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India 2012 - Gujarat

Early morning meditation.jpg At the temple.jpg Floating statues.jpg Behind bars.jpg Chetan Opticians.jpg
In the streets of Bhavnagar.jpg Bhavnagar man.jpg Bank Bhavnagar.jpg A smoke.jpg Face.jpg
Market Bhavnagar.jpg Happy to pose.jpg Blue hat.jpg Humor.jpg Gesture.jpg
Covered market Bhavnagar.jpg Blind man.jpg Seller of street food.jpg Poor but friendly.jpg Homeless.jpg
Making street snacks.jpg Rope Chairs Palitana.jpg Tired pilgrims Palitana.jpg Doli men.jpg Negotiations.jpg
Almost down.jpg Sugar cane juicer.jpg Statues Palitana.jpg Sunrise above Palitana.jpg Almost at the top.jpg
Palitana 01.jpg Palitana 02.jpg Palitana 03.jpg Palitana 04.jpg Palitana 05.jpg
Palitana 06.jpg Palitana 07.jpg Palitana 08.jpg Palitana 09.jpg Contrasts.jpg
Palitana 10.jpg Birds.jpg Palitana 11.jpg Palitana 12.jpg Palitana 13.jpg
Palitana 14.jpg Like twins.jpg Woman in blue.jpg In herself.jpg Palitana 15.jpg
Palitana 16.jpg Palitana 17.jpg Palitana 18.jpg Palitana 19.jpg Palitana 20.jpg
Palitana 21.jpg Palitana 22.jpg Palitana 23.jpg Palitana 24.jpg Loaded.jpg
Goatherd.jpg Camels.jpg Diu fort 01.jpg Diu fort 02.jpg Diu fort 03.jpg
Diu fort 04.jpg Diu fort 05.jpg Diu fort 06.jpg Man in Diu fort.jpg Smoke Diu fort.jpg
St Pauls Church Diu.jpg Statue in St Paul Diu.jpg Jesus St Paul church.jpg Tower St Paul.jpg St Thomas Church Diu.jpg
Temple Diu.jpg Shadow face Diu.jpg Asleep in Diu.jpg Yellow wall Diu.jpg Mosque Diu.jpg
bicycle boys Diu.jpg Wheel Diu.jpg Girl Diu.jpg Moped Diu.jpg sleeping dogs Diu.jpg
Beggar woman Diu.jpg Street Diu 01.jpg ripped poster Diu.jpg in Diu.jpg Door eyes Diu.jpg
Boy Diu.jpg Street Diu 02.jpg Holy calf.jpg Street Diu 03.jpg Street Diu 04.jpg
Street Diu 05.jpg Detail Church Diu.jpg Visions in red Diu.jpg St Francis of Assisi Church Hospital Diu.jpg Street Diu 06.jpg
Street Diu 07.jpg Street Diu 08.jpg Street Diu 09.jpg Street Diu 10.jpg Street Diu 11.jpg
Painter Diu.jpg Mother and child Diu.jpg Woman Diu.jpg On the road.jpg Junagadh 01.jpg
Dress material Junagadh.jpg Building Junagadh.jpg Mossy building Junagadh.jpg Uparkot Look of surprise Junagadh.jpg
Jama Masjid Junagad 1.jpg Jama Masjid detail Juna.jpg Mount Girnar 01.jpg Mount Girnar 02.jpg Mount Girnar 03.jpg
Mount Girnar 04.jpg View over Junagadh.jpg Mount Girnar 05.jpg Mount Girnar 06.jpg Mount Girnar 07.jpg
Mount Girnar 08.jpg Mount Girnar 09.jpg Hermit Mount Girnar.jpg Monkeys Mount Girnar.jpg Dressed goat in Junagadh.jpg
One of the gods Jamnagar.jpg Jain temple Jamnagar.jpg Street in Jamnagar.jpg Man in white Jamnagar.jpg Mosque Jamnagar.jpg
Framed by his wares Jamnagar.jpg Bangles Jamnagar.jpg Mosque Jamnagar 01.jpg Jamnagar market 01.jpg Jamnagar market 02.jpg
Truck driver.jpg Man in Kachchh.jpg White chairs in Great Rann.jpg In the white desert.jpg Kachchh man.jpg
School trip Kachchh.jpg Bhuj 01.jpg Bhuj 02.jpg Bhuj 03.jpg Bhuj 04.jpg
Statue Bhuj.jpg Stuffed lion Bhuj museum.jpg Mouldy stuffed lioness Bhuj.jpg Palace Bhuj.jpg Stuffed animal Bhuj palace.jpg
Pigeon in the museum Bhuj 01.jpg Pigeon and maharao.jpg Sheep head Bhuj.jpg Shoemaker Bhuj.jpg Damaged by earthquake Bhuj.jpg
Broken statue Bhuj.jpg Bicycle repair shop Bhuj.jpg Bhuj 05.jpg Bhuj 06.jpg Bhuj 07.jpg
Swaminarayam temple Bhuj.jpg Detail temple Bhuj.jpg Women in temple Bhuj.jpg Kutch weavers.jpg Kutch weavers at work.jpg
Kutch dishes.jpg Kutch Rabari Man.jpg Kutch Rabari weaving.jpg Kutch Rabari couple.jpg Kutch Rabari couple 01.jpg
Kutch Rabari man 01.jpg Kutch Rabari man 01 v2.jpg Kutch block printer.jpg Kutch old man.jpg Kutch woman.jpg
Kutch woman v2.jpg Kutch woman 01.jpg Kutch bejeweled.jpg Kutch flies all over.jpg Kutch eyes.jpg
Kutch girl.jpg Kutch little girl.jpg Kutch woman 02.jpg Kutch woman 03.jpg Kutch girl 2.jpg
Kutch look.jpg Kutch sewing.jpg Kutch glasses.jpg Kutch the pose.jpg Kutch woman 04.jpg
Kutch smile.jpg Kutch woman 05.jpg Kutch old woman.jpg Kutch man in white.jpg Kutch woman 06 v1.jpg
Kutch woman 06 v2.jpg Kutch woman 06 v3.jpg Kutch woman 06 v4.jpg Kutch old bearded man.jpg Kutch in the village.jpg
Kutch in mud hut 01.jpg Kutch man in mud hut 01.jpg Kutch man in mud hut 02.jpg Kutch man in mud hut 03.jpg Kutch man in mud hut 04.jpg
Kutch man in mud hut 05.jpg Kutch milking cow.jpg Kutch carrying.jpg Kutch village kids.jpg Kutch boy.jpg
Kutch girl 3.jpg Kutch village kids 1.jpg Bhuj bell maker.jpg Bhuj man.jpg Kutch village men.jpg
Kutch man with headdress.jpg Kutch cow.jpg Kutch children.jpg Kutch colorful.jpg Kutch woman 07.jpg
Kutch woman and children.jpg Kutch girl 4.jpg Kutch girl 4a.jpg Kutch milking cow 01.jpg Kutch water carriers.jpg
Kutch village girl.jpg Kutch  man.jpg Kutch shy woman.jpg Kutch selling textile.jpg Kutch faraway look.jpg
Kutch dream.jpg Kutch inside hut.jpg Kutch woman 08.jpg Kutch woman 09 v1.jpg Kutch woman 09 v2.jpg
Kutch bangles.jpg Kutch woman 10.jpg Kutch woman 10 v2.jpg Kutch woman sewing.jpg Anjar market 01.jpg
Anjar market 02.jpg Anjar market 03.jpg Anjar market 04.jpg Anjar market 05.jpg Anjar market 06.jpg
Anjar market 07.jpg Anjar market 08.jpg Anjar market 09.jpg Anjar market 10.jpg Anjar market 11.jpg
Anjar market 12.jpg Anjar market 13.jpg Anjar market 14.jpg Anjar market 15.jpg Dont have a cow man.jpg
Anjar market 16.jpg Produce Anjar.jpg Kutchh museum 01.jpg Kutchh museum 02.jpg Kutchh museum 03.jpg
Palanpur two men.jpg Palanpur insidePataleshwar Mandir.jpg Palanpur pol 01.jpg Palanpur Motu Derasar Jain temple.jpg Palanpur detail temple.jpg
Palanpur guard not guarding.jpg Palanpur inside Jain temple.jpg Palanpur Motu  Derasar roof.jpg Palanpur dusty work.jpg Palanpur working on a new temple.jpg
Palanpur dreamy look.jpg Palanpur lady.jpg Palanpur man in pink.jpg Palanpur man with beard.jpg Palanpur man with hat.jpg
Palanpur man.jpg Palanpur market woman close up.jpg Palanpur market woman.jpg Palanpur mirth.jpg Palanpur mother and child.jpg
Palanpur muslim man.jpg Palanpur peeking 01.jpg Palanpur peeking 02.jpg Palanpur pink lady.jpg Palanpur portrait.jpg
Palanpur proud father.jpg Palanpur reader.jpg Palanpur shadowy street.jpg Palanpur shop owner.jpg Palanpur street scene.jpg
Palanpur tailor.jpg Palanpur water jug.jpg Palanpur yes they have seen me.jpg Ambaji 2.jpg Ambaji.jpg
Ambaji cloth.jpg Khumbaria 01.jpg Khumbaria 02.jpg Khumbaria 03.jpg Khumbaria 04.jpg
Khumbaria 05.jpg Khumbaria 06.jpg Khumbaria 07.jpg Khumbaria 08.jpg Khumbaria puppies.jpg
Palanpur family.jpg Palanpur girl in rickshaw.jpg Palanpur inside Jain temple.jpg Palanpur in window.jpg Palanpur Motu Derasar Jain temple.jpg
Palanpur old woman.jpg Palanpur pol 01.jpg palanpur smile.jpg Palanpur two men.jpg Palanpur woman in street.jpg
Palanpur woman.jpg Palanpur yellow.jpg Around Palanpur 01.jpg Around Palanpur 02.jpg Around Palanpur 03.jpg
Around Palanpur 04.jpg Around Palanpur 05.jpg Around Palanpur 06.jpg Around Palanpur 07.jpg Around Palanpur 08.jpg
Around Palanpur 09.jpg Around Palanpur 10.jpg Around Palanpur 11.jpg Around Palanpur 12.jpg Around Palanpur 13.jpg
Around Palanpur 14.jpg Around Palanpur 15.jpg Around Palanpur 16.jpg Around Palanpur 17.jpg Around Palanpur 18.jpg
Around Palanpur 19.jpg Around Palanpur 20.jpg Around Palanpur 21.jpg Around Palanpur 22.jpg Around Palanpur 23.jpg
Around Palanpur 24.jpg Around Palanpur 25.jpg Patan step well 01.jpg Patan step well 02.jpg Patan step well 03.jpg
Patan step well 04.jpg Patan step well 05.jpg Patan step well 06.jpg Patan step well 07.jpg Patan step well 08.jpg
Patan step well 09.jpg Patan boy.jpg Patan two boys.jpg Patan young woman.jpg Patan woman.jpg
Patan cowherds.jpg Patan boy and goat.jpg Patan boy with hat.jpg Patan boy dreamy look.jpg Patan woman red.jpg
Patan girl in red.jpg Patan girl with hand.jpg Patan girl ponytails.jpg Patan girl in shawl.jpg Patan the look.jpg
Patan young boy.jpg Patan newborns.jpg Patan cowherd.jpg Patan man in white.jpg Patan man and fan.jpg
Patan man glasses.jpg Patan man with scarf.jpg Patan man with cap.jpg Patan tailors.jpg Patan man brown hat.jpg
Patan holding his smoke.jpg Pathan woman scales.jpg Patan old woman in pol.jpg Patan old woman Namaste.jpg Patan old woman portrait.jpg
Patan wheel window.jpg Patan laundry.jpg Patan woman 01.jpg Patan mirth.jpg Patan man in shop.jpg
Patan man.jpg Patan man in blue.jpg Patan man against orange.jpg Patan man with hat.jpg Patan detail.jpg
Patan a man.jpg Patan old man.jpg Patan old man close up square.jpg Patan woman 02.jpg Patan man in red.jpg
Patan market lady.jpg Patan young man.jpg Patan poverty.jpg Patan smiling man.jpg Patan cows.jpg
Patan old woman in pol 02.jpg Patan old woman square.jpg Patan gate.jpg Patan temple detail.jpg Patan temple.jpg
Patan temple detail 1.jpg Patan two women.jpg Patan woman square.jpg Patan shopkeeper.jpg Patan smiling woman.jpg
Patan shopkeepers.jpg Patan father and daughter.jpg Patan two men sitting.jpg Patan man square.jpg Patan tailor family.jpg
Patan man in street.jpg Patan group of kids.jpg Patan street.jpg Patan woman 03.jpg Patan group of women and children.jpg
Patan woman sitting square.jpg Patan street scene.jpg Patan tailor at work.jpg Patan woman red 1.jpg Modhera 01.jpg
Modhera 02.jpg Modhera 03.jpg Mahatma.jpg Ahmedabad Cleaners Gandhi ashram.jpg Ahmedabad Swaminarayan temple.jpg
Ahmedabad Swaminarayan temple 1.jpg Ahmedabad Swaminarayan temple 2.jpg Ahmedabad Swaminarayan temple 3.jpg Ahmedabad.jpg Ahmedabad street scene.jpg
Ahmedabad hair cuting saloon.jpg Ahmedabad workers.jpg Ahmedabad tailor.jpg Ahmedabad poster.jpg Ahmedabad Ganesh.jpg
Ahmedabad puppies.jpg Ahmedabad through the gate.jpg Ahmedabad cloth.jpg Ahmedabad clothing district.jpg Ahmedabad novelty store.jpg
Ahmedabad Jama Masjid.jpg Ahmedabad Siddi Sayid Mosque.jpg Ahmedabad Swaminarayan temple early morning.jpg Ahmedabad early morning.jpg Ahmedabad old town.jpg
Ahmedabad shoe choice.jpg Ahmedabad behind bars.jpg Ahmedabad Swaminarayan temple 4.jpg Ahmedabad man.jpg Ahmedabad Jain temple.jpg
Ahmedabad Jain Temple 01.jpg Ahmedabad market stall.jpg Ahmedabad sitting man.jpg Ahmedabad architecture.jpg Ahmedabad window.jpg
Ahmedabad detail.jpg Ahmedabad beasties.jpg Ahmedabad pol.jpg Ahmedabad woman and dog.jpg Ahmedabad woman and dog.jpg
Ahmedabad shop.jpg Ahmedabad reader.jpg Ahmedabad statue.jpg Ahmedabad architecture 1.jpg Ahmedabad turban.jpg
Ahmedabad spice market.jpg Ahmedabad detail Jama Masjid.jpg Ahmedabad near Calico museum.jpg Ahmedabad horsemen 01.jpg Ahmedabad horsemen 02.jpg
Ahmedabad step well.jpg Ahmedabad Dai Halima mosque.jpg Ahmedabad Dai Halima man.jpg Ahmedabad boy.jpg Ahmedabad saddhu.jpg
Ahmedabad man in temple.jpg Ahmedabad eyes.jpg Ahmedabad Ganesh statue.jpg Ahmedabad Dada Hari ni Vav.jpg Ahmedabad statue in Dada Hari ni Vav.jpg
Ahmedabad statue near step well.jpg Ahmedabad statue near step well 1.jpg Ahmedabad woman.jpg Ahmedabad statue 01.jpg Ahmedabad vision in pink.jpg
Ahmedabad man 01.jpg Ahmedabad woman 01.jpg Ahmedabad three girls.jpg Ahmedabad girl with attitude.jpg Ahmedabad granny.jpg
Ahmedabad young woman.jpg Ahmedabad statue 02.jpg Ahmedabad temple priest.jpg Ahmedabad temple priest 01.jpg Ahmedabad temple priest 02.jpg
Ahmedabad temple priest with children.jpg Chhota Udepur market 01.jpg Chhota Udepur market 02.jpg Chhota Udepur market 03.jpg Chhota Udepur market 04.jpg
Chhota Udepur market 05.jpg Chhota Udepur market 06.jpg Chhota Udepur market 07.jpg Chhota Udepur market 08.jpg Chhota Udepur market 09.jpg
Chhota Udepur market 10.jpg Chhota Udepur market 11.jpg Chhota Udepur market 12.jpg Chhota Udepur market 13.jpg Champaner birds.jpg
Champaner two towers.jpg Champaner shadow and light.jpg Champaner architecture.jpg Champaner through the gate.jpg Champaner detail.jpg
Champaner ceiling.jpg Champaner saddhu.jpg Baroda museum.jpg Baroda museum 1.jpg man in hut.jpg