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Latest Photos

Two Grebes Going At It DSCN131789 Mute Swan At Sunrise 90D67396 Tree Swallow In Flight DSCN131507 Tent Campers At Edmonds Lock At Sunrise 90D67251-5
Great Blue Heron With A Catfish DSCN131440 Two Eastern Kingbirds DSCN131495 Great Blue Heron With A Catfish DSCN131433 Sunrise Beyond Gemmells Point 90D67141-5
2023 Tulip Festival 90D66293 Mallard Family Swimming In Foam DSCN131265 Rideau Canal Steam Fog At Sunrise 90D66921-5 Domestic Male (Tom) Turkey Displaying 90D65426
Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN131175 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D66642 2023 Tulip Festival 90D66343 Common Loon Wing Flap DSCN131079
2023 Tulip Festival 90D66084 Great Blue Heron In Flight DSCN130872 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D66651-8 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN130952
Mist Over Distant Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D66526 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Loon In Misty Rideau Canal 90D66676 Venus, Contrail, Waxing Crescent Moon 90D66429 2023 Tulip Festival 90D66309
Grackle With Nest Material DSCN130655 2023 Tulip Festival 90D66097 2023 Tulip Festival 90D66125 2023 Tulip Festival 90D66347
2023 Tulip Festival 90D66356 Laughing Immature Cormorant DSCN130552 Yellow Warbler On A Small Tree DSCN130521 Warbling Vireo DSCN130382
Clouded Red Sun DSCN130349 Grackle In Flight DSCN130118 2023 Tulip Festival 90D65936 2023 Tulip Festival 90D65885
2023 Tulip Festival 90D66079 2023 Tulip Festival 90D66186 Heritage House Museum At Night 90D65550-9 First Personal Boats In The Basin 2023 (90D65600-4)
Clouded Sunrise 90D65810-4 Centennial Park Fountain At Night 90D65097-03 Porcupine Waiting To Cross The Road 90D64930 White-crowned Sparrow Dining On Dandelion Seeds Close DSCN130200
Irish Creek Steam Fog At Sunrise 90D65404-8 Spider Lurking Under A Tulip DSCN130073-83 Sunrise 90D65177-81 Painted Turtle Swimming DSCN129882
Le Boats At Night 90D65077-81 Cedar Waxwing Up Close DSCN128484 Putting Le Boats Back In The Water DSCN129759 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Three Trees 90D65007-11
Red Wall, White Window, Blue Sky 90D64697 Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D64877-81 Yellow Warbler DSCN129443 Ground Fog Beyond Trashy Park Bench 90D64514
Bedraggled Coyote 90D64582 Dark Clouds Beyond The Swale DSCN12916 Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog 90D64647-51 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN129173
Sunrise Beyond Irish Creek Reflected 90D64427-31 Backlit Geese & Goslings In Sunrise Mist 90D64341 Swimming Beaver 90D64187 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D64247-51
Bug Lurking In A Flower DSCN128803 Rideau Canal At Dawn 90D63887-91 Old Window Before & After Fire Gosling Under A Watchful Eye DSCN128879
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D63952-6 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker DSCN128759 Light At The End Of The Road 90D63464 Male Northern Cardinal DSCN128241
Great Blue Heron In The Swale Reflected DSCN128290 Flower Moon Setting Beyond Hydro Tower At Sunrise DSCN128070 Female Red-winged Blackbird Taking Flight DSCN128526 Pied-Billed Grebe On A Nest DSCN128433
Mist On The Swale At Sunrise 90D63747-51 Male Northern Cardinal DSCN128226 Painted Turtle Sunning On A Fallen Tree DSCN127986 Flower Moon Beyond Misty Otter Creek 90D63659-63
Tiny Fly On A Dandelion DSCN127937 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D63624-8 Clouded Moonset Beyond Lower Reach 90D63169 Common Loon With Spread Wings DSCN127736
White Chair 90D63416 Trumpeter Swan In The Swale DSCN127670 Wet Red Tulip Close DSCN127695 Clouded Moonset Beyond Lower Reach 90D63139-43
Tiny Water Droplets In Spiraea Spring Leaves DSCN127690 Clouded Moonset Beyond The Swale 90D63194-8 Clouded Spring Sun DSCN127487-91 Closed Red Tulips DSCN127458
Spring Trees 90D63082 Wet Patio Table Top DSCN127379 Tulip Soon To Bloom DSCN127378 Great Blue Heron On A Mound Reflected DSCN127177
Barn At Dawn 90D62899-03 Tree Swallow With Nest Material DSCN127348 Milky Way Beyond The Rideau River 90D62871 Clouded Sunrise Solar Pillar 90D62754-8