad in the one (the me), the one (the other) and the One (the whole)? Perhaps the answer to that riddle is more of a question that involves individual discernment, rather than just a simple label.

Every day is a new day...

and with each new day, arrives another opportunity for us to experience, to learn and to grow.

Peace to all


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