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My Best Shots

Of the more than 200,000 photographs I've taken since going digital in 1999, the ones in this gallery
and in its subgalleries (first four thumbnails below) are what I consider to be among my best.

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Most Viewed Photos
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Best of 1998 to Early 2004
<< Best of 1998 to Early 2004 >>
Best of the Photo Odyssey
<< Best of the Photo Odyssey >>
Personal Favorites
<< Personal Favorites >>
Lone Tree In Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN39562 House Sparrow Stare Down DSCN39660 (crop) Turtle Island At Dawn DSCN39058-60 Smokehouse Smoking In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1590112
Skein of Geese Over Rising Beaver Full Moon P1570589 Frosty Misty Sunrise DSCN48607-9 Rolls In The Hay (Stubble) DSCN26598 Red Sun Rising Beyond Ground Fog DSCN34507
Crepuscular Rays Over Ground Fog DSCN29001-3 Railway Museum Of Eastern Ontario At Night P1560312-7 Old Barn In Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN29028 Old Post Office Clock Tower P1510982-7
Sunrise Color Over The Rideau Canal DSCN30130 Hunkered Heron Out In The Canal DSCN28858 CN Dining Car 4006 At Night P1550476-82 Misty Irish Creek Autumnscape DSCN02972-4
Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1460809-15 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCN37301-6 Osprey Feeding Chick DSCN22346 Comet NEOWISE Over Irish Creek P1540779 (crop)
Wet Window Screen DSCN04077 Foggy Victoria Basin At Sunrise P1460011-7 Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN18979-81 CN 1112 Steam Locomotive 49555-7
CF Snowbirds Arriving 29205 Heron Posing For Man With Smartphone DSCN30297 Otter With A Catch DSCN09928 Fogbow Over The Swale DSCN02091.7
Tanker Train Departing In Night Fog P1500476-82 BW Tree & Ground Fog At Sunrise DSCN15275 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN15244 Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN15254
Railway Bridge In Frosty Sunrise DSCN09156-61 Red Channel Marker In Ice DSCN05826-8 Clouded Moon Beyond Clock Tower P1490774-80 Dame's Rocket DSCN33808-10
Tall Ships 'Empire Sandy' & 'St Lawrence II' DSCN00592 Barn In Night Fog P1390949-55 Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1450166-72 Barn & Tree At Night P1390921-7
Red Door Shed P1030464-6 Swans Warning Off A Flock Of Geese DSCN30190 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1070325-31 Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCN28243-5
Tulip Interior P1090693-5 Waxwing With Mayfly DSCN29680 Four Bales In Foggy Sunrise P1310842-4 Irish Creek Sunrise P1320122-8
Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1310105-11 Barn In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1230256-8 Frosted Bush In Ice DSCN18724 Old Barn In Foggy Sunrise P1250598-604
Rideau Canal Night Fog P1350512-4 Farmer Working At Sunrise P1220629-35 Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230950-2 Niagara T-rex P1200730-3
Bales & Ground Fog P1220811 The 6:22 Train To Toronto Departing P1290942 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1220336 Barn In Sunrise Fog P1250885-7
Bales & Fog At Sunrise P1240043-9 Diving DSCN13280-3 Curved Staircase DSCN13140 Approaching Train P1230563-9
Curved Staircase DSCN13167 Canada 150 Skating Rink At Sunset (P1280913-25) Collapsing Boathouse P1170674 'Art' Three Tulips 20110514
Christmas Lights Across Canada Prismatica P1160841 'Hotel' P1220470-1 Air-Conditioned Barn Sunrise Shadows DSCN02980-2 Sunlit Tree Rising Above Ground Fog DSCN05477
Dock In Fog 20120320 River Street At Dawn 20120830 New VIA Rail Station 20110807 Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise 31817
Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog P1100740-2 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 11862 Premier Cinemas 10229-30 Foggy Sunrise 20110802
Boat At Edmonds 25989 Holiday Heritage House Museum P1160136-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF03428 Purple Loosestrife & Corn 20130812
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20110905 Loon At Sunset 24574 Red Berries DSCF02664 Frosty Rideau River Sunrise DSCN02310-2
Perth Sunset DSCN09642-4 Rideau Canal Sunset 20120314 Sunrise Sunrays P1260275-91 Farm Snowscape At Sunrise 20120128
Frosty Rideau River At Sunrise DSCN02265-7 Autumn Birches 20111010 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1170370-4 Snowy Bench 20130228
CP Holiday Train 2011 (19410) Rideau Canal In A Misty Sunrise 20121008 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120607 Pink Door 20110410
Snowy Evergreen Avenue P1250138 Great Blue Heron DSCN10232 Thunder Moon Setting P1210997-02 Black-eyed Susan 20110707
Belfry Under Roiling Sky 20110901 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF04124 Bufflehead Poised For A Dive 26249 St James Church At First Light 31677-9
Foggy Sunrise 20110731 Rideau Canal Sunrise 22648-9 Swale Sunrise 20110713 Autumn Horse 20110925
Railway Museum At Night P1170439-43 Yellow & Purple Tulips 25184 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1110204-10 'Ring of Fire' 20110624
Two Friendly Horses 20111006 Purple Flower Closeup 20120522 Cow On A Roof 20111119 Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9BW
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20130704 Snowscape DSCF03781 Autumn Tree In Sunrise P1210194-6 Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250130-4
Autumn Back Road 17915 Restaurant Light 20110622 Purple Loosestrife 20110805 Holiday Heritage House P1220404-15
Tracks & Shadows 20120114 Clouded Harvest Moon Eclipse P1190425-7 Sunrise Sunrays P1170225-7A Abstract 20111027
Winners Circle 11800 Station Platform 19250 Aurora Beyond Clouds 20120307 First Significant Snowfall 2011/12 (20111123)
Steeple At Sunrise 20111227 Bringing Home The Fish 20110403 Snowy Night 19489-92 Horse-Drawn Carriage 20111007
A Very Frosty Morning 20052 Ecotay 06834 Autumn Raindrops DSCF02561 Foggy Sunrise 20110917
Marshalls Creek At Sunrise 05618 Geese Over Misty Otter Lake P1110163-4 Dead Tree In Misty Sunrise P1170395-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120323
Fruit Luke 20110724 Remembrance Day 2015 (46400-2) Kilmarnock Bridge In Foggy Sunrise 45792-4 Dandelion Seed Head 20120511
Red Barn In Winter 21427 First Snow Of The Season 31348 Bench & Tree 20120212 Moon Over Pines At Sunrise 41113
Bubbles DSCF02805 Poplar Row 20110328 Old Wood Knot 20110714 Getting A Lift 20120116
Bench Overlooking Winter Marina 20120202 Ottawa Chinatown Gateway 20111115 Goose In Flight 20150408 Lockmaster's House 20111015
Milky Way Over Irish Creek 48324-6 A Photo OP 20111101 Old Shed At Sunrise 20150328 Watertower At The End Of The Rainbow 20120710
Snowy Field 20150111 Starling & Moon  DSCF5270-1 Moon In Clouds DSCF4546 Anchor Streetlight 06376-8
Purple loosestrife DSCF02326 Getting The Grackle Evil Eye DSCN11746 Moon At Sunrise 15440 Big Sucker 20110715
Evening Rainbow 20120521 Trash Day 20110224 Rideau Canal Moonrise 20150416 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060603-5
Lockmaster's House At Dawn 20150217 Freezing Mist Over The Canal Basin 20150114 Hairy Woodpecker Portrait 26354 Hibiscus 00117
CP Rail Locomotive 6075 (24686) Morning Commute 20141027 Purple Flower 25405 Blue Dinghy DSCF13112-4
Chair In Ivy 20110706 Stars 'n Stripes 20111113 Little Red Shed 05345 Sunset Swan 20130417
Church Tower At Sunrise 24667 Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn 20150115 2 Crazy Ladies (20111120) The National War Memorial P1040812-4
Festival Scene 12945 Classic Chevy Detail 25516 Foggy Sunrise 13476 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20120208
Icy Grave 20120129 Squirrel At Breakfast DSCF03394 Irish Creek At Sunrise 20110803 Harvest Moon Eclipse DSCF4867
Mother Barnes Homestead DSCF3512 Foggy Sunrise 09276 Dock Bench DSCF09050 Holiday Ottawa P1040884
Boathouses On Ice P1040567 Sheep Island In Mist Beyond Boat P1110089 Trinity United Church In Snowstorm P1160750-2 Rideau Canal Icebow 06993-4
In The 'Courtyard' 13429 Sunrise Sunrays 20110630 St Patrick's Day Aurora Panorama P1080844-5 Rideau Canal Sunrise 06272-5
Freezing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1240012-4 American Tree Sparrow 26278 Railway Bridge In Sunrise Mist P1080149 Red Sun Rising P1150679-81
Sunset Beaver 07852 Running Avenue At Dawn 20141215 Swale Sunset 07875 Flaming Paint Job DSCF02263
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20131125 Hollyhock Closeup 20110712 Lockmaster's House At Dawn 20130109 PEI North Cape Lighthouse At First Light 20120913
Equine Pals In Misty Sunrise P1170030.3 Moon & Water Tower 20110326 Red Barn At Dawn 20110426 Black-eyed Susan 25658
Winter Gazebo 20120113 Enlightened Salt & Pepper 20111106 Guardrail 26526 Leftover Leaf DSCF01291
Icicles 20110206 Dragonfly 27036 Tree In First Light Fog 20110118 Lafarge Smiths Falls 20110129
Moon Over Ornamental Brickwork 20111212 Lockmaster's House 20111124 Foggy Sunrise 20110501 Dragonfly 26911
Holiday Gazebo 20121214 Geese In The Swale 07520 Tree Shadows 01357 Red Tulip 25247
Backroad Sunrise 20110402 Trees In Misty Sunrise 20120619 Clouded Sunrise 25597 Otter Lake At Sunrise 20121017
Old CN Caboose 19836 Barnyard At First Light 21894-5 Rainbow In The Clouds 01047 Gemmels Point At Sunrise 20150403
Misty Morning Stretch 20130927 Farm Lane At Sunrise 20110419 Backlit Calla Lily Leaf 01523 Perth Bandstand 20101105
Donkeys In Misty Sunrise 13530-2 Foggy Sunrise Fisherman 45704-6 Festival Ride 20110716 Goose Head 25943
A Riveting Photo 21021-3 Sunrise Solar Pillar 20120507 Lower Reach Basin At Night 20120404 Empty Courts 20110721
Riverside Trees 18151-2 Star Trails 20120413 White & Orange Fish P1170049 Rideau Canal Misty Sunrise 20120820
Autumn Trees 20111019 Autumn Landscape 17490 Butterfly On A Coneflower 20120812 Edmonds Dam At Sunrise 20120416
Trees At Night 20120401 Goose Head 20110516 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120426 Red Barn At First Light 20120103
Rideau Canal Sunrise 29915 Along MacKenzie Avenue 17283 Library Columns DSCF03812 Golden Doorway 20110210
Autumn Birches 29873 Autumn Farm Lane 16456 Lone Tree 20110813 Door & Shadow 20120527
Lone Tree In Foggy Sunrise 23815 Misty Sunrise 24510 Autumn Tree At Night 20111023 Dragonfly On A Rope 13175
Parklamp 23382 Irish Creek Sunrise 13923-4 Centre Block Side Door 17376-81 Boathouse Window 08162
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