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wewelsburg: nature

All pics are made on various weekends in spring, when I visited my mother at the place where she was born. A place where also a lot of aunts and uncles of mine are still living, and a place like paradise in my childhood, whenever I came to visit my grandparents.

Spring is the right time for a visit, when nature starts to explode (though all other seasons are beautiful too here). Everything is green and the flowers are coming out everywhere. So I couldnīt stand to make these shots, though most of them could have been made anywhere. But they belong to this beautiful place.
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g1/82/591082/3/103020104.E8W1fXMG.jpg g3/82/591082/3/102764432.aUlkbBbH.jpg g3/82/591082/3/102659117.myN6RMuu.jpg g3/82/591082/3/102602144.GjyWSovC.jpg
g3/82/591082/3/102571176.UEMj9hIt.jpg g3/82/591082/3/102571170.bZYBeX0q.jpg g3/82/591082/3/102507980.Rhy9Od4i.jpg g6/82/591082/3/77446724.QmHLxTPf.jpg
g6/82/591082/3/77446693.tAiJUXbb.jpg g6/82/591082/3/77412406.VEsJz1Uf.jpg g6/82/591082/3/77363108.LVzl3RAU.jpg g6/82/591082/3/77363101.bK8Ja4ac.jpg
g6/82/591082/3/77363095.qg2Oxw9L.jpg g4/82/591082/3/59913371.07050676k.jpg g4/82/591082/3/59913369.0705069921k.jpg g4/82/591082/3/59913365.07050645k.jpg
g4/82/591082/3/59913324.07050619k.jpg g4/82/591082/3/59911331.07050692k.jpg g4/82/591082/3/59911304.07050658k.jpg g4/82/591082/3/59911277.0705069925k.jpg
g4/82/591082/3/59911205.07050644k.jpg g4/82/591082/3/59911023.07050642k.jpg g4/82/591082/3/59910994.07050654k.jpg g4/82/591082/3/59910989.07050643k.jpg
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