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Ground Fog & Mist Gallery

Ground fog and mist usually occur around sunrise and sometimes sunset and are my favorite conditions for photography.

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Rail Yard Office Building On A Foggy Night P1390790-4 Foggy Otter Creek P1400836-49 Fog Beyond Spring Trees P1130556-8 Three Horses On A Foggy Morning P1400892-8
Misty Rideau Canal In Foggy Sunrise P1400709-15 Horse & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1400767-72 Tree In Foggy Sunrise P1400547-51 Foggy Sunrise At Otter Creek P1400464-6
Sunrise Mist On The Basin P1070311-7 Sunrise Ground Fog At The Swale P1390082-4 Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1390184-90 Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1390184-90BW
Misty Old Slys Rapids At Sunrise P1390017-23 Rising Mist At Sunrise P1070283-9 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1070325-31 Rising Mist At Sunrise P1070262-8
Misty Old Slys Rapids At Sunrise P1070297-03 Misty Rideau River Clouded Sunrise P1060863-69 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1060661-7 Edmonds Lockmaster's House At Sunrise P1380425-31
Misty Rideau River At Sunrise P1370881-7 Carss House Roofline Beyond Canal Basin Mist P1380015-21 Rideau River Sunrise Frost P1370937-43 Frosty Fallen Tree In Sunrise Mist P1370979-85
Confederation Bridge In Sunrise Mist P1380036-42 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1360220-6 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1360185-91 Misty Rideau River At Sunrise P1040731-7
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1360192-8 Misty Rideau River Sunrise P1040759-65 Freezing Fog Along Otter Creek P1030512-4 Frosty Landscape P1030539-44
Frosty Landscape P1030500-2 Freezing Fog P1030511v2 Frosty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1030497-9 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1330597-03
Otter Lake At Sunrise P1330569-71 Car In Ground Fog P1340659-61 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1340455-7 Trees In Misty Sunrise P1340517
Three Horses In Misty Sunrise P1340461-3 Cars In Ground Fog P1340649-5 Skein of Geese At Sunrise P1340439-45 Misty Water & Patchy Ground Fog At Sunrise_P1340408-10
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1340432-8 Foggy Roses Bridge Sunrise P1340477-83 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1340290-2 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1330197-9
Sunrise Patchy Ground Fog P1330586-8 Railway Tracks Into Fog At Sunrise P1340245-9 Trees In Misty Sunrise P1340017-23 Ground Fog Beyond Horse At Sunrise P1330604-10
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330494-00 Three Trees In Sunrise Fog P1330484 Sunrise Over Misty Cornfield P1330459-65 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330439-45
Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330383-5 Clouded Sunrise P1330229-35 Ground Fog Beyond Barn P1330143-5 Sunrise Over A Misty Cornfield P1330040-6
Ground Fog At Sunrise P1320866-72 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1320831-7 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise P1320800-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1320380-6
Barns In Sunrise Ground Fog P1320138-40 Geese On Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCN28273-5 Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCN28243-5 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1320006-12
Four Bales In Foggy Sunrise P1310842-4 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1310839-41 Two Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1310809-11 Foggy Farm P1310776-8
Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog P1310764-6 Church In Misty Clouded Sunrise DSCN26943-5 Misty Rideau Canal From Afar At Sunrise DSCN26387-9 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN25879-81
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN25864-6 Sunrise Fog DSCN25846-8 Edmonds Canal Cut DSCN25822-4 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN25809
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN25080-2 Moon Over Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1310629-33 Solar-Powered Fishing Boat At Sunrise DSCN24836 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1310442-6
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1310433-5 Emerging From A Sunrise Ground Fog P1310161-3 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1310105-11 Misty Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise P1300656-62
Moon & Geese Over Misty Kilmarnock P1300577-9 Trees In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1300544-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1300443-9 Edmonds Mist At Sunrise DSCN18569-71
Sunrise Coloring Mist DSCN18563-5 Misty Canal Basin At Sunrise P1290079-85 Rideau River Winter Sunrise DSCN18482-4 Mist Over Edmonds At Sunrise DSCN18440-2
Freezing Fog At Sunrise DSCN18400 Sunrise Ground Fog P1260864-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1260821-7 Trees In Autumn Fog DSCN15939-41
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1260377-9 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1260371-3 Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1260332-4 Sunrise Sunrays P1260275-91
Roadside Grass In Sunrise Mist P1260256 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1260253 Misty Rideau Canal P1260150-6 Fiery Fog P1260087-93
Rideau Canal Sunrise Fog P1260084 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1250981 Back Road On A Foggy Morning P1250973 Barn In Sunrise Fog P1250885-7
Foggy Otter Creek At Sunrise P1250852 Sunrise Sunrays DSCN15102-4 Sunrise Sunrays Through Ground Fog DSCN15090-2 Old Barn In Foggy Sunrise P1250598-604
Tree & Bale In Foggy Sunrise P1250445-51 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1250311-7 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1240071-3 Bales & Fog At Sunrise P1240050-6
Bales & Fog At Sunrise P1240043-9 Clouded Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1230996-03 Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230950-2 Rideau Canal Sunrise Mist & Fog P1230929-31
Clouded Sunrise P1230674-80 Barn At Sunrise P1230259-61 Barn In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1230256-8 Trees In Sunrise Fog DSCN13690-2
Bales & Barn In Sunrise Fog DSCN13681 Ground Fog Along Irish Creek DSCN13657-9 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1220849-55 Bales In Sunrise P1220817-9
Tree In Sunrise Fog P1220790-6 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1220685-91 Sunrise Ground Fog P1220643-9 Night Transforming Into Day P1220613-5
Fog Layer & Barn At Sunrise P1220459-65 Church & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1220251-7 Sunrise Sunrays P1220182-8 Sunrise Sunrays P1220141-7
Dead Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN10665-7 Sunrise Through Niagara Falls Mist P1200627 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise DSCN06059-61 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN06044-6
Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN06038-40 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN06032-4 Sunlit Tree Rising Above Ground Fog DSCN05477 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN05436-8
Foggy Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN05400 Foggy Sunrise At Roses Bridge DSCN05298-300 Ground Fog Sunrise DSCN05280-2 Sunrise Fog DSCN05250-2
Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCN03515 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1150449-51 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1150434-6 Rideau Canal Fog At Sunrise DSCN00399
Sunrise Over Ground Fog And Cows P1150145-51 Sunrise Over Ground Fog And Cows P1150103-9 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1150075-80 Old Barn In Ground Fog P1150047
Trees In Ground Fog P1150005 Autumn Ground Fog P1140070 Misty Sunrise P1140028-30 Gemmels Point In Sunrise Fog P1130877-9
Autumnscape P1130337-9 Autumnscape Ground Fog P1130313-5 Tree In Foggy Sunrise P1130017-23 Sunrise Ground Fog P1120763-7
Sunrise Ground Fog P1120757-9 Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1120745-7 Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1120696-702 Fogged Sunrise P1110888-93
Fog On The Water At Sunrise P1110850-2 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1110799 Rideau Canal Fogged Sunrise P1110759-63 Otter Creek Fogged Sunrise P1110749-53
Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1110702-4 Island In Fog & Mist At Sunrise P1110678 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110554-6 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110510-2
Sunrise Ground Fog P1110491-7 Sunrise Ground Fog & Mist P1110437-9 Sunrise Ground Fog P1110393-5 Fogged Sunrise P1110373-7
Fogged Sunrise P1110352-8 Distant Fog On Upper Rideau Lake P1110315 Incoming Fog Bank P1110262-4 Foggy Sunrise At Edmonds Lockstation P1110238-40
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1110204-10 Geese Over Misty Otter Lake P1110163-4 Sheep Island In Mist Beyond Boat P1110089 Misty Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1110082
Otter Creek Sunrise Mist P1110015 Sunrise Ground Fog P1100867-9 Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog P1100740-2 Bales In Ground Fog P1100676
Suspended Fog At Sunrise P1100667 Sunrise Ground Fog P1100489-94 Sturgeon Moon Over Ground Fog P1100469-71 Sunrise Ground Fog P1100136-8
Ground Fog At Sunrise P1090745-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1090736-8
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