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wewelsburg: castle

All pics are made on various weekends, when I visited my mother at the place where she was born. A place where also a lot of aunts and uncles of mine are still living, and a place like paradise in my childhood, whenever I came to visit my grandparents.

The castle of Wewelsburg is famous because of itīs architecture and itīs history. It was first mentioned as a castle in 1123. The castle, the way it looks today, was built at the beginning of the 17th century. Itīs the only castle in Middle Europe built like a triangle with three towers.
From 1934 until 1945 the Nazis had occupied the castle and had plans to make it a monumental center of a new world after the final victory.
Today there is one of the biggest youth hostels of Germany within the castle. There is also a museum, where you can see some rooms the Nazis used and the plans they had. The atmosphere of the rooms and the occultism of the plans are still frightening.
I still canīt imagine, that in those childhood days back in the fifties, when I used to play in the peaceful castle garden, it was only a few years ago, that this nightmare had come to an end.
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