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My Life in 2022

My life in 2022 in a picture a day.
Some pictures are of very mundane things, some are of more interesting events but each one is a memory.
Older pictures are in the Photo Diary gallery.
Babes in the Wood Goisagi Itsukushima Shrine Tsurugajo
Tohoku Shinkansen Yakitori Christmas Roost (not Roast) Bird Photography
Colours The Smallest Bar Woodland Reflection Last of the Leaves
Local Temple Celebration Rural Fuji Industrial Fuji Evening
Boardwalk Mika and Dinosaur On Time Just a Harf Pint
Winter Swans Homeworking View Lunch Oden
Alley Just A Leaf Spade Colourful Character
December Light Inokashira Benzaiten Temple Old and New Tokyo Skyline Lantern
Bar Ginkgo Inari Yodobashi
Olympus 50mm from 50mm Closed Fisherman Benzaiten Temple
Ramen Ramen Restaurant In Bloom Kosagi
Dog Walking Time Temple Structure Buddha Statue and Flowers Under the Overpass
Swan Love Many Mouths Torii Gate and Lantern Tiny Shrine
Camellia Duck Sleeping Autumn Jizo
Golden Pool Mont Bell Passing Train Golden Selfie
Another One Bites the Dust British Embassy Spider's Lunchtime Body Scale
Evening Twilight Pretty in Pink Lattice
Takaoyama Yakuouin Yukiji Temple Prayers Mount Fuji from Takao Jizo
Autumn Swan Sunlit Gessōji Temple Power to the People
Supermarket Inokashira Benzaiten Supported For Cowboys and Cowgirls
Incense Burner at the Temple Tokyo Tower Through the Window Ice Coffee
Autumn Spider Sake Label Connections River Torrens and the Adelaide Oval
Central Market Semaphore Jetty Convention Centre Torrens River and City
Federal Hall Glenelg Tram Station Central Market
Adelaide CBD Travel Reflections Across the Bridge in the Rain Typhoon and Heavy Rain
Endless and Pointless ? Curtains Just a Walk in the Park Fierce
Kimono Nanzen-ji Kiyomizudera Ginkaku-ji
Izakaya Jizo Statue Lady with Parasol Japanese Kingfisher
Matsuri Lens Cleaning Time Japanese Horse Chestnut Let's All Go
New and Shiny Greater Death's Head Hawkmoth Caterpillar Cold Soba with Goma Dipping Sauce Splashing Time
Cool Woodland Overpass Moat House Restaurant
Musical New Start Bridges Through the Driver's Window
Character Flower Sign Vending Machines Hanako
Fern Ant Whoosh Just Sunlight
Dried Old Train Mika, Explorer Book Shop
Evening at the Temple 2 Evening at the Temple On Track Tradition
Mossy Tokyo Station Lakeside Damaged Beauty
Looking In Cicada Husk Offering Sun and Shade
Oshizushi Kawasaki Daishi Donki Salmon and Tuna
Bracket Fungi M&M Kakigori Through the Trees
Happy Stick'em Up Yen Artist in the Rain
Smoking Allowed No Inspiration Tokyo Skyline Fishing Boats
Ema Lonely Bench Temizuya Hoozuki
You Are Here  Bird Photography Queue to Pray Rock Music
Bus Ride Lotus Late Commuter Train Evening
Mika Gardener Splash Temple Roof
Sake Temizuya Reflections Green and Blue
Cold Soba Weeding Nature's Geometry Temizuya
Cobbles Louis Vuitton Canoe Club Taiwanese
Incense Intersect Rain = Green Seated
Hydrangea Ice cream and Wine Indulgence Rock Shrine
Oshizushi Hydrangea Hotel Bullet Trains
Dance Practice in the Park Mermaid Start of the Rainy Season? Evening Sky
Sakuradamon Old Sento Mentaiko Wood Block Print
Graffiti Overflow Station Reconstruction Tsukiji
Himono Floating Petals 線香 Benzaiten
Enjoying the Sun Pond Benzaiten Keio Line
Greenery Between the Showers Ishidoro Benzaiten in the Rain
Torii and Ch§chin Overhead Gessōji Temple through the Trees
Bananas Borrowed Garden Shinjuku Floral
Menu Floating Miko Benzaiten Shrine
Udon Evening on the Bridge Crossing Lanterns
Benzaiten Temple Film Koinobori Simple
Sunny and Warm Tokyo Railway Station Turning Green Silent
Temple through the Trees Ekiben Warning Steps Fire Hydrant
Drizzle Open Doors Hanako Flags
Ginza Line Lunch Spot Evening Red Lights
Fresh Leaves More Swaning Around Washed Away In the Rain
Stained Glass Railway Reflections Taking Aibo for a Walk Cherry Blossom Viewing
Sakura Fish for Sale Snakes Alive Movement
Vending Machine Izakaya Too Expensive Road, Map
Hoya Closed Waiting In the Rain
Watching Temple and Plum Blossom Temple Roof Always Building
Park Performer Lunchtime Branches and Lanterns Crossing
Japanese Revenue Stamp Sakura Yellow Ukiyo-e
Washing Money New Roof Model Boat Hamamelis
Chopped Mount Fuji Skyline Green Arrow Fruity Socks
Sun Mall Crossing, Again Antique Shop Feeling Drained
Spring is Springing Happy Party Train Fishing Boats Mount Fuji
Lunch Tokyo Station Tatami Pen Holder
Rose Foxes for Luck Jizo Snow over the Lake
Door Knocker Up and Out Inedible Omikuji
Touch Wood Hishaku Setsubun Hamamelis
Sento Cafe Textures Treeline Do you have any money?
Ginza Line Metro Station Shibuya Station Apartments and Wires Sky View
Crossing, Again Little Buddha Keyboard Sushi Lunch
Meguro River Hachimangu Shrine Modern Traditional Just Coffee
Oshiroko Wires Chuo Line Temizu
Just a Tree In the Rain Coming of Age Tiles
Welcome Snowing Snow Bus Ride
Tanchou Adventurer Fishing Obihiro Shrine