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Latest Photos

Yellow Warbler DSCN96613 Centennial Park Fountains 90D23532 Backlit Goslings In Grass DSCN96733 Two Mallard Ducklings DSCN96698
Centennial Park Fountains 90D23546.51 Concorde 31 At Old Slys DSCN96599 Night Train In Fog 90D23200-04 Mute Swan & Misty Water 90D21983
2022 Tulip Festival 90D22329 Iris Leaves DSCN96400 Gray Catbird Calling DSCN96333 Mute Swan At Sunrise DSCN95891
Eastern Kingbird Taking Flight DSCN96261 Magnolia Warbler DSCN96248 2022 Tulip Festival 90D22074-6 2022 Tulip Festival 90D22135
Fly On A Lilac Bud DSCN96191 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D22747 Male Yellow Warbler Stare Down DSCN96111 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D22767-71
Male Hairy Woodpecker 90D22844 2015-16 Total Lunar Eclipse Beyond Turtle Island 90D22656 Irish Creek Sunrise 90D22697-01 20220515-16 Lunar Eclipse 90D22662
2022 Tulip Festival 90D22199 2022 Tulip Festival 90D22236 2022 Tulip Festival 90D22265 Messy Mouth Cardinal DSCN95829
Wild Turkeys Heading For Ground Fog DSCN95878-9 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D22427-31 2022 Tulip Festival 90D22221 2022 Tulip Festival 90D22237
2022 Tulip Festival 90D22126 2022 Tulip Festival 90D22154 2022 Tulip Festival 90D22278 2022 Tulip Festival 90D22220
Two Goslings Playing DSCN95568 Spotted Sandpiper In Grass DSCN95482 Rising Sun 90D21951-5 Tree Swallow On A Cable Photobombed P1090509
Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN95335-7 Grackle In Flight P1090505 Misty Otter Creek DSCN95323-5 Mayfly On Glass 90D21911
Goose In Mist At Dawn DSCN95366 ornge helicopter at Smiths Falls DSCN95291 Backlit Spring Leaves DSCN95141 Great Blue Heron Taking Flight DSCN95188
Great Blue Heron With A Less Than Great Catch DSCN95213 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN95155 Great Blue Heron In Flight DSCN95167 Milky Way Beyond Hydro Towers 90D21642-3
Tom Turkey 90D21604 Happy Mother's Day DSCN95106 Backlit Violet DSCN95002 Cedar Waxwing Looking Up DSCN94763
Tree Swallow In Flight P1090481 Four Goslings Swimming DSCN94882 Cedar Waxwing With A Berry DSCN94805 Red-winged Blackbird Taking Flight P1090469
CP 8751 At Sunrise 90D21454.8 Five Goslings & Goose DSCN94655 Tree Swallow In Flight DSCN94665 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D21304-8
Yellow Warbler In Flight DSCN94789 Sunset At The Swale 90D21234-8 Pigeon Thinks It's A Waterfowl DSCN94420 Cedar Waxwing Atop A Budding Tree DSCN94430
Rain Droplet On A Budding Tulip P1090407-20 The 6:22 VIA Train 41 Torontobound 90D21185 Cloud Bank Beyond The Swale DSCN94471 Three Trains In The Yard DSCN94528
CP 528 Ethanol Train Rear At Night 90D21049 Tree Swallow Taking Flight DSCN94477 Tree Swallow Leaving Its Nest DSCN94391 Cedar Waxwing Dining On Tree Buds DSCN94456
Tree Swallow In A Hole DSCN94232 Two Budding Tulips P1090404 Yellow-rumped Warbler DSCN94118 Milky Way Beyond Rideau Canal 90D20799
First 2022 Tulip DSCN94111 Common Loon At Dawn DSCN94091 Railway Museum At Night 90D20748-52 CN 1112 Steam Locomotive 60D49701.4
Great Blue Heron In The Swale DSCN93988 Two Bald Eagles In A Tree DSCN93952 CP 8831/CP 9821 Westbound At Sunrise 90D20606 Moose In A Field DSCN93691
Moose Profile DSCN93823-4 Heron Hunkered In Its Nest DSCN93791 Moose Head DSCN93736 Loon With Spread Wings DSCN93655
Moose In A Field DSCN93821 The 6:22 VIA Train 41 Torontobound 90D19332 Rideau Canal Dawn 90D20457 Sunrise Solar Pillar 90D20519-23
Yellow Daffodil DSCN93622 Blue-winged Teal Couple DSCN93517 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D20320 The 6:22 VIA Train 41 Torontobound 90D20110