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wewelsburg: the creek

All pics are made on various weekends, when I visited my mother at the place where she was born. A place where also a lot of aunts and uncles of mine are still living, and a place like paradise in my childhood, whenever I came to visit my grandparents.

The village of Wewelsburg and the castle are on top of a hill. Below the castle there is the valley of a little creek, the Alme. The valley and the creek are another favourite place from my childhood. My grandfather had a big garden beside the creek. He used to take me with him, to help him there and to go fishing.

I would like to dedicate this gallery to Adrian and Buz, two wonderful artists on pbase. Without the great reflection shots of Ade, which he makes at the canal where he used to walk, and without the wonderful floating water pics of Buz, Iīm sure I would not have made these shots. I simply would not have seen what I have seen now.

So if you havenīt already been there, please visit their wonderful galleries:

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