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VIA Rail Station Tower In Night Fog 90D104925 Path Through Trees In Morning Fog DSCN160370 Male Hooded Merganser DSCN160275 Yellow Daffodils Closeup DSCN160193 (Art)
Mr & Mrs Wood Duck DSCN160243 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Irish Creek 90D104686 Migrating Canada Geese Rest Stop (iPhone14-2992) Male Common Merganser Surfacing With Catch DSCN160187
Interesting Sky DSCN160092 Red-winged Blackbird Calling DSCN160157 Migrating Canada Geese At Sunrise DSCN160058 VIA Rail 40 Passing CPKC 231 (DSCN160033)
VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing Queen Street 90D104626 Setting Full Snow Moon Beyond Hydro Tower DSCN159661 Departing Storm Clouds DSCN159875 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D104616
Sonoran Desert Double Rainbow 76808 Great Horned Owl Spreading Wings 75036 Sunlit Yellow Daffodil DSCN159855 Snow Bunting In Snow DSCN159311
Full Snow Moon Beyond Centennial Park DSCN159641 Female Common Merganser Spreading Her Wings DSCN159797 Backlit Horse In Farmyard DSCN159740-Bk50 Eastbound Freight Passing Westbound 90D104321
26 Swans Sleeping On Ice At Sunrise 90D104495 American Tree Sparrow In A Tree DSCN159771 Clouded Sun With Sunspot AR3590 (DSCN159608) Bald Eagle On Ice With A Kill DSCN159317
Two Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN159573 A Hole In The Sky Beyond The Basin DSCN159514 Eastbound Freight Passing Westbound 90D104374 Clouded Moon Setting Beyond Frosted Landscape 90D103964
Four Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN159545 Frost Along The Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D104099 Clouded Setting Waxing Snow Moon DSCN159375 Grasshopper On A Railing P1090882
Frost At Sunrise 90D104168 VIA Rail Train 41 At Dawn 90D104051 Bald Eagle On Ice With A Kill DSCN159332 Bald Eagle On Ice With A Kill DSCN159325
VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing Into Town 90D103870 Bald Eagle On Ice With A Kill DSCN159357 Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN159195 Snow Bunting Looking Up DSCN159286
Cedar Waxwing Eating Snow DSCN159014 Queen St Convenience At Night 90D103654-5 Yawning Trumpeter Swan Profile In Falling Snow DSCN158884 Winter Hutton Creek At Sunrise DSCN158987
Snowy Town Square At Night 90D103522 Snow Bunting On A Wire DSCN159100 Cedar Waxwing On A Small Branch DSCN159059 Abstract (iPhone14-2966)
Watery Sun Beyond Turtle Island DSCN158910 Eastbound Freight Train Arriving At Night 90D103574 Three Female Common Mergansers, One With Catch DSCN158793 VIA Rail Train 41 Arriving At Dawn 90D103382
Baby's Breath Between Roses DSCN158870 Two Trumpeter Swans Taking Flight DSCN158653A Rose Petals DSCN158629-TS2 Eastbound & Westbound Trains In Night Fog 90D102882
Victoria Basin In Night Fog 90D103063 Ten Trumpeter Swans In Flight Overhead DSCN158660 Shooting A Winter Wonderland DSCN153208 Two Trumpeter Swans Taking Flight DSCN158652A
Two High Flying Trumpeter Swans DSCN158489 Otter On Ice Downing Breakfast DSCN158448 Winter Sunrise Clouds 90D102197 Farm In Ground Fog At Sunup DSCN158538
Natural Abstract DSCN158570A Westbound CP 8635 Mid-DPU At Night 90D102832 Two Trumpeter Swans In Flight Trumpeting DSCN158501 Female Common Merganser Surfacing With Small Catch DSCN158242
The Swale In Sunrise Glow DSCN158382 Bottom-lit Cloud Bank At Sunrise 90D102292 American Goldfinch DSCN158199 CP 3100 On A Winter Night 90D101595
Gemmells Point In Hazy Sunrise DSCN158396 Trumpeter Swan Through A Bush DSCN158421 VIA Rail Train 41 Crossing Queen Street At Dawn 90D102687 Rideau Canal Red Sky Sunrise 90D102487-91
Red Sky Sunrise Beyond Turtle Island 90D102637 Five Locomotives DSCN158280 Crescent Moon Beyond Turtle Island At Dawn 90D102407 When Life Gives You A Lemon, Make it a Photo Op (iPhone14-2948)
Female Common Merganser With Catch DSCN158142 Otter On Ice At Breakfast DSCN158067 Morning Fog In Lower Reach Park DSCN158006 Four Trumpeter Swans In Flight At Sunrise DSCN158098
Morning Fog In Lower Reach Park DSCN158016.7 Trumpeter Swan In Flight DSCN158046 Bald Eagle Hunkered In A Distant Tree DSCN157957 Female Common Merganser Reflected DSCN157942
Winter Sunrise 90D102212 Two Trumpeter Swans Beyond Channel Markers DSCN157927 Winter Wonderland DSCN153189 Lower Reach Park Winter Wonderland 90D95335
Two Bald Eagles In A Distant Tree DSCN157864 Track Switcher Catching A Ride 90D101717 Three Snow Buntings In A Tree DSCN157023 Female Common Merganser Reflected DSCN157822
VIA Rail New Fleet Train 41 Departing 90D101839