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The Battle Between the Light and the Darkness (In Search of the Fifth Element)

The Battle Between the Light and The Darkness (The Search for the Fifth Element)

The battle between light and darkness

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The Battle Between the Light and the Darkness
(In Search of the Fifth Element)

 August 7, 2014 

The light believes that it can conquer the darkness and the darkness believes that it can conquer the light. Sound familiar? It should, this is a page straight out of the age old story of the System of Two (or the battle of polarities). This battle between polarities has been encouraged throughout the course of history in order to divide and rule, and rule and conquer...not the polarities themselves, but the people of the polarities.

Can the darkness of space be conquered? Can the stars that light up the night sky be conquered? Not likely. However, the darkness that birthed the evil in this world can be brought to light (justice). Similarly, those who have been temporarily blinded by the light, can learn to see again.

I sometimes hear people ask "why is the Universe so cruel?" "Why does God hate me?" "Why does this world seem more like a hell than a heaven?" When we ignore, allow, permit, condone, accept or actively/passively consent to injustice (darkness) in this world, then we encourage it to grow. This is how the natural systems of Creation become imbalanced. And this is how we become imbalanced. That which is outside of us is not separate from us. And that which is inside of us is not separate from that which is outside of us. Each is merely a reflection of the other.

When an imbalance occurs on this planet, Nature will speak to us. But how often do we listen? When we do not listen (ignore the signs), Nature and Creation will usually speak a little louder to us. Do we listen then? Usually not. In this current world, we are programmed and conditioned to believe that ignore-ance is equivalent to avoidance (or the realization of physical and psychological safety). It seems like Nature and Creation must always yell at us before they can get our attention. However, even then we often ignore (or misinterpret) what they are trying to say to us. When we ignore the natural polarity of darkness, it can grow to such a degree that it morphs (incarnates) into its unnatural counterpart known as evil. Or, in other words, when we sleep, They Live.

Polarities, in their natural state, are neither good nor evil. It is the manufactured duality (un-natural states of polarity) that usually cause most of the chaos in this world. The natural polarity of darkness actually offers many opportunities for both personal and collective growth. The darkness only becomes pathogenic when it is ignored and allowed to grow unchecked. It is a combination of both human error and ignorance that enables the darkness to grow and spawn into evil. The errors of humanity are compounded when we ignore them. When we push the darkness further into darkness (away from the light), it creates a fertile environment where darkness can thrive, flourish and begin to over-shadow the light, thereby creating a great imbalance. This is when the darkness ceases to offer potential benefit and starts to become pathogenic in its un-natural form.

Why Must There Be Any Darkness in Our World to Begin With?

We are all here to experience, to learn and to grow. If there were only light (or only darkness) in this world, there would be no options, no choices and no freewill. Freedom of choice and individual freewill provide us with the opportunity to experience. And it is our experiences that provide us with the potential to learn and to grow. Without access to this process, there could be no hope or expectation of any progress. How could Creation grow if its creations were not allowed to experience independent thought and independent choice? How could Creation grow if its creations were not provided with the ability to learn from their choices, or given the opportunity to create new things from their learning and their growth? It is true that the act of creation sometimes produces destruction (especially in this world). However, this is still part of the experience, the learning and the growth process.

Can we learn to not pathologically destroy? Can we learn to live in harmony with ourselves and with Creation? Can we learn to see and to hear Nature when it speaks to us? When we see or experience darkness in this world, can we access the courage that is necessary to stand up for what is right and try to correct the wrong before it grows into something evil? Can we learn not to be seduced and  blinded by the light (the ignorance of evil, the addiction to Hopium and the promise of eternal bliss)?

The Positive and the Negative

The positive and the negative are much like the light and the dark. At our very core, we are all beings of energy. Just like a battery, we need both the positive and the negative in order to exist, to be complete and to become fully "charged". In their natural state, the positive and the negative are actually complimentary to each other. For example, when the positive and the negative are combined together (in a state of balance) they provide the energy that is used to power much of our modern world.  However, the positive and the negative can also become corrupted or distorted, both in their application and in their understanding.

There is a certain mindset in this world (that is actually quite common) that thinks that any new or different information is a negative. Or in other words, anything that has the potential to disrupt the current "order" of things (beliefs, comfort zones, established systems, etc) is typically viewed as a negative. This is of course a programmed and conditioned response designed to keep us locked into the "safety" and "comfort" of familiar surroundings (corrals or prisons of the mind, body and spirit). Most growth and forward movement involves some type of change. Traditionally, change is most often viewed as a movement away from an old paradigm and into a new one. However, sometimes change simply involves the movement or return back into an older and uncorrupted way (away from a currently corrupted one).

There is a similar perception in this world that views all "negative" experiences as bad experiences. Because of this (programmed) mentality most people tend to either ignore the "negative", push it into their subconscious mind, self-medicate themselves (with alcohol/drugs) or willingly lobotomize their brains (and consciousness) via Big Pharma in order to avoid confronting such experiences.  As discussed previously, this merely pushes the darkness further into darkness which allows it to grow and morph into something much more pathological (which can actually lead to it taking on a life of its own).

When we confront the negative and the darkness within our lives, we bring light into the situation and create the opportunity to learn and grow from such experiences. This process can also help others around us to grow as well. But the system that we currently live in does not want us to grow spiritually. Therefore, it actively encourages the compartmentalization of the negative so that it weighs us down, keeps us prisoner and existing (vs. truly living) on a level that is more closely aligned with the malevolent entities who currently rule this world.

Male and Female

Male and female are much like the light and the dark and the positive and the negative. When combined together in a state of overall balance, the energetic "force" that is newly created (from the synergetic union between male and female) is many times greater than either the male or the female by themselves. The expression of this force (energy) is called Love. Ultimately, Love is the most powerful energetic force in this world. Historically, this is why we have seen the "battle of the sexes" rage on and why we presently see so many different tactics being used to breakup and breakdown the family unit. Take away love, and you remove a significant obstacle to the realization of total power and control by the malevolent forces of this world.

Love is not just a function of the male and female polarity, however. It is a universal force. This is the key to understanding True Love.

True Love

What is true Love? True Love is not a gooey concept as some might suggest. It is also not an "artificial sweetener" (although it is often used in this manner). True Love is not just about hugs and kisses. True Love is a love of life. True Love is about standing up for what is right, even when others may think that it is something "negative". True Love is about the expression of understanding, compassion and empathy. But it is also about discernment, awareness and action. True Love is caring enough to take the necessary time to try and understand a situation so that an action taken by us moves us towards balance (rather than towards imbalance via programmed and conditioned reactions or inactions). True love is about knowing when an action is necessary, and when no action is necessary. True love is about knowing when forgiveness is appropriate (to help foster sincere growth and understanding), and when letting go is necessary (in order to remove true toxicity from our lives).

True love is about learning how to embrace both the light and the dark and learning how to grow from each type of experience. True Love is also about learning how to become consciously aware of evil (pathogenic darkness) and light blindness (pathogenic light) when these non-natural polarities are encountered or experienced. True Love is about learning how to reject/overcome evil and light blindness in order to create (or restore) balance within our world, our creation, ourselves and in all of Creation. And, perhaps most importantly, True Love is about the realization that the one who rejects all forms of imbalance in favor of artificial eternal bliss (pathogenic light), is the one who locks themselves into an eternal prison of stagnation, denial and non-growth.

The Fire Within and Without

When we are born into this world, we are born with the Spark of Creation within us. As we begin to grow (physically, mentally and spiritually), we can choose to either follow a path that will nurture this Spark (into a fire and a passion for life) or one that will work to extinguish this Spark (thereby forfeiting our opportunity for growth and our potential for forward movement).

When the Spark of Creation is nurtured, it has the potential to grow into a Fire. That Fire then becomes our passion and our art for individual creation in life. When we share our Fire (passion and creation) with others, we help to add more light to the world. This, in turn, helps to encourage others to nurture their Spark and to create a Fire within themselves. The light in our world grows from our passion for life.

Even when there is no Spark within a person (i.e. a disconnect from Nature and Creation) there is still the opportunity for a fire to occur. However, this type of fire will usually morph (incarnate) into a very pathogenic form of fire. In other words, the fire within ceases to illuminate us or the world around us and begins to burn those who come in contact with it. The smoke from this type of fire hides the light, thereby creating an artificial darkness (imbalance) both within and without (about).

When the passion of pathogenic fire becomes very distorted and corrupted, it has the opportunity to create a great deal of destruction in our world. This type of fire will continue to spread and create chaos, havoc and destruction until we learn to see the light once again.

When we regain sight, we also remember. Water can destroy fire. When Water destroys pathogenic fire it begins to clear the Air of smoke so that others can also begin to see more clearly again. When the flames of pathogenic fire have subsided and the Air has become clear, then the light of the sun can begin to shine again. When this new light reaches the Earth, the ashes of pathogenic fire can then be transmuted from a negative into a positive and begin to nurture (nourish) new growth on this planet and help to restore balance once again.

On the other hand, when we ignore pathogenic fire it can get totally out of control and superimpose itself upon the Air, the Water and the Earth to such a degree that it consumes not only all that it touches, but eventually even itself leading to a resolution via a process of total purification (a return to balance the hard way).

Historically, each time that this world has become imbalanced beyond repair we have seen some type of purification process take place. Sometimes this has involved Water (the Great Flood), sometimes this has involved the Air (massive volcanic activity), sometimes this has involved the Earth (huge earthquakes) and sometimes this has involved Fire. When the imbalance becomes very strong in this world, sometimes the process may involve all four different forms of purification.

Right now we are in a controlled burn. We can still help to quell the fire and minimize the intensity of the purification process if we choose to return to a more balanced path. However, if we continue to travel down the same road of greed, corruption and imbalance, the fires will become so strong inside of us (and outside of us) that they will end up consuming us.

On the other hand, if we can learn how to live in harmony with Creation, then we can begin to restore the balance between the Earth, the Air, the Water and the Fire. When true balance between the Four Elements is achieved, there is an alchemical process that takes place and a Fifth Element is produced (realized). This Fifth Element is a path towards greater consciousness and understanding.

There is a Light and a Dark aspect to every concept, symbol and pathway. This is the Nature of Freewill. It is up to us to choose which way to travel.

Peace to all

Songs for All

Grease is the Word
(Franki Valli)

To suppress the Spark within us, is to allow the "Fire" of Creation (passion for creation) to be extinguished. This is one of the greatest crimes of this existence. In many ways we are programmed and conditioned to suppress our own Spark. However, through the current system that we live in, we are also conditioned to help suppress the Spark of others around us as well (often without even realizing it).

To nurture our own Spark and encourage the Spark of others, is to begin to be all that we were intended to be and all that we are capable of becoming.

Return to Innocence

Is the human race an enigma? Is innocence equivalent to naivety? Humans are not an enigma, however we can be quite naive at times. We are, in fact, a great Potential. The journey towards innocence is a journey back towards our true selves. It is a discovery (or rediscovery) of our path, our mission and our destiny in life which is to experience, to learn and to grow...and to awaken to our true spiritual potential. It is a remembering that we (and all life) are the Explorers of Creation. To find true happiness and fulfillment in our lives is to radiate and grow (glow). And to become responsible contributors (creators) within Creation is to share our light with others in the world.

A Message to the Corrupt Rulers of this World
(and others who choose to follow the River of Deceit)

The River of Deceit
(Mad Season)

I could either drown
Or pull off my skin and swim to shore
Now I can grow a beautiful
Shell for all to see

New "suits", expensive cars, jet planes and fancy houses are simply illusions that are often used to help hide our inward appearance. When we shed our shells and begin to change our inner-self, this is when our true outward appearance changes to others.  

Money, control and power (over others) are similar "shells" of illusion. They too are used to hide our true selves from our self, and from others. They are merely disguises, denials and deceits.

Hidden or suppressed pain only produces more pain in the end (for our self and for others around us). Pretty shells sometimes make us feel better for a little while, but even the best of them eventually become transparent and meaningless.

The River of Deceit flows in only one direction...down. The further that one travels down the River of Deceit, the more difficult it becomes to paddle back up. But it can be done. There is still time to change course. There is still time to bring the boat ashore.

(Pearl Jam)

There are some people in this world with hardened hearts of pure evil. But they are few in number. There are some that think that they own, control and have dominion over everyone and everything on this planet. But they don't.  

For every one true psychopath out there, there are, however, many more programmed, conditioned and traumatized humans in this world. These non-psychopathic humans are trained to either mimic true psychopaths in their behavior or become servants to their psychotic agendas, needs and desires (i.e. become "vehicles" for the growth of pathogenic darkness on this planet).

Much of the programming, conditioning and trauma that is experienced by human beings today is generational in nature. The true psychopaths search out and prey upon these people in order to groom them (further traumatize them) so that they will willingly become their servants. We are not their slaves, guinea pigs or pawns. Nor are we a vehicle (petri dish) for the growth of darkness in this world.

Release the pain and become free once again. Don't feed the darkness. Transmute the darkness into Light and ride the Wave of Creation, not the River of Deceit.



Now We are Free


For more information on transmuting the darkness
into Light (to bring about balance), please see:

The Art of Alchemy


 Additional Images

Below are a few photos that I recently took while traveling. In viewing these images, I imagine that most people will probably not see any information beyond that what is represented on the surface of the images. I suppose that is to be expected. Given similar circumstances, I might not see anything else either. However, as strange as it may sound, within these events, there was actually a teaching that occurred. How does one learn to see and hear such communications from Creation? It takes a little practice, but we are all capable of experiencing such communications on one level or another.


Fire in Lassen National Forest


Fire in the Sky - Salton Sea California

Fire in the Sky - Salton Sea, California


The Fifth Element (11:11)

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Fire in Lassen National Forest
Fire in Lassen National Forest
Fire in the Sky - Salton Sea, California
Fire in the Sky - Salton Sea, California
Fire in Lassen National Forest
Fire in Lassen National Forest
Fire in the Sky - Salton Sea, California
Fire in the Sky - Salton Sea, California
Fire in the Sky - Salton Sea, California
Fire in the Sky - Salton Sea, California
Fire in Lassen National Forest
Fire in Lassen National Forest
Fire in the Sky - Salton Sea, California
Fire in the Sky - Salton Sea, California
Fire in Lassen National Forest
Fire in Lassen National Forest
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