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Light on Water

One of my favorite subjects - one that I keep going back to.

There's something about the reflections of light on water that fascinates me.

"God is the color of water. Water doesn't have a color" ... James McBride

"Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man" ... Stewart Udall

"It is light that reveals, light that obscures, light that communicates. It is light I listen to" ... John Sexton

"Light can be gentle, dangerous, dreamlike, bare, living, dead, misty, clear, hot, dark, violet, springlike, falling, straight, sensual, limited, poisonous, calm and soft" ... Sven Nykvist
Brenu Beach Nishikigoi 錦鯉 White Horses Braveheart Castle Sanlúcar de Guadiana
Desmond Castle Skerries Harbour Stormy Water Clare River Brenu Beach
Killaloe Twilight Foggy Dawn Islandavanna You can lead a horse to water ... Autumn Storm
Burren Bush Elmina Beach Mallards Landing Atlantic Fury Boti Falls
Rockabill Lighthouse Limerick Skyline Anomabu Beach Dawn Flight Student Village
King John's Castle Flooded Blackthorn Trá an Dóilín Mirror Image Evening Cityscape
Killaloe Abbey Limerick Skyline River Shannon & Clare Hills Dunguaire Castle Brenu Beach 7
Nine-and-Fifty Swans Swan's Escape Plassey Sunset Trim Castle Fish Rising
Walk on Water Galway Bay Sunset Sea Cliffs Doughmore Beach Dusty the Doolin Dolphin
Lake Titicaca Skellig Michael Christmas Tree Cliff-top Fishing King John's Castle
Brenu Beach 5 Worrels End Blackthorn Bush Harmattan Haze Bunratty Castle, Co. Clare
Atlantic Sunset Doolin Harbour Narcissus Atlantic Coast Black Bridge
Pacific Shore Doonbeg Waves Pont d'Avignon City Lights Wave Warning
Mackerel Sky Brenu Beach Harmattan Haze 4 Christmas Tree Cloud Curtains
Fishermen Return Stormy Harbour Moonlit Clarion Brenu Beach 20 Last Rays 2
Brenu Beach 18 Southern Right Whale Smitswinkel Bay Foggy Dawn Nosey Carp
Millbrook Bar Fosse du Paux-Rempart Skellig Islands Inishtooskert 2 White Christmas
Itsukushima Shrine Salmon Fly Fishing Reflections at Dusk Cliffs of Moher Limerick Floods
Foggy Ducks Martello Sunset 2 Kaunas Confluence Ayatollah Doughmore Beach
Skellig Islands 3 Brenu Beach 21 Abbey River Last Light Maizuru, Kyoto
Vila do Conde Skellig Islands 2 Blue Hour Inch Strand Limerick Floods
Sleeping Giant Autumn Falls Evening Silhouette Nzulezu Boatman Bunratty Castle
Kingfisher Gannet Sky Blasket Islands Washed up White Christmas 1
Lagoon Ceremony Observers Summer Evening Gandalow Racing Sunset Manoeuvres Doughmore Beach
Doughmore Sunset Ponte Dom Luis I Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao Chateau Aix-le-Rideau Red Sky at Night
Ballydonegan Bay Shannon Estuary Sunrise Ocean meets Land Tawnagh West
Winter Evening White Horses Thomond Student Village Vila do Conde Riverfront Green Water 2
Kite-Surfers Black Bridge Frosty Morning Pelican Rocks Happy St. Patricks Day!
Atlantic Coast Atlantic Waves Atlantic Waves Galloping through the Foam Atlantic Surf
High Tide Reflections White Christmas 5 Galway Hookers Atlantic Coast Flying Jetski
Brenu Beach USS Monterey, CG-61 Supply Chain Coumeenoole Sarsfield Bridge
Basalt Coast Returning from the Market Belvelly Castle High Tide You can take a horse to water ...
Anamabo Beach Cement Factory Doughmore Beach Winter Light Rough Sea
Great Blasket Island Atlantic Wave Inch Strand The Barge Inn Brenu Beach East
Red Navaho Sunset Skelligs Storm Imogen hits Lahinch Seafront Ballydonegan Bay Elmina Beach
Storm Imogen hits Lahinch Seafront Poolbeg Lighthouse Crab Island Sunset Reentrisk Water Babies
Killmore Quay Mid-summer Snow-Bridge Surfing the Dream Currach Race Rabelos on the Douro
Atlantic Coast Atlantic Coast Athlunkard Bridge Poseidon Doughmore Beach
Doonbeg Beach South Bull Wall Lighthouse Elmina Bay Teacher & Student Atlantic Swell 4
Vila do Conde Mount Fuji & Sagami Bay Cormorant Freezing Fog 4 Courthouse
Beach Fishing Green Water Frozen Lake Canoe Trip 2 Black Bridge 1 *
Black Bridge 3 Reflections Jetskis Rising Tide lifts all Boats Lower Falls - from Artists Point
Foggy Dawn Burren Reflections Atlantic Sunset St Michael's Mount Shoreline Duo
Cool Blue Copper Coast Nzulezu Boatman 2 Shannon Reflections Heat Wave
Sloblands Falling Tide - Curragower Falls Reflections Inishtooskert Kite Surfer
Rough Seas Atlantic Swell Jetski Doughmore Beach Into the West
Doughmore Beach Rush Hour Dig Here Atlantic Coast Galloping Herd
Shannon River Three Boats Christmas Tree Corinthian Thunderstorm From the Deep
Arctic Air Bunratty Castle Freezing Fog Brenu Beach 22 Hunt Museum
It's a dog's life Atlantic Storm Frosty Morning 2 Martello Tower 4 Waterfall
Hydro-Therapy Ferry Crossing - Tiquina Straits Doughmore Beach Another ho hum day in paradise Winter Evening 2
Carrigogunnell Castle Stormy Sea Liquid Gold Wall of Water Wall of Water
Canoe Trip Atlantic Swell 3 Doughmore Beach Brenu Beach 21 Shannon River
Sunset Moonrise Atlantic Waves Last Rays Atlantic Coast 2 Doolin Pier
King John's Castle Doughmore Dusk Atlantic Waves Skerries Harbour Western Sky
Cape-Coast Dusk Fishing Wave Dancing Golden Wave Shepherd's Delight
Río Urubamba Brenu Beach 24 Foggy Morning 3 Atlantic Rain Storm Brenu Beach 25
Doughmore Dusk 5 Iced-in Boat Weighing Anchor Summer Lake Doolin Harbour
Sarsfield Bridge 2 Cascade Winter Morning 2 Drop in Visitors 2 Beach Football
Desmond Castle Christmas Eve White Christmas 3 November Floods 2 Black Head Lighthouse
Ardnagreevagh Winter Lake Doolin Harbour Red Island Red Kite Sky
Galway Bay Kite Surfer Harmattan Haze 3 Atlantic Coast Doughmore Dusk 3
Burren Bush Drop in Visitors 3 Drop in Visitors Umbrella Shakedown Matt the Miller
Canary Sunset Husavik Harbour Fishing Fleet's Return Coastline Action Thar she blows!
Aqua-Therapy Rio de La Plata Sunset Brenu Beach 23 Frozen Pond A Coruna
Beach Football Atlantic Coast Mutton Island Arthurs Quay Little Samphire Lighthouse
Doughmore Dusk 4 Window Drop in Visitors Fota Bridge 2 Winter Morning
Loughshinny Harbour Skerries Sunset Squabbling Gulls Atlantic Waves Palaio Faliro
Golden Hour Flooded Blackthorn Atlantic Coast Altiplano Morning 2 Heron Descending
Anticipation Out of the Deep Christmas Eve 2 Martello Tower 5 Barge
Waterfall-2 Atlantic Storm 2 Kinvara Sunset Stormy Sky 3 Dolphin Patrol
Doughmore Beach - after Sunset Bray Head Irish Sea Plassey Sunset White Christmas 4
Waves & Spray Palaio Faliro 2 Kayaks in the Fog White Horses on Green Water Sunlit Island
12 toes Teamwork Basalt Coastline Making Tracks Tallest Christmas Tree
Cliffs of Moher Cape Sounios Doughmore Dusk 2 Sarsfield Bridge Doughmore Beach
Burren Reflections Winter Solstice Sunrise Atlantic Waves Burren Bush Doolin Pier
Cormorant's Rest Seagull Flock in Fog Walk on Water Black-necked Stilt Seagull Blizzard
Georges Quay Green Boat Doughmore Beach Foggy Reflections Floating Christmas Tree
River Suir Rising Tide Doolin Pier Black Bridge River Arno
Atlantic Coast Golden Hour Galway Hookers Wary Greylags Black Bridge 3
Moonlight Riverfront Sunset Watchers Skerries Harbour Sea-Stack Autumn Evening
Mutton Island Foam Patterns Turbulent Seas Ballynahinch Bay Ballynahinch By
Final Race Autumn Reflections Hoar Frost King John's Castle Sarsfield Bridge
Power of the Sea Mudflat Rivulets 2 Humpback Whale-watching Atlantic Wave Plassey
Piraeus Sunset Lake Titicaca, 13,000 feet above sea-level Queen of Aran Submerged Tree Root Foggy Christmas Eve
Through the Eye of the Bridge Green Water 3 Wall of Water Winter Morning 3 Three Horsemen
Old Pier Ballydonegan Bay Doolin Sunset Crab Island under Siege Galway Bay
Atlantic Waves Ladies Double Scull Beach Party Red Mud Roads Shoreline Sunset
Fota Bridge Sunset Exercises Midnight Sky Galway Bay Romantic Spring Evening
Rush Hour Beach Exercises Window of Opportunity? Ulster Ladies Four Frosty Horse
Basalt Coast Atlantic Coast Faithful Friend Ahu Ko Te Riku Ahu Ko Te Riku
Yosemite Falls Double Rainbow River Front Tower Bridge 2 Hanga Roa Bay
La Boca Sea Foam Hanga Roa Bay Fishing Crew Rough Crossing
Foggy Morning 4 Piraeus Harbour Evening Light Marathon Bay Winter Solstice Sunrise 2
Winter Evening Plassey Atlantic Waves Galway Hookers Racing Sarsfield Bridge
Ross Castle at Dawn Limestone Walls Moonlight Fishing Foggy Morning 5
Sleeping Giant Thomond Bridge & King John's Castle Poseidon King's Island Farrihy Bay
Skerries Harbour Stormy Evening Diving Party Snow Clouds over Crab Island Fishermen Return
Doughmore Beach Storm Brewing in Galway Bay Atlantic Storm Sea Arch Dances with Waves
Doughmore Beach Rain Storm Rinsing the Cockles Ringed Plover in Silhouette 2 Shannon River in Flood
Surfer's Paradise - European Hawaii Water Games on the Malecon Ready for Takeoff Complex Sunset Temple of Poseidon
Ballydonegan Bay Humpback Whale Limerick Court House Burren Reflections 2 Departing Heron
Foggy Reeds Brenu Beach Tower Bridge Dursey Island Ringed Plover in Silhouette
Yosemite Happy New Year .. to all my PBase friends Crepuscular - Lough Derg Plassey Evening Ligurian Coast
Rain Cloud over Clare Island Riverfront Rainbows Atlantic Wave Curragh - Ballynahinch Bay Evening Stroll
Spanish Point Evening Walk Mackerel Sky Atlantic Coast 7 Beach Action
Heron Takeoff Skerries Harbour Sunset Milky Coffee - Río Urubamba Busea Beach Atlantic Coast 8
Sea-Stack Hitching a Ride Limerick Skyline Fishing Expedition 2 Dunguaire Castle
Mudflat Rivulets 3 Ballydonegan Bay Spring Evening Doughmore Beach Ringed Plover Flock
Irrigation Entre Chien et Loup Golden Falls Fishermen Returning Viking Tours
Jurassic Coast - Ballard Downs Jurassic Coast West Cork Coastline Torc Waterfall 2 Plassey Evening
Burren Reflections Havana Dawn Gully Shannon Sunset Blue Hour
Atlantic Waves Old Pier in Moonlight Shannon River Ballydonegan Bay Dusty the Doolin Dolphin 2
Green Wave Blue Hour Atlantic Wave Fun & Frolics Ocean Spray
Ballydonegan Bay Atlantic Coast 6 Storm Imogen hits Doolin Pier Atlantic Waves Turbulent Sky
Leinster Mens Single Scull Bull Rock Storm Break Angling Cots Wingspan
Swallow-tailed Gull (Creagrus furcatus) P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship Tranquillity Last Beach Party Sunset Dip
Wintery Evening Worrel's End Spanish Point Elmina Bay Foggy Autumn Reflections
Foggy Morning Green Wave 2 Atlantic Storm One Eye - Sarsfield Bridge Cooling Off
Foggy Morning 3 Into the West Doughmore Beach Atlantic Storm Winter Sunset
Blue Icebergs High Tide Atlantic Coast Sea Spray Swan Song
High Tide Sunset Marine Rescue Jim Stones - Black Bridge Burning off the Fog Flooded Riverbank
Loop Head Black Bridge - River Shannon La Dolce Vita Doughmore Beach - Sunset Springtime
Brenu Beach Blue Hour Dreaming Plassey Evening Little Samphire Lighthouse Storm Approaching
Salmon Fishing Storm Approaching from the West Evening Light High Tide Atlantic Storm
Fishing Village by the Sea Atlantic Coast 3 Atlantic Coast Restless Ocean Beady Eye
Dordle Door Mudflat Rivulets Mid-Atlantic Rift Valley Lake Fishermen Returning Cliff Face Sunset
Spring Tide Dawn Raid Cliffs of Moher - Golden Hour Beach Exercises P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship
Plassey Sunset Río Urubamba Mediterranean Coast Doughmore Beach Low Tide
Atlantic Storm Where's the Ball? Mutton Island Millenium Bridge Rain Cloud Reflections
Doughmore Beach Doughmore Beach Sloblands Sunset Limerick Riverfest 2012 King Canute
Night Fishing Waterfall Braveheart's Castle Something Interesting? The Bull, the Cow and the Calf.
Atlantic Storm Atlantic Waves Fisherman Shannon Sunset Approaching Front
Atlantic Coast 5 Northerly Rain-Storm Cape-Coast Beach Evening Light Rising Wave
Seaside Snackery Bowing to the Inevitable? Greylag Goose Lough Derg Copper Coast
Geyser Pool Dordle Door Sea-Arch & Cavern Doughmore Beach Pike Fishing
Golden Coastline Last Rays Lake Bosomtwe Atlantic Coast Dancing at Lughnasa
Mutton Island Foggy Morning 2 Aileen’s Wave Race for Home Curragh
Easter Waves Riders on the Storm Red Sky at Night - Shepherd's Delight Gullfoss Net Fishing
Atlantic Swell Atlantic Storm Doolin Harbour 2 Martello Sunset 3 Atlantic Coast 2
Galway Bay Pre-Dawn Blue-Hour Dusty the Doolin Dolphin 3 Atlantic Coast 4 Elmina Bay
Storm Christine Ink Blot Evening Doughmore Beach Swan Lake Last Rays
Lady of the Lake Flooded Burren Bush Tybee Island Pier Kimmeridge Bay Crab Island Sunset
Golden Hour Estuary Sea Stack Mutton Island Last Light
Golden Light DANGEROUS CURRENTS Three + Three Shannon Sunset Ferry Dance
Atlantic Coast Ominous Admiring the View Sleeping Giant New Pier
Airborne Cliffs of Moher Dolphin Breaching Fun & Frolics Killary Fjord
Busy Winter Afternoon Black Bridge Atlantic Coast Loch Lochy Mid-Summer Evening
Atlantic Ocean meets Cliffs of Moher Flooded Fields Military Bridge - Shannon River in Flood Mutton Island Wintery Sunset
Atlantic Waves Black & White Mutton Island 2 Mist Shrouded Cliffs Torc Waterfall 3
Sunset Manoeuvres Restless Ocean Granny Bridge Millenium Bridge 2 Ballydonegan Bay
Don't pay the Ferryman I'm late, I'm late! P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship Cliffs of Moher
Last Rays Creegh River meets the Sea Autumn Evening Atlantic Storm Storm Christine in Action
Stormy Seas Walkies Coconut Grove Cliff-Top View Limestone Coast
Lake of Learning Shining Through Atlantic Storm Exploring Okavango by Makoro Autumn Storm
Dreamtime Okavango Sunset Strokkur Geyser Atlantic Coast Clew Bay
Crab Island in Ocean Swell Riverfest 2012 Torc Waterfall Sunshine Waterfall Kayaking on the Shannon
Bottoms Up 20:14 New Year Celebrations Pike Fishing 2 Bartolome Sunset Plumbing the Depths
Fastnet Rock Blue Hour Midnight Sunset - Greenland Sea Atlantic Coast All Washed Up
Blasket Islands Fishing Expedition Frosty Morning Fog Contre-Jour Humpback - Fluke
Oystercatcher Sunset High-Tide Coaching Pochard Flock under Threat Storm Bridget Three Boats
Blue Hour After the Flood Burren Reflections Doughmore Beach Summer Evening
Flooded Carpark Military Bridge - River Shannon in Flood Pyrotechnics Blennerville Windmill 2 Jesus Bird
Blasket Islands Sunset Old Harry Rocks Atlantic Waves Clew Bay Spring Tides
Shannon Sunset Clew Bay Sunset Loch Eriboll Desmond Castle Atlantic Coast
No stopping her now! Atlantic Wave Atlantic Storm Little Samphire Lighthouse Blasket Sunset
Lone Surfer Wall of Water 2 Ballydonegan Bay Linyanti Sunset Emerald Sea
Northerly Rain Showers Lagoon Opening Ceremony Lough Derg Atlantic Waves Cooperation?
Homeward Bound Doolin Harbour Fishing Boats at Anchor King John's Castle Fun & Games
Dreamtime 2 Storm Imogen meets Liscannor Harbour Limerick Riverfest 2012 Happy New Year - Last PAD photo of 2015 Sea-Stack
Flooded Fields Trim Castle Cliff-edge Grazing Struggle: Clouds vs. Sun Bunratty Castle
She's gonna blow! Winter Sky Golden Falls Dettifoss Peaceful Atlantic
Kayak Surfer Riverfest Fireworks Winter Fogscape Okavango Waterway Crossing Shannon Sunset
Thomondgate Swans Feeding Atlantic Coast Uphill Battle Power of the Sea
Reed Reflections Flooded Riverbank Burren Bush Facing the Wave Ripples
Cliffside Walk Giant's Causeway Okavango Elephants Summer Finery Falling Tide
Fishing Village Galway Bay Sea Stack 2 Falling Tide Avenging Angel
Crab Island Sunset Seafront Dettifoss Blue Lagoon Three Boats
Blue Reflections Deer Headland Beach Misty Landscape Cliff-face Cormorant Atlantic Coast –  Setting Sun
Storm Christine Doughmore Beach A Road Runs Through it Winter Sunset Blasket Islands
Red Sky at Night Wall of Water River Dance Atlantic Coast Foggy Dawn
Bucolic Gold Wild Atlantic - Winter Sunset Sleeping Giant Sunset Reflections Atlantic Storm
Sand-Grouse (Burchell's) Winter Sunset High Tide Reflections Brenu Beach Atlantic Waves
Durdle Door Flooded Fields Atlantic Storm Summer Time Three Boat Sunset
Aran Islands Sunset Gullfoss –  Golden Falls Sleeping Giant Power of the Sea Shelter from the Storm
Cliff Face Wave Elmina Bay Tide's Out Flooded Fields Submerged Tree
Primary Colours Atlantic Waves at Dusk Trim Skyline Power of the Sea 4 Sea-Foam Blizzard
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge Dangerous Passage 2 Winter Sunset St. Michael's Mount Mutton Island Sunset 2
Submerged Rock Atlantic Waves at Dusk Atlantic Sunset Waves Mid-Summer Sunset Midsummer Sunset
Atlantic Waves at Dusk Wild Atlantic Waves Abandoned Tin Mines Winter Sunset Back-Off ... Protective Mother
Autumnal Clare River Minding the Net Pont Jacques Gabriel Atlantic Coast The End of the Day
Sunset Surf Fishermen Returning Riverfest Fireworks Green Atlantic Wave Good day at the Market
Reflections New Year's Eve Celebration Winter Sunset Jameo Grande Isafjordur Midday
Winter Solstice Sunset Riverfest 2014 Hazy Sunset Riddle of the Sands? Trim Castle
Washing Stream Flow Patterns Sunset Frolics Galway Bay Winter Day Eider Ducks –  Midnight Sunset
Nairn Marina Storm Imogen hits Liscannor Harbour New Year's Eve Sunset Greenland Sea - Midnight Sunset Brenu Sunset
Fishermen Return 2 Midnight Sunlight Atlantic Waves at Dusk Casting the First Net Spring Evening - Black Bridge
Foggy Dawn Doonbeg Sunset Surfer Swans Galore Sunset Surfer Rugged Rocky Coastline
Ballintoy Harbour Thirsty Work Jurassic Coast - Sunset Winter Sunset Reentrisk Dawn
Close of Day Crab Island at Dusk Un-named Waterfall - Route 939 Fly Fishing - Summer Evening  Swamp Beaver (Ondatra zibethicus)
Isafjordur Crab Island Sunset La Santa Waves Spanish Point Sunset Un-named Waterfall - Route 939 – Summer Only
Sunset Dolphin Male fern (Dryopteris filix-mas) Elmina Bay Aileen’s Wave 2 Emerald Sea - Fisherman
Blue Boats Last Light – Eyjafjordur Katwe Crater - Salt Lake Uphill Battle 2 Château Amboise
Atlantic Wave at Dusk Reflections Power of the Sea Pigeons in the Park Mist Shrouded Cliffs
Elmina Bay Sunset Winter Sunset Sunset Surfer Full Throttle! Knockalough Lake Sunset
Kayak Reflections Eider Duck Escape The Power of the Sea Winter Dusk Kayak Surfer
Sunset Takeoff Elmina Coast Water Works Autumn Sunrise Afashe Boat Race
Sunset Surfing Wild Atlantic Coast Lover Birds at Dusk Uig Pier at Dusk Foynes 75 Year Celebration
Winter Sunset on Mudflats Crab Island Sunset Shoreside Reflections Atlantic Waves Cliffs of Moher
Idaho Sunset Receding Tide Whirlpool Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Launching though the Waves
Amboise Bridge at Dusk Makoro Tour Storm Imogen hits Doolin Pier Volcanic Coastline Midsummer Foggy Sunrise
Cliffside Stroll Cygnus cygnus - Whooper Swan + Three Cygnets Falling Water Storm Frank Islands in the Stream
Crab Island Sunset Atlantic Winter Sunset Storm Imogen hits Doolin Pier Foggy Crested Grebes (Podiceps cristatus)  Aira Force Waterfall
Doughmore Sunset Foynes 75 Year Celebration Red Sky at Night Popcorn Clouds Reflections
Island Park Reservoir Chariots of Fire Charles Bridge Golden Hour Winter Sunset
Atlantic Coast Atlantic Waves at Dusk Power of the Sea La Graciosa Island at Dusk Cloud Blanket
Dancing Water Tip-Toe through the Surf Contre Jour Charles Bridge 2 Tropical Sunset
Dingle Dawn Crab Island Sunset Atlantic Coast Strokkur Geyser Atlantic Waves
Hanging out at the water's edge Power of the Sea Water Colour 2 Clifftop Stroll Atlantic Storm Approaching Crab Island
Dawn Misty Morning Zebu Herders - Having fun Crab Island Sunset Summer Evening by the Sea
Blue Icebergs Atlantic Waves Winter Sunset Young Elephants Bathing Crummock Water - Evening Light
Turbulence Last Sunset of the Year Uig Pier at Midnight Stormy Sea Blackhead Sunset
Atlantic Wave Rocky Coast Fun at the Beach White Horses Charles Bridge 4
Floating Golden Rocks Kite-Surfer Seagull Pileup Fun at the Beach Sea Stack
Kayak Surfer Mudflat Sunset Clare River Follow the Leader Atlantic Coast Sunset
Peaceful Clare River  Los Hervideros Midnight Sunset Evening Sky GEMMA WESTON
Power of the Sea 1 Launching though the Waves 2 Homeward Bound 2 Mount Brandon Dawn Village Effort!
First Net Cast Atlantic Waves at Dusk Homeward Bound Cliff-top Horses Weak Winter Sun
Volcanic Coastline Dawn Cleanup Crew Ross Castle at Dawn Cliff-face Cormorant Flying Dolphin
Fishermen Reed Cormorant - Takeoff Green Wave Sleeping Giant - Inishtooskert Burren Reflections
Cliff-edge Flyby Atlantic Coast at Sunset Winter Sunset Blankets Sunset Angling Cots at Rest
Mount Brandon Dawn Great Blasket Island Caleta de Sebo, Isla Graciosa Power of the Sea Cliff Edge Sunset
Carrick-a-rede Black Rock The Eye of the Bridge Last Light Charles Bridge 3
Charles Bridge 5 Green Atlantic Waves Whale-watching Wave Runner Breaking Through
Beach Fishing Crab Island Sunset Rocky Shore Cliffs of Moher at Dusk Place of Big Noises
Sunlit Waves Late Evening Kayak Galway Bay Sunset Crater Lake Atlantic Waves
Volcanic Cavern Atlantic Coast Gleoiteogs  - Galway Hookers Blasket Island Sunset Grey Heron Landing
Play Fight Flying Jetski Spanish Point Sunset 2 Autumn Dawn Mother & Baby
Sea Stack Sunset Low Tide Winter Sunset Kazinga Channel Dawn Submerged Fenit Sunset
Geese at Dawn Little Samphire with Caherconree Atlantic Coast Esthwaite Water at Dawn Autumnal Clare River
Camargue Sunset Waiting for Waves Bird Flock - Winter Sunset Misty Cliffs Crab Island Sunset
White Horses Approaching Storm Skerries Harbour Sunset Elmina Bay at Dusk Tralee Bay Sunrise
Foggy Golden Dawn Blue Hour Clare River in Flood O'Brien's Tower Lough Derg Sunset
Wild Atlantic Waves River Dance Cueva de los Verdes Atlantic Wave at Dusk Odd Numbers
Wave Conductor Leaping Dolphin Mount Brandon Dawn Mutton Island Sunset Challenging Light
Capsized Roaring Water Bay Stormy Seas Horizon on Fire Atlantic Surfer 4
Viking Sunset Winter Solstice Sunset May Day Fireworks Seven Seagulls Charles Bridge 6
Rugged Clare Coastline The North wind doth blow Atlantic Wave Low Tide Cliffside Walk
Atlantic Coast Crab Island Sunset Mr. Tse Play Time Black Bridge Sunset - After the Flood
Barrow Dawn Golden Hour Autumn Leaves Atlantic Sunset Reed Reflections
Winter Sunset Busy Beach Fenit Sunset Wild Atlantic Coast Wild Atlantic - Winter Weather
Young Wrinkly Shannon River Sunset Mountainous Sea Dingle Sunset Shannon River in Flood
Kwasi Mark Senior Sunset Fisherman Storm Doris meets Cliffs of Moher Martello Tower Cliffs under Siege
Sea meets Land Brenu Beach - Harmattan Sunset Meditation Rugged Clare Coastline Foggy Dawn
Foggy Dawn Reflections Storm Ewan hits Cork Red Sky at Night Kintampo Waterfall
Winter Sun Rocks in the Stream SEAREY EI-SEA Atlantic Coast Autumn Leaves
Clare River in Flood Sunset Reflections Autumnal Clare River White Horses Multicolour Autumn Evening
Windermere Dawn Stormy Coast Calm before the Flood Waterfall Atlantic Coast
Snoqualmie Falls Brenu Beach Sunset Proud Parents Skinny Zebu Herd Brenu Sunset
Salmon Fishing Atlantic Ocean meets the Cliffs of Moher Abandoned House Autumn Sunset Newby Bridge
Water Colour May Day Fireworks Ullswater Mutton Island Signal Tower Sunset Atlantic Ocean meets the Cliffs of Moher
Martello Tower Sunset Blue Hour Eye of the Bridge 2 Crab Island Sunset Fly-by
Ocean Spray Golden Waves Cormorant Motel Lough Derg Sunset Atlantic Ocean meets the Cliffs of Moher
Seven Sanderling slowly strolling south Crab Island Sunset Cliffside Nesting Early Morning Light Misty Cliffs of Moher
Fastnet Rock Atlantic Surfer Foggy Dawn Shannon River Sunset Canaries Sunset
Play Time Storm Brian meets the Clare Coast Cliffs of Moher Cliff-face Cormorant Into the Void
Black Bridge - Golden Hour Watchful Eye Ready to Launch Sunset over the Black Bridge Seaside Photo Party
Surfers Paradise Evening Dip Wild Atlantic Waves Atlantic Surfer 3 Last day of Summer
· · · – – – · · · Save Our Ship or Save Our Souls or Send Out Sausages Winter Dawn Amsterdam Dawn Crab Island Sunset Winter Sunset
Sea-Stack Fergus Estuary Sunset That's what sea-walls are for! Fisherman at Dusk The Quirang
Alex and Nolly Bucolic Scene Rocks in the Stream Wild Atlantic Sunset Frosty Morning
Sunset Afterglow Autumn Colours Atlantic Sunset Crab Island Sunset Atlantic Ocean meets the Cliffs of Moher
Riverfest 2017 Copper Coast Equinox Sunset Brazilian Tapir (Tapirus terrestris) Gurteen Beach / Dog's Bay
Pacific Sea Stacks Rock Fishing Alex Wild Atlantic Waves Bere Island - Winter Sunset
Volcanic Coastline Sunset Trump Castle Outer Hebrides Sunset Ballydonegan Bay 2 Elmina Bay Sunset
Winter Evening Connemara Railway (1895-1935) Winter Sunset Wave Skimming Cormorant _8504084_www .jpg
Ballydonegan Bay Cement Works Sunset Wild Atlantic Storm Doughmore Beach Riverfest Fireworks
Golden Hour Winter Solstice Sunset Wild Atlantic Sunset Storm Brian meets the Clare Coast Wild Atlantic Waves
Cliff-face Action Summer Floods Wild Atlantic Coast High Jinks at Dusk Wild Atlantic Waves
Bull Rock Sunset Rock Fishing Blue Hour Reflections Dursey Island Dawn Departure
Crab Island Sunset Tannin Bath Time Loch Level Sunset Iguaçu Falls
Sunset Javelin Practice Wild Atlantic Coast Harmattan Sunset Foggy Steamy Morning Cliff-side Fly-by
Misty Cliffs at Sunset High Jinx - Bottlenose Dolphins Cliffs at Sunset Wild Atlantic Walkers Winter Surfer
Wild Atlantic Coast Dingle Sunset New Year's Day - First Sunset of 2018 Wild Atlantic Coast Winter Blues
Mudflat Migrations Lamar Foggy Morning Sea Stack Sunset Crystal-Lake Panorama Doonbeg Sunset
Wild Atlantic Crab Island Sunset Wild Atlantic Cliffs Rainy Season - Cloudy Evening Wild Atlantic Coast
Wild Atlantic Waves Wild Atlantic Coast Iguazu Falls Sunset Surfer Elmina Bay Sunset
Cocoi heron (Ardea cocoi) Beach-side Washing Atlantic Wave Dochart Falls Clare Glens
Black Ball Point - after the snow Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Ipanema Sunset Wild Atlantic Seastack Sunset
Wild Atlantic meets Cliffs of Moher African Dawn Fisherman's Return Islands and Clouds Winter Sunset
Mudflat Sunset Old Man of Storr and Loch Fada Harbour Entrance Stormy Atlantic Sky Pack Attack - on a Steller Sea Lion
Crab Island Sunset Whatcom Falls Iguaçu Falls Midsummer Dawn Elmina Bay - Harmattan Sunset
Swan Sunset Elmina Bay - Harmattan Sunset Wild Atlantic Wave Black Castle Seven Gulls a Gliding - Happy New Year
Seilebost beach River Shannon Sunset Hebrides Sunset Play Time Rialto Beach
Light & Water Atlantic Waves Mute swan (Cygnus olor) ... Take-off Harmattan Haze - Sunset High Tide Sunset
Foggy Autumn Morning Orca Breaching Washed-up Tree Stump Solitary Fisherman Abandoned Homestead
Wild Atlantic Coast Kenmare Bay and Little Skellig Winter Sunset 2 Winter Sunset - Ballydonegan Bay Winter Landscape
Atlantic Swell Crab Island Sunset Salmon Fishing Summer Fun Wild Boar Swimming
Doolin Sunset Sea Stack Ballydonegan Bay Sunset Sunset Reflections - River Shannon Wild Atlantic Sunset
Beaver Falls Burren Reflections Wild Atlantic Waves Fairy Glen Gorge Wild Atlantic Sunset
Sunset Reflections Foggy Morning The Burren meets the Wild Atlantic Dawn Reflections Mediterranean Fishing
Red Sky over Cliffs of Moher Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) Doughmore Beach Wild Atlantic Wave at Dusk Crab Island Sunset
Midsummer Dawn - River Shannon Wild Atlantic Sunset Cormorant Dawn Takeoff Rock Formation Autumn Leaf
Stormy Sky Sunset over Galway Bay Birling Gap - Winter Sunset Springtime in the Danube Delta Limerick Flag Boat
River Shannon Reflections Beachy Head Lighthouse at Dawn Sunset over Aran Islands Clare River in Flood Trotternish Peninsula - with Loch Fada
Sunset Reflections - River Shannon Autumn Colours Blue Hour Hastings Pier - Winter Sunset Atlantic Coast Sunset
Clare River in Flood Female Orca Blasket Islands Sunset Dunboy Dawn Grey-necked Wood Rail or Grey-cowled Wood Rail (Aramides cajaneus)
Three Foggy Swans Contrails at Dawn Wild Atlantic Sunset Wild Atlantic Wave Cwmorthin Waterfall
Sunset over Galway Bay Plassey Sunset Wild Atlantic Sunset Doolin Sunset CalMac Car-Ferry - Hallaig
Clare Glens Kenmare Bay Sunset Winter Sunset - Black Bridge Blue Hour Reflections Winter Evening - River Shannon
Winter Sunset Reflections -  River Drunminboy Loch Fyne HAPPY NEW YEAR - Bunratty Castle at Night Winter Sunset - River Shannon Autumn Colours
Rhuddlan Castle Fairy Glen Gorge W Barcelona - Blue Hour Autumn Sunset Wild Atlantic Sunset
Roman Pack-Horse Bridge Wild Atlantic meets Cliffs of Moher at Dusk Winter Evening - River Shannon Sarsfield Bridge - Winter Evening Swallow Falls
Winter Sunset - River Shannon Reflections at Dusk Winter Evening - Ballydonegan Bay Casting Practice - Autumn Evening Winter Sunrise
Galway Bay Sunset Blue Boat Marooned Winter Sunset - Crab Island Winter Evening - Dollymount Strand Autumn Reflections
Winter Sunset Reflections Winter Evening - River Shannon Golden Roman Dawn Wild Atlantic Sunset Dipper at work
White-throated dipper (Cinclus cinclus) at Dawn Sunset Reflections Cliffs of Moher - Winter Sunset Galway Bay Sunset Sunset at the Waterfront
Shannon Bridge at Night Winter Evening - River Shannon River Shannon Sunset Winter Sunset - River Shannon Plassey Sunset
Galway Bay Sunset Autumn Reflections Three Rocks Foggy Autumn Morning Winter Sunset Reflections -  River Drunminboy
Peña Vieja - Playa del Camello White Dragon - Swallow Falls Winter Evening Reflections Willow Leaf-out Black Bridge - April Sunset
Limerick Skyline Christmas Eve Sunset Winter Evening - Limerick City Same Swan, Different Sunset Black Bridge - almost submerged
Black Bridge - Sunset Black Bridge - Winter Sunset Winter Sunset - River Shannon Winter Sunset - River Shannon Crab Island Sunset
Darkness into Light Winter Sunset - River Shannon City Skyline Sunset Washboard sky – not three days dry! Fishermen Returning
Blue-Hour ... Shannon River Sunset Rowing Crew Training at High Tide Paddleboarder Sunset Pink Clouds at Night Blue Boat Sunset
Fan-shaped Wave Red Sky at Night Sunset over Dursey Island Sunset Kayakers Hebrides Sunset
Dún an Óir at Dusk Elmina Bay Sunset Shannon River Sunset Shannon River Sunset Sunset Reflections - River Shannon
Golden Hour - Western Sky Red Sky at Night Washboard sky – not three days dry! Shannon River Sunset Summer Solstice Sunset
Black heron (Egretta ardesiaca) Rock Fishing Threatening Sky Wild Atlantic meets Cliffs of Moher Wild Atlantic meets Cliffs of Moher
Fishermen at Dawn Wild Atlantic meets Cliffs of Moher Knockalough Sunset Mute swan ... one of the Children of Lir? Wild Atlantic Sunset
Wild Atlantic Wave  Wild Atlantic Waves at Dusk Old Man of Storr and Loch Fada (Long Lake) Galway Bay Sunset Mallard Ducks at Dusk
Galway Bay Sunset Midsummer Sunset Neist Point Lighthouse Wild Atlantic Sunset  Summer Evening Sky
Sunset Wave Rider Wild Atlantic Winter Storm Black Bridge - Almost Submerged Wild Atlantic Wave Paddle-boarders at Sunset
Black Bridge - Equinox Sunset Cloud Formation at Dusk over Scariff Island Mackerel sky Bull Rock Sunset Sunset over Skellig Beag