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Favorite Artists Page
The favorite artists page offers an easy way to see the most recent images from the members of your usergroups.

When you view your own favorite artists page, you can access all of your usergroups, published or not.
Others can visit your favorite artists page to see images from the members of usergroups that you have published.
Your unpublished usergroups are only accessible by you.
You can easily change whether a group is published or unpublished using the link at the top right of the list of members.

Members are listed according to when their most recent images were uploaded, showing the most recent first.
So, you can easily visit the favorite artists page to check for new uploads.

You can click on a member's name to view his/her favorite artists page.

You can also view the members' profile portraits by clicking the "view portrait photos" link near the top of the page.
When you are viewing portrait photos, members are listed in alphabetical order.

You can also edit usergroups on the favorite artists page.
- Remove artists from your own groups.
- Copy / Move artists from one group to another, even from someone else's usergroup to one of your own.

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