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monique jansen | profile | all galleries >> World Travel Photography >> Laos and Cambodia - 2010, a travelogue in pictures tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

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Laos and Cambodia - 2010, a travelogue in pictures

6 weeks crisscrossing Laos and Cambodia
That Dam Presidential Palace Golden Buddha.jpg Monk Wat Si Saket.jpg Buddha Statues in Haw Pha Kaeo.jpg
Buddha face 2.jpg Row of Buddhas in Haw Pha Kaeo.jpg Buddha Face.jpg Buddha Statues in Haw Pha Kaeo 1.jpg Row of Buddhas in Haw Pha Kaeo1.jpg
Buddha face 1.jpg Buddha face 3.jpg Tintin in Vientiane.jpg Paint job.jpg Balancing act.jpg
Morning market Vientiane.jpg Market lady.jpg Packing the wares.jpg Fish seller.jpg Cleaning fish.jpg
Meat stalls Vientiane market.jpg Vegetable stall Vientiane.jpg Boy at Vientiane market.jpg Giant Buddha Vientiane.jpg Goldleaf Buddha.jpg
Pha That Luang.jpg Speaking with monk.jpg Woodwork.jpg Corn.jpg Market lady in Talaat.jpg
Wat Manorom LP.jpg Bas-relief.jpg Monk at Wat Manorom.jpg Modern novice.jpg Lessons.jpg
Ready for class.jpg Novice Wat Manorom.jpg Elderly monk.jpg Waiting.jpg Preparing his meal.jpg
Buddha art.jpg Monk on bridge LP.jpg Inside Royal Palace LP.jpg Inside Wat Ho Pha Bang Luang Prabang.jpg Novices studying and talking LP.jpg
Inside a temple LP.jpg Monks with umbrellas LP.jpg Sunset LP 1.jpg Rays hitting the rock.jpg Novices with cell phones.jpg
Golden figure.jpg Mural Wat Xieng Thong.jpg Inlaid figurines Wat Xieng Thong LP.jpg Elephant.jpg Wat Xieng Thong in Luang Prabang.jpg
Lost within colors.jpg Buddhas.jpg Buddha hand.jpg Goldleaf buddha LP.jpg Reclining Buddha Wat Xieng Thong.jpg
Detail Luang Prabang.jpg Workshop LP.jpg Old lady at work.jpg Learning the ancient arts.jpg Classroom in Luang Prabang.jpg
Novice LP.jpg Puppets LP.jpg Town market LP.jpg Kitten in temple LP.jpg Umbrellas night market LP.jpg
Golden in LP.jpg Curious piggies.jpg Tribal woman in Muang Sing.jpg Balloons.jpg Girl in Muang Sing.jpg
Temple in Muang Sing.jpg A woman and her dog.jpg Beerlao.jpg Chickens in fog Muang Sing.jpg Tribal women on route to work.jpg
Husband and wife Muang Sing.jpg Two novices in Muang Sing.jpg Big basket.jpg Piggies.jpg Making noodles near Muang Singh 1.jpg
Making noodles near Muang Singh.jpg Making noodles near Muang Singh 2.jpg Making noodles near Muang Singh 3.jpg Making noodles near Muang Singh 4.jpg Man in village in Northern Laos.jpg
Man near Muang Singh.jpg White Hmong woman and child.jpg White Hmong boy.jpg Hakka boy.jpg Hakka woman.jpg
Wood gathering.jpg Classroom.jpg Student in uniform.jpg Hakka boy with cockerel.jpg Tai Dam Woman.jpg
Corn 1.jpg Woman in LP.jpg Shop clerk.jpg Monk with umbrella.jpg Lone monk walking.jpg
Fishing on the Mekong.jpg Big buddha hand.jpg Gaggles.jpg Bamboo man.jpg Kebab making.jpg
novice LP 1.jpg Buddha hand 1.jpg Many buddha statues.jpg Crooked buddha in wat LP.jpg Buddha in LP.jpg
Reclining Buddha That Phu Si.jpg Golden front.jpg Buddhas cornered LP.jpg Fearsome.jpg Lookouts.jpg
Peeking.jpg Two novices in LP.jpg Umbrellas night market LP take 3.jpg Umbrellas night market LP take 4.jpg Waiting for the monks LP.jpg
Alms route LP 1.jpg Alms route LP 2.jpg Orange.jpg Alms Route LP.jpg Alms bowl LP.jpg
Sweeper.jpg Two monks in LP.jpg Local taxi.jpg Guardian.jpg Rice offering.jpg
Market in Luang Prabang.jpg Waiting for lunch LP.jpg Pink lady LP.jpg Veggie seller.jpg Blocks of blood.jpg
Cooking class Tamarind Restaurant LP.jpg Faded.jpg Metalwork Vientiane.jpg Monks idling.jpg Girl Vientiane.jpg
Monastery in Pakse.jpg Monastery in Pakse take 2.jpg Monk in Pakse.jpg A boy and his dog.jpg Pakse pillars.jpg
Old French railroad Laos.jpg Woman 4 thousand Islands Laos.jpg Woman South Laos.jpg At work along the Mekong.jpg Alone on the Mekong Southern Laos.jpg
Sunset over the Mekong.jpg Boy Southern Laos.jpg Brothers.jpg Rural school Southern Laos.jpg Boy Southern Laos 1.jpg
Woman in the fields.jpg Boy and homemade swing.jpg Proud grandmother.jpg Bridal shop Kratie.jpg Market Kratie.jpg
Tuol Sleng.jpg Victims of Pol Pot.jpg Victims Mother and baby.jpg Victims A Man.jpg Victim beaten man.jpg
Victim a young girl.jpg Victim old woman.jpg Victim a young man.jpg Victim young girl.jpg Waiting tuk tuk drivers.jpg
The Killing Fields.jpg Asleep.jpg Chickens dead or alive.jpg Fish seller in PP.jpg Fish.jpg
Street kid PP.jpg Bananas 1.jpg Enigmatic smile.jpg Dream Work.jpg Four monks.jpg
Monk tableau.jpg Statue PP.jpg The dump.jpg Living in a dumpster.jpg Royal Palace of PP.jpg
Buddha with flower.jpg Buddha close up.jpg Cracked Buddha.jpg Bananas.jpg Market in South PP 1.jpg
Market in South PP 2.jpg market in South PP 3.jpg market in South PP 4.jpg Excitement.jpg Child in PP.jpg
Drooling and bald.jpg With glasses.jpg market in South PP 5.jpg market in South PP 6.jpg Market in South PP 7.jpg
Ginger.jpg Pepper heaven.jpg Market lady in PP.jpg Pig snouts.jpg Market in South PP 9.jpg
Market stall in PP.jpg Veggie stall in PP.jpg Woman short hair.jpg Market in South PP 8.jpg Service with a smile.jpg
Fun at the market.jpg Market man.jpg Woman market PP.jpg Counting money.jpg Market in South PP 10.jpg
A snack.jpg A fathers hand.jpg Little girl in PP.jpg Temple guard.jpg Workman in PP.jpg
Two monks in PP.jpg Amused look PP.jpg Monk in PP.jpg Boredom.jpg Playing kids.jpg
Smile with a hat.jpg Temple near Battambang.jpg Kid near Battambang.jpg Fish sauce factory Battambang.jpg Bamboo workshop Battambang.jpg
Old woman near Battambang.jpg Along the river.jpg Cow.jpg The wave.jpg Life on the river.jpg
River kids Cambodia.jpg On route to Siem Reap.jpg Produce boat.jpg Ta Prohm 3.jpg Ta Prohm.jpg
Ta Prohm 2.jpg Ta Prohm 4.jpg Bayon face.jpg Bayon face 1.jpg P1200837.jpg
Bayon face 2.jpg Bayon face 3.jpg Getting ready for the show.jpg Entrance Angkor Thom.jpg Two brides.jpg
Angkor Wat bas relief.jpg Touching Angkor Wat.jpg Lunch at Angkor.jpg Angkor Thom reflection.jpg Through the trees.jpg
Through the trees vertical.jpg Face Angkor Thom.jpg Real and art.jpg Buddhist nun.jpg Statue Angkor site.jpg
Monk in Wat Bo.jpg Textile.jpg Market lady Siem Reap.jpg Boy in the countryside Siem Reap.jpg Boy at local market.jpg
Young girl.jpg Village child near Siem Reap.jpg Boy Kompong Phluk 1.jpg Catching insects in Kompong Phluk.jpg Naked boy.jpg
Smile Kompong Phluk.jpg I am the naked entertainer.jpg Wrinkled.jpg Girl on steps of stilt home Kompong Phluk.jpg Bad hair day.jpg
Kompong Phluk.jpg Friends.jpg Family.jpg Boy Kompong Phluk.jpg Repainting the monastery.jpg
Beng Melea temple.jpg Beng Melea temple 1.jpg Beng Melea temple 2.jpg Beng Melea temple 3.jpg Jungle.jpg
Kids Roluos group.jpg Group tourism.jpg Banteay Srei.jpg Banteay Srei 1.jpg Ta Prohm PM.jpg
Jungle temple of Ta Prohm.jpg Ta Prohm tree.jpg Encroaching jungle Ta Prohm.jpg End of a busy day.jpg Monk in Angkor Thom.jpg
Face Angkor Thom 2.jpg Weathered Angkor Thom.jpg Face Angkor Thom 1.jpg Two faces.jpg Here s looking at you.jpg
Three faces Bayon.jpg Five faces Bayon.jpg Sunset at Bayon.jpg Bayon sunset.jpg Angkor Wat sunset 1.jpg
Reflected sunrise.jpg Green.jpg Like puzzle pieces blue.psd P1200837 purple.psd Big tree sepia.psd