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Camera Database
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The Camera Database contains an extensive list of cameras used by PBase members. The database also contains photographs of the cameras and lenses and photos taken with the equipment.
You can click on a particular camera or lense to see more detailed information and sample photos taken with that piece of equipment.
This allows you to see the different quality of photos achieved by using different cameras and lenses.

The information in the camera database is updated frequently.
If you use a camera or lense that is not currently in the database, you can request that it be added.
Just send an email to

Edit an individual image.
Click on the "click here to reload this page with full camera and lense list" link.
Select the camera and or lense used to take this photo from the dropdown menu.
Click the "Update Image" button.
Now when editing a gallery or image, this camera will appear in your "yours" list.

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