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Recently Updated Galleries
Recently Updated Galleries are galleries that have had new images added to them.
You must be a paying customer, and your gallery must contain at least four images for it to appear on the pages. The list is updated about every 15 minutes.
There are two viewing options on the page - list mode and thumbnails mode. You can choose whichever viewing option you like. View a list of gallery names and owners or see thumbnails for all of the galleries.

In order for your gallery to show up on the updated gallery list, your gallery must contain recently added/ new images. If you reformatted or edited existing images in your gallery, your gallery will not show up on the list. You must also be a paying customer. If your gallery is already in the list from an upload in the past 2 hours, it will not be moved to the top of the list. If you have been abusing the recent gallery pages by bumping your galleries without truly adding new content, we may completely... (more)

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