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Azlin Ahmad | profile | all galleries >> Places >> Abu Dhabi Fish Market tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

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Abu Dhabi Fish Market

Arrived at the Abu Dhabi fish market a bit after dawn, and the fishermen were just back from sea with their daily catch. These were then sold to the whole traders and brought to the wholesale fish market. A colorful, lovely (and stinky) experience! It was hard to believe that we were so close to the city centre - the place was like a step back in time.
I usually use my Canon 5D Mark II, but it turns out that my Leica works brilliantly for these kind of shots.
I don't usually post more than a few photos in a gallery, but I took a different approach for this one in order to share the vibrant hustle and bustle of this place with you. There are more photos to come, please stay tuned.
g9/27/604827/3/153174357.8DgPsw5p.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153174076.5FOG6Hjx.jpg Fishmonger, Abu Dhabi fish market g9/27/604827/3/153186020.MDHf1tEJ.jpg Abu Dhabi skyline
Iced! Fishing baskets g9/27/604827/3/153174362.BgLvtRvl.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173813.62sVKOic.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173823.EnPOBpEr.jpg
g9/27/604827/3/153173820.tvC6Q2Y0.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173924.h3BI3BXd.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173821.g1JgxZA8.jpg Group photo g9/27/604827/3/153173920.ecXIMxCh.jpg
Abi Dhabi in the background Lone coke can Bargaining! g9/27/604827/3/153186190.SQtVfdHs.jpg Wholesellers
g9/27/604827/3/153173878.pNcMuawY.jpg The flame g9/27/604827/3/153174073.elHSCXu9.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173880.MoU9y413.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173881.AvuTe7Yl.jpg
g9/27/604827/3/153173875.S74wkx20.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153186428.hBhUEATP.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153174359.4eotHLpW.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173922.V6SzOyK8.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153174358.glycz10n.jpg
g9/27/604827/3/153173817.ajzlMnuS.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153186166.vL4JeCE7.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173926.CqM8z2FO.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173927.TIAIgW2H.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173879.gRvbegqh.jpg
Fishing boats g9/27/604827/3/153174077.iURipZfK.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153174078.IScsjLxz.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153174079.SE8iSk6Y.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153174354.oeSuv4oD.jpg
Cleaning station Freshness g9/27/604827/3/153173923.aedYAGTU.jpg Fishing boats g9/27/604827/3/153186019.Buz3EioT.jpg
g9/27/604827/3/153186160.d1UN7Uq4.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153186163.NEpnJHTb.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153179046.KSuGJCMR.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173925.i04SzVnB.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153174360.ph2Lw5eP.jpg
g9/27/604827/3/153186198.Z8rqO1rM.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153186239.Xqos82h8.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153186253.BXrhcKct.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153186259.pGcOE7ng.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173921.tv7cszqc.jpg
g9/27/604827/3/153187219.aDiFofDw.jpg g9/27/604827/3/153173819.rH2TjPVE.jpg To the market g9/27/604827/3/153173877.MfGhcxBC.jpg fresh enough?
Meet the fish cleaners Fishing boats Loading up Fish cleaner g9/27/604827/3/153174356.wurC35QX.jpg