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rwilkmtn19-Nov-2017 16:35
An update to comments on your post re: ancient 4 corners impact crater....
This is a linkk to a page that proposes a name for the structure, the “Navajo” impact structure. Although this is still theoretical in my view, and does not qualify as confirmation in the scientific sense, it is, in my opinion, a move in the right direction. - Robert Wilkinson (formerly commenting as Mystic Coyote)
bobjb14-Feb-2015 20:57
Gordon. I'm always plesed to visit your galleries. You have much energy and a creative eye.
Anitta04-Jan-2014 11:55
All I can say: You are an amazing photographer, Gordon. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art. Wish to you and your family the very best New Year from Finland. - Anitta
Steven Carlier26-May-2013 22:16
I'm speechless...
Thank u for sharing...
Guest 30-Dec-2012 23:08
Beautiful images
Guest 22-Dec-2012 17:32
Thanks, Gordon..
I appreciate your nice comment on my Winter image...
Comment: I've viewed your work and find it to be quite creative and professional....
Shhboom 26-Oct-2012 22:36
An artist touch with a saints soul......your captures go beyond the visual !
Greg Fied21-Jan-2012 13:46
A stunningly beautiful collection of impeccably photographed art amassed over 10 years at pbase! Your eye for light and composition amazes me! Each work is more impressive than the last, and yet each is equally as beautiful! Thank you for sharing these superb images, a source of inspiration for me.
Guest 20-Nov-2011 23:38
Really great pictures. Best J
frnkpyne22-Sep-2011 12:46
I admire what you have done here very much.
mperera27-Mar-2011 05:54
Dude, you rock !
GeneWard08-Feb-2011 00:03
Gordon, I've looked at a lot of your galleries and all I can really say is "Wow!" I am very impressed.
Steve Walker03-Oct-2010 11:53
I have to continually come back to your pages to see the photos you are making. It is enjoyable to see the world through your eyes and lens. Thank you for taking the time to share.
Guest 05-Sep-2010 09:19
Beautiful images
g fitzgerald21-Aug-2010 15:54
A really nice work in your galleries. Five yrs of travel and photography must have been better than great. Would have loved to see what you could do with the mountains of Tenn, NC and Va/W Va.
hermankervel08-Aug-2010 08:17
nice work

Suchet Suwanmongkol07-Jun-2010 17:41
Thank's for visiting my gallery ^ ^
Lyle Craig 23-May-2010 08:09
I've seen the four corners crater on the weather segments on the news mostly every day. I'm glad I found your web site I think geologists need to get more involved and make a big issue about this crater. It might explain the petrified forest in Arizona and why there is a forest line that can be seen by satellite. The forest line, is what I call the differences between dry bare areas with no forest and all of a sudden you have a flourishing forest with rich soil. Research of different land masses is needed to explain the lack of forest in areas that are equivalent in elevation and rainfall. I'm from Crownpoint, NM, I can see the La Plata mountains from my back yard and its about 100 miles between locations. Its like looking into apart of the crater that ounce long ago had a different land feature with a thick forest flourishing clear across to the La Platas. The crater is so obvious and I can't believe nothing has been said on the discovery channel or National Geographics. I would appreciate some feed back on this topic and thanks again for pointing out this crater for people to see.

Sincerely ,

Lyle Craig
1211 Crpt, NM 87313
Louise 13-May-2010 04:25
Saved this link for those times I'm not feeling so well for I intend to return to this experience. The Best Shots slideshow is like tonic! Breathtakingly beautiful, all! Reminded how fortunate we are to be here on Earth. Thank you for sharing its magnificence!
isleman02-May-2010 13:36
Absoluely love your work! At the age of 50, I would love to be able to develope a fraction of your eye and abililty to capture such amazing shots. I am amazed at the sharpness, clarity, and brilliant colors of all of your shots. What, if any, post processing do you use? This is an area I am seriously lacking in. Currently using a Nikon D70s w/ 18-200mm zoom. Again, GREAT WORK! Saving your galleries as one of my favorites.
Guest 26-Apr-2010 03:49
Gorgeous galleries! Your name sounds familiar, I think we met when I first joined Pbase as Art2license, other account. It seemed like you had a nice photo of a lamb and we talked about beliefs. If not, I know you were one of my favorite artists.
Guest 29-Mar-2010 13:31
very nice site
Nella Pascal09-Mar-2010 10:17
Gordon, I've been your fan and follower for quite some time now. You are a true master of your craft. What a nice surprise that you stopped at my galleries too. Thank you. Nella
Mikaela 10-Feb-2010 13:03
Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us. You Winterlude 2010 photos are magical. I was witness to this extraordinary fireworks show and now, thanks to you, I can relive the magic anytime. Thanks you.
Steve Walker29-Jan-2010 12:23
It doesn't matter where you are, your photography is truely beautiful. But I do hope you will eventually get to head south again.
Guest 09-Jan-2010 13:09
Hi Gordon so sorry to hear about your recent visa problems - from the look of your most recent photos I can tell why you spend the winter south of the border. However your utter dedication in all weather to photography is an inspiration to us all. Yours truly is a wonderfull obsession and long may it continue and be published on pbase for us mere mortals to appreciate.
hermankervel06-Dec-2009 19:20
nice pictures
marjorie conroy03-Dec-2009 11:04
some wonderful images that demonstrate how less is truly more!
Nanc' 24-Nov-2009 15:40
I recieve so much pleasure from viewing your photos...just beautiful.
Joe B03-Nov-2009 06:12
Nice work
katezack 26-Oct-2009 12:53
Sorry to hear that you are not traveling. Have enjoyed your photographs for the past few years, but it doesn't seem to have stopped your wonderful photography. Lovely shots of Ottowa.
Marco Jansen04-Sep-2009 07:45
Thanks for your comment than i looked upon ur place and i was overwhelmed by color and composition.
How wonderful great inspiration!!


and regards
AL SAMHA EAST - RAZA20-Aug-2009 07:55

gary 11-Aug-2009 12:18

Great photos. My wife and I have had the pleasure of been to some of these places. We enjoy looking at the pictures of your journey. Thanks !

Guest 07-Aug-2009 14:09
Very nice work...captured the moods soo well.
Kate 05-Aug-2009 01:14
I have to tell you that I discovered your pbase site a few years ago and I just love your photos. You have really been an inspiration to me as a photographer. It is such a treat to follow you in your travels and I envy you that. Unfortunately my husband and I have to work right now, but we have a new camper and are looking forward to future trips, especially to Canada. I never really appreciated how lovely it is until I saw your photos. We have been for a couple of short trips to Nova Scotia and to Ottowa. Thank you for sharing.
Bernie 09-Jul-2009 15:20
Your photos are incredible! Absolutely beautiful work. Well done :D
Beth 14-Jun-2009 10:34
Your photos are amazing, thank-you for the inspiration and the insight to the beautiful places in the world.
M Hauss11-Jun-2009 21:55
Wow! Yours are some of the most fantastic galleries I have ever seen here! Simply marvelous.
Guest 27-May-2009 21:10
Gorgeous work! so beautfiful pictures...the tulips are amazing!
LWG 07-May-2009 03:19
Awesome photos !!!
I only wish I could shoot half as good as you. You have a keen eye for light, color and composition.
Thank You for sharing.
Guest 23-Apr-2009 19:28
Amazing gallery & extra photos
best regards from Poland
Guest 23-Mar-2009 16:12
Great pictures. The way you handle composition is great! "White Sands 32230" is stunning.
For sale?! Best regards Tomas Lange
Nancy 19-Mar-2009 22:27
Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them.
Guest 13-Mar-2009 19:12
I enjoyed your latest images. I have a question for you. What does "presidio" mean?
Guest 28-Jan-2009 17:56
I am so happy to have found this website, and it is now one of my favorites. It brings me so much joy every day.
RJvdLeij23-Jan-2009 23:14
I can only say that your Pictures with water and sun are just incredable! All of them!! well done!
Guest 18-Jan-2009 14:43
What a fantastic gallery, Very excellent work and enjoyed visiting your web site
Patrick Kealey15-Jan-2009 19:44
Outstanding Photos! Beautiful stuff!
Marc Vermeulen09-Jan-2009 00:54
Best wishes to you and to yours at 2009!
And thanks that you visit my site regulary.
Guest 31-Dec-2008 23:14
Great Galleries
Guest 26-Dec-2008 01:44
To Gordan W...
Photos, Wow! Made my christmas just looking at them. Always loved photography you have inspired me once again. Thank you! linda
Guest 25-Dec-2008 15:52
WOW! Stunning work! You are very talented. Thank you for sharing!
photoblogmaker19-Dec-2008 20:30
Vous êtes le meilleur, Gordon ! Votre travail est soutenu dans la beauté, la technique et les résultats obtenus en définitive...Vous êtes un "MASTER" de ce site !!! You're an master on PBase... Thank's for all beautiful pictures.
Also on:
fiery_angel10-Dec-2008 02:31
This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful galleries in PBASE.
VOTED x a million.
waykuhl07-Dec-2008 16:09
Gordon, You have a great eye for color and coposition, that you for sharing your pictures.
basri_eli06-Dec-2008 17:11
What an amazing gallery!!!
Stunning shots. One of the best galleries in Pbase.
Thanks for sharing us.
Guest 14-Sep-2008 16:38
Hi Gordon,
thank you for your comment.

Kind regards
Guest 12-Sep-2008 18:30
I just wandered through your incredible Canada galleries....omg, the way you capture light and colour is Wow!
I recently found my brother after searching for him for over 20 years, he lives in Quebec, I am in the U.S. So seeing the images you shared made it nice to connect to him in this way. I've never been to Canada or out of the U.S. - yet! - but one day I hope to and Canada is first on my list!
Thank you for sharing your work with me. I look forward to seeing more.
Guest 11-Sep-2008 16:51
Wow. I am impressed with your work. Nice to know you. I added you in my favourite so that i won't miss any of your photos. Thanks.
Marcia Rules11-Sep-2008 13:40
Hi Gordon, I absolutely LOVED your personal favorites! I can't pick a favorite yet but I will return later. Excellent eye for this type of work. I'd would love to hear from you in regards to my work...marcia
Pawel Kazmierczyk28-Aug-2008 13:15
Hej Gordon, amazing galleries.... You have a great eye for photography, and a unique sense of style. I have truly enjoyed going through your galleries - the range and variety of topics, the originality of viewpoint, and the quality. Well done, keep it up ! Greetings from Poland. Pawel
Diane Ramsey20-Aug-2008 15:47
Stunning galleries, Gordon. ALL of them!
Angeli Lok16-Aug-2008 16:10
Visiting your gallery is a great journey! Thanks for sharing!
Dave Hawkins07-Aug-2008 17:47
Hi Gordon,
What a stunning insect gallery!!!
Gar Cropser03-Aug-2008 23:44
Your galleries are amazing! Thanks for sharing. Gar
MrXon 16-Jul-2008 12:03
Fantastic galleries.
Guest 01-Jul-2008 15:45
Beautiful. Enjoy looking at your work. You have great talent.
Treas30-Jun-2008 13:13
Gordon, your Sunrises & Sunsets gallery is breathtaking. I am at a lose for words...
Guest 30-Jun-2008 02:49
Superb! The ones I looked at....there were so many.
Guest 03-Jun-2008 23:58
I loved viewing your galleries!! My goodness, I am in awe looking over all the beautiful, beautiful work you have put together here. Thank you so much for sharing!! Wow!
Best to you, Dawn
Ashish 30-May-2008 06:23
I'm a aspiring photographer and very often check random galleries on pbase to see how experts do photography differently.........but I got to say that never have I come across any gallery that has such amazing pictures, that its almost impossible to leave out even one picture and say that it wasn't that great. Thanks for the inspiration!
Guest 13-May-2008 13:05
Gordon, c'est un immense honneur pour moi de trouver un message de félicitations venant de vous sur une de mes images. J'espère bien, un jour, pouvoir faire d'aussi belles images que vous ! :-). Un fan.
Michal Leszczynski30-Apr-2008 11:07
You have amazing galleries and wonderful photos.
Tom Merigan28-Apr-2008 02:36
I enjoyed your galleries very much and thank yiu for your comment on my hummingbird Tom merigan ,Portola Valley,CA
Guest 20-Apr-2008 17:37
Thanks for your comments. I found your site a wonder to behold. Beautiful photography Gordon Very well done.
Guest 14-Apr-2008 15:04
Excellent photographer, high level images.
Guest 20-Mar-2008 09:29
Your work is excellent! Great!
Guy StV16-Mar-2008 14:48
You have wonderful galleries Gordon, I can see the eye of a pro. I like the compositon and the lighting in your pictures.

I hope you like Canada!!

John Cravatta08-Mar-2008 23:48
I wish my Canon 20D could take pictures as beautiful as your Canon 20D!
rollosphotos06-Mar-2008 17:13
Your galleries are exquisite and a pleasure to view. Each one has bright brilliant color and wonderful composition free from all distraction. Your comments and tips are appreciated, thanks for your inspiration!
Tom Merigan28-Feb-2008 19:17
Thanks for your nice comment on my bison. I am enjoying your excellent galleries Tom Merigan,Portola Valley,Ca
sand_shadow16-Feb-2008 13:36
Your galleries are so inspiring, Gordon. And I appreciate your 'how to' sections, too. You give a lot of aspiring photographers a boost with your comments, also.

May your memory card never be full nor your batteries empty! - steve
H M Schwieb07-Feb-2008 12:53
Awsome galleries, love the Sunrise Sunsets !!

Marcos de Pablo04-Feb-2008 22:20
Thank you for your comments in my PBase album. Could you tell me how you found it? Because it's only in Spanish, and not very much visited by people of other countries.

Anyway, I'm a real fan of your photos, and the truth is that you're the PBase master!!!
kimene S31-Jan-2008 04:26
Your work simply takes my breath away! Absolutely beautiful work Gordon.
Guest 30-Jan-2008 16:19
You have a Very good eye!, I love your photos!
Peter Stubley30-Jan-2008 14:51
I just wandered through your sunrises and sunsets gallery. Really nice work, and you have just raised the bar for me for what I think of as a "good" sunset shot. Thanks for sharing your work.
Guest 11-Jan-2008 10:03
As good a set of galleries as can be found on Pbase!
Guest 05-Jan-2008 12:01
Très grand travail, Gordon, que je contemple avec inspiration.
Bonne Année que j'espère riche en nouveaux clichés...
Lae 04-Jan-2008 02:47
gordon, you are simply the best!
i love your photos!

happy new year! with much more beautiful images, ever.
Narelle Power31-Dec-2007 12:08
I have been to your gallery often, and everytime I visit, I find something else that astounds me :) Keep it up - you are inspirational :)
kimene S19-Dec-2007 08:00
Thankyou gordon for sharing your absolutely beautiful images! Ever truly inspired! An honor!

wishing you a safe and wonderful christmas.
Annie 18-Dec-2007 07:15
Clean, clear and evocative. Your work is delicious.
Guest 09-Dec-2007 04:39
I really enjoyed your galleries and how you use light. I could not help noticing how and where you have traveled to all my favorite places. I am making the same retirement decision soon to spend more time behind the camera.
Guest 02-Dec-2007 18:32
Great Gallery
Rick Kobylinski29-Nov-2007 16:39
I love browsing through your galleries knowing that something will stick in the back of my brain that will help me take a better photograph someday. Inspirational compositions, colors and mood are all here. Keep up the good work.
Dan Opdal26-Nov-2007 18:16
Thank you Gordon for your comment on my stained glass image. A wonderful compliment after viewing your galleries of Incredible Photography!!! The Rainbow Panorama Over The Scugog River image - It just doesn't get any better than this. Once in a lifetime shot. Thanks Dan O
Guest 10-Nov-2007 18:43
I really enjoyed your whole gallery Gordon, I have been away from photography for 30 years and just returned full force one year ago. Your gallery is more than is an education to other photographers.
Thanks for sharing,
Bill Coberly
Raf07-Nov-2007 19:34
Time and again I am surprised by your amazing images. A joy to view your galleries and to learn from an experienced photographer. Thanks for sharing these beauties.
nicolebouglouan20-Oct-2007 14:50
You have wonderful pictures in your galleries. I particularly love your landscapes. Colours are as soft or hard, but always in perfect harmony with that the image means.
I'll come back! Thank you for your visit and comment in my gallery!
Best regards, Nicole
Jim Chiesa13-Oct-2007 09:08
Your shots are truly remarkable. Inspiring. Good lessons to learn from your experience and talent. Compared to my modest shots I feel that I still have a long way to go before reaching the same level of expertise. Am glad that, by chance, I fell onto your galleries that I have bookmarked to definitely return ;-)
Best wishes
Ashley Hockenberry01-Oct-2007 17:27

Thanks for dropping by my Toronto gallery and for the comments.
Definitely go to the Toronto Islands and Hanlons Point for good Toronto shots.
The ferry system at the foot of Bay Street will take you to Centre Island, Wards Island etc. You can access all Isalnds from Centre Island and bridges.


Guest 28-Sep-2007 14:22
You are an amazing photographer. I've been viewing the images in awe. Your timing is always just right! You truly are a master of photography. Hope to see more soon!
Raymond J Barlow25-Sep-2007 19:51
Hi Gordon

I very much enjoyed your images, a wonderful talent you have., regards, and take care.
Guest 23-Sep-2007 11:06
Just wanna say that your galleries are superb.
Thanks for sharing.

May Hamnes23-Sep-2007 11:01
Thank you for your kind comment. I really enjoyed a journey through your galleries. Very impressive - beautiful photos.
Guest 17-Sep-2007 20:39
Fabulous photos Gordon - well done, a pleasure to view.
Guest 15-Sep-2007 16:36
A very nice collection of photos Gordon
Guest 13-Sep-2007 16:09
Great Gallery
Guest 13-Sep-2007 13:01
Your images are always incredible. I find myself drawn back to your images like a moth to a lantern. I can't say enough about your work!!!! Kudos!!!
Guest 01-Sep-2007 14:03
you've got my vote for almost all of your gallerys. Really outstanding, super. Thank you for sharing with us.
Margot W27-Aug-2007 15:02
I am enjoying your galleries.
So much to see and learn.
I'll be back again and again.
John Glines22-Aug-2007 17:51
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on one of my photos taken in Angkor. Best thing was that it led me to your photos, which are truly spectacular.
Guest 14-Aug-2007 20:03
WOW. Excellent job. Very nice galleries. Amazing pictures. You are great photographer.
Will check your gallery again later.
Best regards.

Guest 14-Aug-2007 13:56
Thanks Gordon, for visiting my galleries and your kind comments. Regars. Pablo.
Jeff Cochran04-Aug-2007 14:19
Beautiful images, cheers.
James30-Jul-2007 20:03
Hey Gordon,
Thanks for you comment. Your gallaries are full of amazingly well captured images. The years of experience is evident in every shot. For me, they're an inspiration to improve. Thanks for sharing.
Guest 21-Jul-2007 14:49

You are easily one of the greatest photographers I've ever seen. What I'd give for a couple of hours to sit and chew the fat. Fabulous work.

Don Risi
Guest 12-Jul-2007 15:41
Your captures are absolutely stunning! I'm glad I found your page. :)
Bob Reynolds17-Jun-2007 05:10
I really enjoyed your galleries Gordon. You have a fantastic eye and an obvious talent for composition and capturing uniquely beautiful images. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
Guest 22-May-2007 11:51

You have a lot of stunning images of some equally stunning locations. I trust you are enjoying your oddysey!
Guest 01-May-2007 12:47
wow! super site. i will be back now and then. keep up. cheerzzzzzzz
Barry S Moore26-Apr-2007 09:38
Gordon, I loved flicking through your gallerys. Very impressed and I will return when I need a lift up in my spirits and some inspiration.
Guest 03-Apr-2007 09:18
Dear Gordon,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Jorge Benavente28-Feb-2007 04:44
Petra Wezelman25-Feb-2007 12:22
Hi Gordon,
You have some realy nice galleries!!
Guest 23-Feb-2007 13:19
Gorden, Your photos are an inspiration to us all. Your work is of the highest quality. Cheers, Steve
regi olbrechts22-Feb-2007 10:28
I saw your work before, and today, completely by coincidence, I'm impressed again! Keep on shooting Gordon! BRAVO!!
yoram shpirer21-Feb-2007 19:12
Hi Gordon
Your galleries are brilliant; you must have a lot of patience to get the shots, very enjoyable to browse through.
rbfresno19-Feb-2007 08:24
Fantastic images. As a relatively new photographer, I find your work very inspiring!
JOSE MATA19-Feb-2007 01:49

Guest 18-Feb-2007 22:31
Nice Gallery
Guest 14-Feb-2007 11:33
Wonderful effects, a most entertaining ART gallery
Federico D'Incà14-Feb-2007 00:54
Great photos Gordon....tks for sharing !!
J Rayner08-Feb-2007 00:21
A fantastic and diverse collection of photographs beautifully shot and processed.
Look forward to visiting again.
Kind Regards,
Gar Cropser30-Jan-2007 01:12
You have wonderful work. Great comps. and color.
Greg Christie21-Jan-2007 23:23
Gordon, thanks for the comment on my comet photo. You're obviously having an enjoyable retirement and producing great images on the way. I look forward to going through your galleries in detail. Cheers Greg
Guest 10-Jan-2007 12:37
Great galleries Gordon! Very nice composition and great polished work. What do you use for post processing?
John Carman31-Dec-2006 15:19
I don’t think there’s any keeping up with you! It’s just one incredible posting after another. It’s like we’re playing with bbguns and your playing with a bazooka. Just doesn’t seem fair. LOL You make checking out my Pbase Favorites list so much fun. Absolutely amazing collection of work, truly inspirational. All the best, john c
Julien G.30-Dec-2006 01:42
These galleries definitely stand among the very best around here - particularly your flowers and abstracts ones. All I can say is WOW! Thank you for sharing such a great work and thank you very much for your kind comments as well!
André Bessot28-Dec-2006 13:52
I wish you a Happy New Year.
Best regards.
Mark25-Dec-2006 21:24
Some great stuff here, voted!

Naturephoto Monique20-Dec-2006 10:54
Beautiful galleries, you are very talented, my compliments Gordon!
Robyco06-Dec-2006 13:46
Saw your island pictures witch are great.
Then looked for what you have done more.....
I just starting at your gallerie and have to take a second, third look.
You have the same combination used as I and want to learn from you.
I will be back.
Kevin P04-Dec-2006 01:37
as we say down south, Good God in Gulport your galleries are awesome!
Kevin P.
Lafayette, LA
Mark Elert30-Nov-2006 22:17
You really have a lot of fantastic pictures in your galleries. Something worth visiting and revisiting.
Greg Little27-Nov-2006 21:09
Very nice galleries Gordon. I enjoyed all of those I looked through. You have a lot here. I'll certainly be back to visit more.
Kat23-Nov-2006 13:25
Thank you very much for sharing your photos on Pbase. It will take me a long time to look through all of them. You're in my Favourites in any case, so I will always find my way back to you.
Richard Sexton 08-Nov-2006 19:46
Great shots !!! And thanks for your unwitting help. I studied your shots and exif info with the Canon 18-85 mm IS lens before my purchase. Helped me exploit the sweet spots of the lens with less trial and error. I aspire to come close to your work but, I'm no pro. Again thanks.
Guest 27-Oct-2006 13:37
hi, I enjoyed visiting your site and I'm glad you want to share your photo's with us!
They are outstanding and I still haven't seen them all! I will visit again!
Cheryl Klym-Edwards17-Oct-2006 18:14
Viewing your site and enjoying your photos are part of my daily routine. You really are an inspiration to everyone who enjoys the world of photography. Thank you very much for taking the time to share such an important part of your life with us! You truly are...outstanding!
Guest 11-Oct-2006 12:58

Thanks for sharing your wonderful images! I am also heartened that you share expertise. I believe it to be an important part of the photographic experience, one too often ignored by the more accomplished. Your galleries are stunning, everytime I think I'm getting somewhere, I have the good fortune of clicking on a collection like yours that quickly grounds/humbles me.
James02-Oct-2006 15:22
Hey Gordon,
Thanks for your comments. Coming from such an accomplished artist I'm humbled. Your galleries are stunning. Great composition and balance. Thanks for sharing. (V)
Guest 02-Oct-2006 11:24
just great, one from the best albums!!!!
Guest 01-Oct-2006 17:59
Your galleries are wonderful...and the information you share is very much appreciated.
Thank you...thank you...thank you.
Guest 27-Sep-2006 07:00
Gordon, after spending a great deal of time looking through your galleries, I am truly impressed! Wow. You've managed to capture slices of Americana in a most remarkable and colorful way. That you took the time to visit and compliment my galleries is a compliment indeed!
Bill Warren19-Sep-2006 22:17
Thanks for commenting on one of my photos. I had been to your galleries before and really enjoyed coming back again.
Joe Surdoval08-Sep-2006 04:39
Congratulations on a great body of work! I am especially struck by the great shots that you've gotten with lenses that are not favorites of the pundits. I don't believe that I've ever seen as many great pictures taken with the Canon EF-S 17-85 from one photographer before. I have that lens and have always appreciated its great focal length range on a 20D, but was was starting to believe its critics and keeping it off my camera. You've motivated me to give it another try. Thanks!
Guest 06-Sep-2006 15:32
Extremely interesting QUALITY looking
Guest 31-Aug-2006 14:44
Excellent pictures .. will revist your gallery again. Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers!! Jay
Kasia Guess29-Aug-2006 17:21
Hi Gordon,
you've got lots of excellent pictures here
Kilkenny Photographic Society23-Aug-2006 14:47
Hi Gordon,
First say i am very impressed of ur life and very good idea abought choice of fotography size,many people dont thinking that,
and then thank u for a second big vote of my picture,its really lovely see some good result ,special if i try working seriously 1 year only (as hobby photographer),when i did bought my sigma camera,is not a best,but i like that :-) cant wait for next one from sigma,but...................So,Thank You VERY MUCH and Well Done For YOU!!!!!!!
Guest 23-Aug-2006 10:49
Hi Gordon,

Your pictures are great.
I love the variety in your pictures.

Ania Baturo08-Aug-2006 10:55
Beautiful, wonderful pictures. Thanks for pleasure to visit your gallery. Ania
Elizabeth Burns24-Jul-2006 20:54
I really like your work very much, will have to come back and check out the new gallery additions in the future
William Hartshorn18-Jul-2006 05:21
Gordon......Spent quite awhile exploring your imagery......Great eye and imagination!!
Best to you! William
Mamnur15-Jul-2006 01:09
Your galleries are amazing. You are one of the best among us. I salute you. I wish that you were my teacher (seriously).
Thank you,
Guest 13-Jul-2006 12:55
great galleries and great pictures, love to see it all
chasp08-Jul-2006 13:14
Wonderful set of galleries. Your dad started you on a great path. I, like you, was into photography in my youth, but marriage, kids, and the associated costs took up the budget for film. I discovered digital 2 years ago, and love it.

Your composition and exposure techniques are wonderful, but you color editing really makes your stuff stand out (IMHO). If you have any tips on how you achieve your results, I would love to hear them. (other than the fact you use an apple. :) In any case, well done, and you are definitiely on my favorites list.

Guest 30-Jun-2006 13:07
Guest 29-Jun-2006 11:23
I really enjoy clicking every single photos in your gallery. Indeed your captures are great. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Zainudin - Malaysia
Guest 24-Jun-2006 12:09

Hi Gordon!

It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries!

Your images are truly magnificent.

One of the best galleries I have seen. Simply beautiful!

Best Regards & Congratulations!

Tad Janocinski - Australia
Guest 22-Jun-2006 06:39
I really enjoyed looking through your galleries. Wonderful work!
Guest 13-Jun-2006 12:22
Just stumbled across this site and your Sedona photos caught my eye. Beautiful work. I live in Taos part of the year and think you truly caught the magic of the Southwest landscape. Or, since we're talking about Sedona, the aura.
Guest 13-Jun-2006 04:01
Hello Gordon,
Your galleries was just fabulous, i'm still young now, you made me to make up my mind to travel all over north America to discover the sceneries in depth. Well, only, someday, when I get to do the things whatever I want just like you and your wife. I envy you, really!
But before that, I'll be the truly fan of your galleries!
Zane Paxton10-Jun-2006 05:57
I really enjoyed your galleries; wonderful work Gordon!
Guest 05-Jun-2006 20:18
dear Gordon

You are a true "champion" of compositions. Pin sharp, lovely colours.. sigh..
Great work
Alida Thorpe03-Jun-2006 16:52
I made a repeat visit and I enjoyed my trip through your galleries. Nice work and a pleasure ot visit again. I especially like your vibrant colors. Alida
Guest 02-Jun-2006 13:47
You are a magnificent artist, but obviously also a generous person. Many people will dreive pleasure( and instruction) from your galleries. Best wishes from Manitoba.
Guest 01-Jun-2006 19:10
You have captured images that are absolutely breathtaking. I enjoyed looking at all of your galleries. Your photos provide a perfect break in the day....great job!
Chuck Murray31-May-2006 07:14
The White Sands gallery was particularly impressive. Very nice work with, I assume, photoshop. Your colors are richly saturated without being overdone. All of the images I looked at had a purity I find comforting to the eyes. I am almost afraid to go straight back to the gallery I just posted after looking these images that were abviously prepared with great care.

Guest 29-May-2006 04:02
Very nice photos and very nice, clever ideas!! Keep shootin'! ;)
HELENA AFONSO26-May-2006 20:12
A fantastik collection of galleries and photos, specially the colours and light you so well explore, congratulations, Helena
Sergio Rojkes24-May-2006 13:12
Thank you for the nice comments! See you around?
Alida Thorpe04-May-2006 11:56
I enjoyed looking through your galleries. You have some amazing shots and I like the variety of photos you chose. I can never see enough good photography! Alida
Guest 30-Apr-2006 09:45
Fantastic gallery, thanks for sharing and keep up the excellent work.
Ron S. Bernardo16-Apr-2006 17:16
Your works are outstanding! I really like the blending of colours and motions in your images.
Glyn Curtis08-Apr-2006 11:45
Love you photography wish I had that scenery close to me, you have really good shots of London and have given a different angle on historical places I have not seen before.
Oakshores06-Apr-2006 10:58
You are incredibly gifted photographer. Your eye for a photo opportunity is something not many people have. I know I don't. Enjoyed photos very VERY much.
Tracy Howell02-Apr-2006 17:04
You really do have some very beautifull work in your galleries.Fantistic and i will be back again when i have more time to have a better look.
Guest 25-Mar-2006 17:36
very talented, your style is gorgeous. thanks a lot for sharing!
Guest 18-Mar-2006 15:14
Every single picture of yours is beautifully designed and captured. Congrat!
Gus & Gerry 12-Mar-2006 17:53
Hello Gordon,

After discovering your galleries I found that if I left comments on all I liked I would be at my computer all day! For now let me just say to you that I think yours is some of the finest photography I have ever run across. Double bravo to you! Great work!
Yves Dubois03-Mar-2006 11:28
I am impressed with the beauty and perspective of your oeuvre. You capture the mood of your subject very well and you have an excellent way with colour.
Guest 25-Feb-2006 02:36
Beautiful photos. I'm very impressed with the variety of subjects you are able to capture very well.
Guest 16-Feb-2006 18:39
Hi Gordon,

I really admire your galleries. You capture the essence that every scene has to give. Thanks for sharing.


AL13-Feb-2006 03:06
Appreciated your kind comment, especially coming from such a great photographer. You've been my fave since I started on pbase and I've been silently studying your galleries and tips. Thanks for sharing your wonderful collection and look forward to learning more from you.
Best regards
Ai Li
Guest 06-Feb-2006 04:16
Gordon, these are very lovely and inspiring images. Thanks for sharing them. Cheers Wendy
Streetworks Photography01-Feb-2006 18:07
Your work continues to inspire -- you have such a great eye for compelling compositions.
I like your retirement plan and would like to do the same thing myself when the time comes,
csmallari28-Jan-2006 22:48
Thank you so much for the nice comments regarding the praying mantis photo and by doing so, you gave me a chance to see one of the wonderful galleries that I have ever seen -> your galleries. You are such a talented photographer and I pray that God will give you many more wonderful surprises to photograph and experience :-)
Guest 29-Dec-2005 23:42
Gordon, lovely gallery!! so many interesting stuff here.. that I have to come back again :-)
gavin steel 26-Dec-2005 20:48
stumbled on your fabulous gallery of work when searching for "Salt n pepper" grinding mills.You are now on my favourites list. Gavin , Glasgow - Scotland - Superb work!
Offer Goldfarb17-Dec-2005 19:47
Hi Gordon
i think you are a great artist !
keep doing your outstanding work !
please visit me at
take care
Kamran 13-Dec-2005 02:04
Awesome gallery
Dawid Wnuk Photography10-Dec-2005 12:13

I'm a young photogrpher from Poland eager to learn photography. And when I see Your photos, Gordon, I see I still have a long way before me. Your work is superb, I deeply admire the talent and skill You have and only wish I could ever be as good...

As I'm starting here on PBase I'd be really a great honor for me if You could just browse through my galleries and maybe leave a comment or two if You like anything.

Great thanks for sharing such a wonderful art. Regards.

David Wnuk
Charlie McCartney 08-Dec-2005 12:36
Gordon, Really enjoyed a look around your galleries. You have a great eye for a shot. Thanks for sharing your images.
robin samper 29-Nov-2005 19:12
i am very interested in a print of the pinapple fountain, this is a christmas gift, so I need it asap! please contact me to further discuss.

Thank you!
Guest 28-Nov-2005 04:59
i dont know how you did it but your photo-a-day gallery is really amazing. how do you get yourself inspire to shoot a photo everyday...? very nice gallery.
Cowichan Valley Camera Club27-Nov-2005 17:40
Really enjoyed your Galleries.
Richard Haas 23-Nov-2005 13:51
could you please contact me. Thanks in advance
Guest 22-Nov-2005 23:48
Thanks Gordon for the nice comment on my water falls picture...
Sergio Padura19-Nov-2005 17:07
I must say how enchanted I am after watching your galleries. Love the simple and clean compositions, filling the frame a few elements perfectly placed for a pleasant balance. Nice natural colours and outstanding lighting. On my favs now, thanks for sharing and teaching.

Richard Haas 16-Nov-2005 14:50
could you please contact me. Thanks in advance
Guest 13-Nov-2005 16:49
Maravillosas fotos
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
Anne 08-Nov-2005 17:18
Your images are amazing and VERY inspiring, Gordon. But, just when I think I'm improving a little, you raise the bar another five notches! I'll be visiting again.
Iris 08-Nov-2005 13:19
Gordon, you have such wonderful shots. Is it okay if I print your pictures for my home decorations? Let me know please.
Jom 08-Nov-2005 09:45
Just WOW (lol)
Audrey Reid26-Oct-2005 12:10
Hi Gordon, Your new homeland Vancouver is a beautiful little piece of heaven on earth. You and your camera skills have captured its scenes perfectly. There are so very many photos in your portfolio that one needs plenty of time to tour and enjoy each. I shall be back often for 'bite sizes':)
caveman_lee25-Oct-2005 15:57
Hi Gordon,

I wish I could have my "Photo Odyssey" twenty years later. But I may not be able to take some many masterpieces like you. Will come back to check your latest upload from time to time.
Menno Alberts22-Oct-2005 14:00
Hi Gordon! I just checked out your galleries and wanted to let you know about my appreciation! Your sense of seeing and feeling situations and capturing them is very good! All images have an incredible atmosphere! - Menno
Guest 22-Oct-2005 12:57
You are an exquisite photographer. Colour ,composition and an eye to find the jewel in a scene.
I will continue to enjoy
Guest 18-Oct-2005 20:18
Gordon, you have some woderful captures!

christine 13-Oct-2005 23:01
I love your work. it has is own style and grace.
Guest 06-Oct-2005 00:02
Great use of color. Really enjoyed your galleries. Thanks for sharing them.
Tom Howerton02-Oct-2005 03:20

Kathy Pilgrim19-Sep-2005 12:10
I just found your galleries Gorden and find them a visual delight! I will keep returning until I see them all. Kathy
moon 16-Sep-2005 10:23
well done!
Beautiful collections!
Guest 06-Sep-2005 12:29
Wow! Great colours...

Thu 01-Sep-2005 01:57
Hi there! =P

Just another admirer of good photography, and a good photographer.

It's great to see more of Canada (and the US) being exposed for just how beatiful they can be.

BTW, thanks for the Photoshop tips. Some of the colour in your shots are fantastic!

Manuel 31-Aug-2005 14:29
Great galleries, congratulations.
I just added your page to my favorites list, for me photography is a new hobby that I wish to develop and your work is inspirational.
Keep shoting.
rbfresno28-Aug-2005 16:14
Superb compositions and technique! Masterful control of your images. Inspirational. I've added you to my "favorites" list.
Guest 25-Aug-2005 16:10
Wonderful pictures of Scugog and area!!! I live not too far away (1/2 way between Lindsay and Toronto!). Beautiful work - much appreciated.

Guest 19-Aug-2005 17:00
Wow. Great photos.
I've decided Canada has some of the world's best photographers.
Guest 08-Aug-2005 13:56
I began to post here at PBase about 2 months ago, and many, many times I have enjoyed your fabolous photos in here....After using Olympus 5060 since it was launched, I finally Invested in the 20D about 10 days ago. The photos in your galleries is such a great testimonial for that Camera...Now I just have to get on a higher level personally -Because obviously it takes more than a good camera to do the kind of shots that you have in your galleries...and I am really going through many challenges with the D20 at the moment...its like starting alllllll over again..., But I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the inspiration you have been to me the last couple of months..
Guest 04-Aug-2005 14:07
Guest 01-Aug-2005 23:27
Gordon, Beautiful collection! My wife and I spent ten days on 31 mile lake north of Ottawa in July and your photos captured areas of Ottawa that we were unable to see! Thanks for the tour!
charito 26-Jul-2005 13:21
Iris 26-Jul-2005 13:07
Hello, Gordon. What an excellent gallery. I myself can't wait to retire to have all the time for photography. I'm a beginner, but sadly, lacks the time to practice.
Guest 22-Jul-2005 19:13
Nice pics! keep shooting, courtney
oksana_p21-Jul-2005 09:54
Great photos! Thanks for sharing them!

JEFF QUARLES 09-Jul-2005 11:25
I don't know how you and some of the other greats pull off such great shots, but wonderful stuff...Maybe one day I will find out some of the secrets to those perfect moments.
Robb 07-Jul-2005 22:52
Dificult media is the expressionism through imagery, and you quite efficiently have grasped shooting the "Sea Scape" genre, with an apparent passion for the type.
I came to my conclusion after looking at your other photos, and found my eye drawn to the
high contrast, overwhelming appeal on a tonal range that seems to have a warm, and deeper
range of color and emotion most noted in your shots of "Water Lines" and "Coastal Scenery", in contrast to a drawn out and bland essence inherent to all other images in your portfolio.
Do not get me wrong, your compositions are excellent, but you have real power within
what could be construed as "Your Medium", resting with the water/coast, of which not in,
very many can say that they excel.
There are those who know the rules of composition and can take an appropriately layed out
photograph, and then there are those of whom, like you that feel their way into the photo
shot, like slipping into a warm bath on a cold day, and letting the shot explain itself,
and see the whole endeavor like a jeweler would vision a the ring as a setting, but no
less the importance, than the jewel itself, as the elements are relative to one another,
and may even in the great scheme of things cease to exist without the other.
Thanks for the opportunity you have given me and everyone else to actually see that the
sciences, now known as "Art" did not die with the masters, but is only expanding itself
through new masters yet to be.

Have a good day, and keep your lense dusted!
Gul Chotrani05-Jul-2005 03:42
Hi Gordon......

Yes, it's the Taj Mahal. The day was over cast and I was getting 'foggy' images, so I just have to improvise thru pp.

Enjoyed looking at your gallery. I think you should seriously consider world travel, now that you've got the time.
Guest 01-Jul-2005 19:07
Hi Gordon,
you have really beautiful galleries and I'll come back with more time to enjoy the trip!
Best wishes,
Guest 28-Jun-2005 19:09
What a wonderful gallery, that I ever seen!
Al 25-Jun-2005 16:56
You may be an excellent photographer, but you are an INSPIRED artist !
Naturephoto Monique21-Jun-2005 11:55
Excellent galleries, i'm impressed.....

Guest 18-Jun-2005 13:54
Great Photo`s.. and Gallery
Guest 13-Jun-2005 12:26
Great galleries, you definately have a great eye to see things. Inspiring!
Sharon St.John 09-May-2005 05:17
You are a true master! I have book marked your web site and have come back to enjoy your art many times. I especially love the photos of your wife and grandchildren. Adorable and awesome. Thank you for sharing!
Guest 01-May-2005 02:39
WOW..I think EVERY single photograph is composed at it's best capability.
I love the way you make such a simple subject so appealing.
Hat's off to you..bravo.. quite a remarkable gallery...
Tim W 15-Apr-2005 19:16

Wonderful beautiful work!

I was turned on to pbase through the Keyhole BBS:

Keyhole is a very cool (if you have not seen already) aerial and sat image streaming app.

Without hockey seems like a great time to travel North America!

If you get to San Jose, CA drop line!

Tim W
Guest 28-Mar-2005 16:39
YOU are a master! I especially love your Southwest Desert work.
alexeig19-Mar-2005 21:18
Gordon, many thanks for visiting my galleries. This reminded me to pay a reciprocal visit and I was overawed by the beauty of your images, I shoud definitely come more frequently.

One thing: I was absolutely amazed by your colors, especially blues but not only. They have depth and they are very contrasty and saturated and at the same time they are not excessive. Any word of wisdom how to achieve a similar wonder will be highly appreciated

My only regret is that you show your images in such a small size, something about 800xsmth will make them more justice


Bill Ewart Jr 17-Mar-2005 23:07
Fantastic!!! Superb!!!!! Love the colors!!! These photos are nothing short of inspirational! .........Bill
Ernest 17-Mar-2005 16:18
Hello Gordon,
As an oldtime all around shooter myself, I am very much impressed with your extensive and varied photography talent. Bravo and keep going. Like myself, my interest got going again after discovering the digital world. You are a great talent, keep going....Ernest.
Guest 03-Mar-2005 21:02
Hey, Gordon! Nice works you have here, I enjoyed every photo! You have a good vision and technicks! Abstract photos are great too! Good luck! Keep on shooting! Best regards, Ekaterina.
Pan Walker 03-Mar-2005 18:01
great work, gordon! i would like to inquire about purchasing rights to a photo for use in a tv commercial to air locally in charleston.

please email me:
Fred Parsons02-Mar-2005 17:12
I don't know how I missed your galleries in the past, but glad for the chance to quickly review them now and bookmarked to go back to study and learn more. Your work makes me realize how one dimensional my work as a landscape photographer is. Your eye for design from the architectural is really outstanding and makes me realize how much I must have missed in this area. You are one of several "just over the line" from me in New Hampshire that are doing outstanding work. Will look forward to seeing more. Hope you get a chance to visit my galleries. Fred
Guest 01-Mar-2005 23:00
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
Guest 28-Feb-2005 05:40
I hate people like you! Your photos make me feel so inept. You have such talent and vision. Congratulations. Keep them coming, I need some decent photos for my desktop since I can't seem to take any. Thank you for sharing.
s_barbour25-Feb-2005 23:27
Hi Gordon,
Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous! I can see the passion that you have for photography through your pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Keith Towers 25-Feb-2005 18:52
Thank you, Gordon for sharing your work. Some real good stuff here. Canada is a beautiful place to take pictures, especially in the spring or fall. Keep up the good work and enjoy.

Brian 09-Feb-2005 01:20
Dear Gordon,

I would like to speak with you with regard to purchasing one of your photographs I love your work and one of your photos would be absolutely perfect for what I need. Please contact me at:
Peter Chou30-Jan-2005 08:09
Fantastic landscapes and travel photos! Do take a look at my humble gallery for photos of South East Asia and I am most appreciative of your comments and advices.
Guest 29-Jan-2005 22:16
How fortunate you are! You're images are shows the love you have for what you do! What a talent and eye!
I too have a Canon 20D coming from a Canon powershot. I have a dream of doing this full time once my daughter goes to college.
I have you bookmarked and will be back to view your future work!!
Love it!
~ Dee in MO
Guest 28-Jan-2005 15:49
Hi Gordon,

Your galleries are outstanding, and I do agree with the fact that camera is only a tool for picture taking, what matters which turns a picture into a masterpiece is the post-processing (i.e. darkroom or Photoshop). I'm just a beginner in Photoshop but already realized the power and capability of it, and I really enjoy using it. No more messy chemicals and hiding in the basement during the darkroom days.

I really envy your job as a commercial photographer, was that your full-time career or just freelance? I found it really hard to find such kind of jobs in the market, it's not the kind of jobs we see everyday in the classified. Would you mind telling me how you start this wonderful career? Thanks Gordon.

Gordon W25-Jan-2005 06:55
Songwriter, a Nikon D70 will take fine photos, as will any dSLR, that for all practical purposes would be indistinguishable from those taken with a Canon 20D. The 20D takes 8MP images while the D70 takes 6MP images. This isn't a huge difference in resolution and mostly allows for greater flexibility in cropping. However, a lot of the look my imagery has comes from what I do with the shots in Photoshop rather than which camera I used, same as in the film days with using darkroom skills.
Songwriter 25-Jan-2005 00:47
Hi Gordon,

I just stumbled upon your photographs. I love them. They are so beautiful that I bookmarked them! You are very talented, indeed!

I want to start taking artistic photographs. I notice that you use the Canon EOS 20D. That looks like a fine camera. However, I can't really afford it right now. Someone suggested I purchase a Digital Nikon D70 SLR. Would this camera allow me to take the came quality photographs that you have taken? I know it's all about talent and eye. But I'm talking when it comes to the quality of the image.

Thanks for your help and I will be back to see more!
Richard Haas 24-Jan-2005 08:53
Could you please contact me. Thanks in advance
Rene 16-Jan-2005 23:31
Stunning pictures. I really do not know what to say what hasn't been posted allready. Beautifull work !!!
Guest 10-Jan-2005 13:49
Gordon, just returned to your galleries yet again.
My best shots is just so good.
Well done.
Baskar B 04-Jan-2005 21:54
Hi Gordon, What a fine gallery! So many beautiful images. You really bring the photos to life. But the best is your 'art' images - outstanding! Your work proves that great images don't just pop out of a top spec camera - Its the photographer's talent that shines through the equipment. May I congratulate you on your fabulous work. I have just started my gallery here in Pbase at Would appreciate if you could take a look. Thanks
Jakob Ehrensvärd01-Jan-2005 12:57
Very nice images indeed - good work !
Gordon W21-Dec-2004 11:32
Thanks for the very kind words, Jaymz. I use the Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS 4-5.6 lens that came with the camera as a kit and the Canon EF 75-300mm IS 4-5.6 lens. I've read good and bad reports on both these lenses and neither are 'L' glass but are certainly good enough for my purposes where lens bulk and weight are more important factors than having f2.8. You will read good and bad comments on anything so I don't take things written by other people too seriously until I see for myself. I recommend this as a good policy.
Jaymz 21-Dec-2004 02:15
Hey Gordon,

Let me start by saying WOW!!! I am sitting here simply stunned ... your work is awesome! I especially love what you've been doing with the new Canon 20D. Would you mind sharing what lenses your are using with it.

An email would rock!


Gordon W20-Nov-2004 23:55
Hi Pam. Thanks for your message. You are much too kind.

I'm looking to buy a Minolta 7D dSLR as soon as I can find one (it has the same image stabilization technology that's in my A2 and I'd miss that in any other dSLR), but while the 7D will expand my options as to lenses and sensor sensitivity I don't expect it to otherwise produce a significant difference in my imagery since better tools don't make one a better craftsman.

Also thanks for your compliment on my post-processing. I relate PP to what we used to do in the darkroom and what was done there was often as important to the final print as shooting the shot, so it's nice to hear from someone who has an appreciation of PP's value. Many don't, which always amazes me.

Glad you've enjoyed my galleries.
Guest 20-Nov-2004 23:26
Gordon, you are a master with your current camera. Can't imagine what you will do with a digital SLR! You also have a wonderful understanding of post processing which is a downfall for a lot of digital photographers. I've enjoyed all your galleries and have bookmarked it for future visits.

Gordon W18-Nov-2004 17:53
Thanks for all your kind words, Selvin.
Selvin Chance18-Nov-2004 17:16
Gordon, lovely work. Canada looks so good maybe it's time for another visit. this time ith my trusty digital camera. Looking at your A2 work sets a high mark for excellence.
Dianne S 14-Nov-2004 18:58
Hello Gordon

Your pictures are awesome. Being an avid hiker in Algonquin Park I especially like your photos of the Park; so many I am familiar with. I have hiked every trail within the park, some more than once and your pictures take me back. Keep hiking, snapping and posting - I look forward to future pictures. Will we see winter photos of the Park?

Thank you
Guest 14-Nov-2004 10:42
Hi Gordon
I do envy you as you live in a very beautiful country. But what I envy you most is your eye which captures all the wonderful shots here in your galleries. And you are so sensitive to the colours around you.
Thanks for sharing them.
Guest 13-Nov-2004 19:28
Your photos are such an inspiration for me! Fantastic images!
// Robert
Jeff Cochran28-Oct-2004 22:24
Wonderful galleries.
TEDCATH - Paris 28-Oct-2004 09:37
Tout cela est bien beau et dénote une perception
très juste de la nature telle que cela devrait
toujours être le cas : Gordon, bravo et surtout,
Ernest Flood 22-Oct-2004 11:46
Great pictures....Made want to stop what I was doing and head north.
Lee12-Oct-2004 02:43
Enjoyed your galleries. Keep them coming!
Guest 04-Oct-2004 13:03
my first upload... definately have to learn to make things smaller...

take a peek... ...your comments are more than welcome!

Hope you enjoyed your trip!
Regards to your "companions"
Andy Ruina 03-Oct-2004 17:00
Gordon: Oct 3, 2004

I recently bought a KM A2. I'm playing with it, reading discussions, etc. But it is still dizzying.
Also, when reading advice one doesn't necessarily know how much to value it.

On the other hand they always say: if you want to do something well mimic someone who does it well.
You are clearly very good with your camera.

Do you have a write-up anywhere on the web or not of how you use your camera. What settings do you
use? What don't you use? What settings do you pay attention to? What do you ignore? Any defaults
you use when you are in a hurry. Etc. Not that I'd expect you to claim you know the optimal approach. But you clearly know a quite functional approach.

There is too much on this camera for anyone to reasonably explore all options. So the most efficient
would be to imitate the options that someone successful uses, then play. I'd like to know what you

Perhaps I missed this in my readings here and there. Or maybe you don't have such.

I am not a regular reader of your message board, so an email would be appreciated:
Steve 26-Aug-2004 23:29
I witnessed your talents as a graphic designer and now I am impressed with your photographic talents as well. I visit this sight often for inspiration.


P.S. The printers are working perfectly.
Neil Paskin22-Aug-2004 09:20
Hi Gordon, I really enjoy looking at your work and it is as always a great inspiration to me.

Gordon W10-Aug-2004 10:33
I'll do that, Dennis. Thanks. Vancouver and Vancouver Island are two definite spots we're planning on seeing extensively, although not sure yet when we'll make it out that way. Companions will just be the wife and dog.
Guest 10-Aug-2004 05:14
If your headed out to beautiful Vancouver at any time , give me a shout.
Would be fun to meet you and your companions.
Guest 08-Aug-2004 02:21
Always nice to see another Ottawan on PBase! Nice work.

aka yduckie