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Monsters Among Us

Monsters Among Us


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Monsters Among Us
(the invasion is here)


In many ways, the human ego is very much like a monster in disguise. It is similar to Godzilla in that it acts like a "god" (a separate entity that sometimes rules over us) and a zilla (spider) that weaves its web around our organic consciousness. The ego intoxicates us, blinds us and keeps us prisoner to a very narrow perception of reality that suits its needs and desires. The ego can manifest as the darkness within us (the shadow) or it can also function as an open portal or window allowing other entities (both human and non-human) to access and gain control over our deeper consciousness.  

With practice, it is possible to tame the ego and learn to live in harmony with it. However, when it is left unbridled, it can roar like an angry fire-breathing dinosaur and destroy everything in its path. The ego is a strange creature in that brute force often seems to make it more aggressive while compassion, empathy and understanding will sometimes make it melt away as if it never existed. In this way, the ego is a little like King Kong. However, when the ego is allowed to get a firm hold us, it is more akin to Invasion of the Body Snatchers or Godzilla.




The ego really is a monster in every definition of the word. In fact, it is so scary that most people do not even want to look at it or acknowledge its existence. The ego adores blind attention, but it despises thoughtful examination. When the ego is confronted, it fights back ferociously and aggressively. It views truth and transparency as an invading virus (much like itself) and will seek to crush and discredit anything or anybody that threatens to expose it. The ego can take the form of an individual monster or it may also take the form of a collective monster (both figuratively and literally).  

The individual ego not only defends itself, but it will also sometimes help to defend the collective ego when there is a danger of it being exposed. The individual ego by itself is a formidable opponent, however when it is combined with reinforcements (similar egos) the collective ego can create a very strong defensive perimeter against the infiltration of truth. The ego is perhaps most dangerous when it is backed into a corner and there is the possibility of an inner-truth being realized. In order to avoid the horrors of self-examination, the ego will sometimes expose or rally around an outer-truth in order to avoid looking at an inner-truth.

The ego is not a kind entity. It does not play fair, with us or with others. It is devious. It will lie, steal, cheat, discredit, crush and destroy anybody or anything that gets in the way of its food source or sense of security. It has no mercy. The ego will do whatever is necessary to protect itself, including risking both the host body in which it resides and the host planet in which it exists. In this way, ego and greed are very much related.

In most cases, a rudimentary understanding of the ego (by outside forces) is all that is required to negatively influence us. However, when a deeper (psychological) understanding of the ego is attained, much of the general population can be controlled without ever becoming aware of it. Social media is a good example of this.

Social Media

Where did social media come from and who were the players that were involved in its creation? When one follows the trail, it leads back to both some well-respected "institutions" and some very dark organizations and agencies such as ARPA, DARPA, the CIA and the NSA. Think that these agencies helped to create social media just because they are nice people?

Social media use (or abuse) has actually reached such a point of saturation in our daily life now that it is beginning to overwhelm and overshadow the lives of many people within modern society. Social media in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing when it used in moderation. Social media can be used to keep in touch with others, to disseminate useful information and it can also be quite empowering when it is used to help unite individuals towards a positive social action.

However, for many people today social media has moved beyond just casual use and has actually evolved into more of an addiction, similar to that of coffee or sometimes even as bad as crack cocaine or meth. The dangers of social media and tech addiction probably became most apparent with the successful production of the first designer tech drug called the Blackberry (more affectionately known as the Crackberry). Now we have Facebook (Crackbook) and Twitter.  

Think about these names for a moment. What is the definition of a twit? And what is a name for a twit that communicates electronically...a twitter. When you are arrested (taken prisoner) what usually happens? Your personal information is entered into a database. Then you are "booked" and a photo of your "face" is taken and archived along with your personal information for later use.  

The controllers and creators of these designer tech drugs come right out and say what they think of their users...they taunt them and belittle them...yet no one cares. Mark Zuckerberg called the users of his Facebook service dumb f*cks for trusting him, and people still can't get enough of it. These services continue to incrementally remove every privacy protection known, yet the majority of people don't seem to care. The creators of these data-mining and mind-numbing tech drugs know that the population is hooked and addicted.  

Technology and social media is also clearly contributing to a group-think, hive-mind or Borg mentality via a planned program of social engineering. The controllers of this world have stated that his was their end-game goal in many different books and publications. They said it, they warned us. Yet the human race still fell for it. It was even prophesied in many different religions and ancient texts. But people don't seem to care.  

What if one day the Universe were to deliver to us a tech-addiction treatment program in the form of a massive solar flare or some other major disaster? What would the human race do then without technology...their minds and their bodies will be broken from tech addiction and will be helpless. Everything in the modern world today is dependent upon various forms of technology. Organic consciousness and self sufficiency have been almost completely overshadowed by it.

Slaves to the ego

Social media is like a blinking neon sign to the ego, directing it to an all-you-can-eat buffet. When the ego sees this smorgasbord, it doesn't stop at just seconds or thirds or keeps on feeding. While the ego is gorging itself, our minds, bodies and consciousness often get reluctantly (or unknowingly) towed behind it. Social media, like pain medication, can be useful in moderation, but it can also be quite destructive when it becomes addictive, all-consuming and/or mind-numbing.

In many ways, the mind and body are at a significant disadvantage to the ego. The mind and body have actually been designed, conditioned and programmed to seek out various activities which encourage the release of certain neurochemicals that induce pleasurable sensations within us. On one level, these pleasure-inducing chemicals play a very important role in our human existence such as promoting species survival (procreation) or in contributing to the simple enjoyment of life (the pursuit of love, laughter, companionship, etc which help to release such chemicals). However, other times, these chemicals can become quite dangerous when they are linked or attached to certain negative or addictive behaviors associated with the ego (at the expense of conscious awareness).  

The ego tends to engage mostly in activities which encourage the release of pleasure-inducing neurochemicals Therefore, the ego maintains its hold on us by creating slaves of the mind and encouraging them to remain focused primarily on getting the next "fix" rather than noticing various peripheral activities that may be going on around us. In this way, the ego and the manipulated mind/body system help to over-shadow our true selves and our true sovereign consciousness. Nether the ego, nor the mind or the body individually wants to admit that it has become a junkie. And the combined junkie doesn't want to admit that it has a problem because it is the "fix" that helps to release us from having to fully experience/acknowledge the increasingly harsh (true) reality that we are living in.

Thugs, Mugs and Drugs

The human Spirit has been metaphorically mugged by the ego and our consciousness has been kicked out of the driver seat, thrown in the trunk or sometimes even completely thrown out of the vehicle...while the human vessel continues to speed on down the road with an intoxicated imposter at the wheel.  

The spirit/soul is our true organic self. It is the eternal part of us that is both independent and unique, while simultaneously being connected to everything else around us. As human "beings", we should innately know and understand this. However, in this current corrupted version of reality, the ego has been superimposed upon our consciousness (operating system) like a virus invading our physical body or a Trojan Horse infecting a computer.  


There is an Awakening that is currently occurring here on earth. Sometimes this process is very apparent, while other times it seems like everybody is still asleep. There are powerful cyclical energies that are being infused into this time (and space) which have the potential to affect human consciousness and development in some very profound ways.

There are also many artificial energies which are currently being created to try and combat these natural energies and block the awakening of humanity. The interaction between these new natural energies and the old artificial energies is causing all kind of problems for people right now as they try to adjust and make sense of what is occurring. Aggression, depression, anxiety and uneasiness are all symptoms of this ongoing process.

How will this all play out and how long it will take? In many ways that is very much up to us, both on an individual basis and on a collective basis. There are many that would like us to believe that we have no control over the outcome of these events, but that is not true. The recent events surrounding the planned invasion of Syria are a testament to the power of the people. The people said no, and we were able to avert (for the time being) what would have probably escalated into WWIII. This should be an inspiration to all of us. Do not let anyone discount your personal power or your ability to make a positive difference in this world.

Every single person makes a difference, every choice we make is relevant and every voice is important.

Peace to all


(Blue Oyster Cult)

For additional information regarding the healthy ego and the
corrupted ego, please refer to:

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The campaign against humanity is actually much broader then what has been discussed in this article. For a more complete discussion/examination of our (current) enslavement and what we can do to help free ourselves, please read the entire series (linked below). Please do not let this information create fear, it is intended to empower. Knowledge increases vision. And enhanced sight helps to give us the necessary tools that we need to make more informed decisions.


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