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Bugs Gallery

I don't go out of my way to photograph insects, but I do photograph them when they are convenient, usually finding them on flowers that I'm photographing.
Grasshopper On A Wet Leaf DSCN32147 Monarch Butterfly On A Leaf DSCN31376-7 Monarch Butterfly DSCN31526 Bee Near Purple Loosestrife DSCN31134
Bee On An Orange Jewelweed DSCN31302 Dragonfly On A Cable DSCN30392 Predator vs Predator DSCN29959 Waxwing With Mayfly DSCN29680
Ragged Dragonfly DSCN29803 Dragonfly DSCN28857 Bug-eyed DSCN28643-7 Dragonfly DSCN28865
Grasshopper On A Budding Coneflower DSCN28606-8 Butterfly On A Coneflower DSCN28216 Grasshopper On A Coneflower DSCN28568 Dragonfly DSCN28318-9
Bee About To Take Flight DSCN28208 Dragonfly On A Rope DSCN28181 Monarch Butterfly DSCN28126 Dragonfly (crop) DSCN27973
Dragonfly DSCN27987 Dragonfly DSCN28009-11 Damselfly On A Water Lily DSCN27861 Damselfly On A Water Lily (crop) DSCN27861
Widow Skimmer Dragonfly DSCN27477 Yellow Butterfly DSCN27097 Dragonfly Closeup DSCN26113-5 Bee In Flight Around Blueweed DSCN25732
Fly On A Pink Peony DSCN25290 Bee In Flight DSCN25321 Perched Dragonfly DSCN15403 Butterfly Sucking Up Nectar DSCN15393
Painted Lady Head-on DSCN15385 Perched Dragonfly DSCN15310 Butterfly On A Pink Flower DSCN15246 Red Admiral Butterfly DSCN14764
Green Bottle Fly DSCN13911 Eastern Pondhawk DSCN13869 Dragonfly On A Purple Flower DSCN13174 Monarch On A Milkweed DSCN13098
Monarch On A Milkweed DSCN13084 Hoverfly On A Pink Peony DSCN11367 Damselfly Closeup DSCN11201-3 Fly On A Budding Daylily DSCN11078
Fly On A Budding Daylily DSCN11070 Damselfly DSCN09774 Butterfly P1210221 Butterfly P1210063
Butterfly P1210046 Butterfly P1210023.6 Grasshopper Close Up P1130970 Hoverfly Hovering P1100720
Monarch Butterfly DSCF14202 Green Bee On A Yellow Wildflower DSCF13256 Fly On Yellow P1080620 Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil P1070633
Asian Lady Beetle P1200991 Asian Lady Beetle P1200965 Monarch Butterfly P1180240 Busy Bee On A Pink & Yellow Flower P1180234
Bee In A Morning Glory P1180199 Tiny Spider On A Screen P1180150 White Admiral DSCF21375 Ahh Sweet Nectar P1150866
Ahh! Sweet Nectar P1150857 Tiny Iridescent Fly On A Wet Leaf P1150392-6 Moth Beneath A Leaf P1140711-8 Two Ants Two Peonies P1140291-3
Green Bee On An Iris P1130689 Ant On A Peony Bud P1120860 Web Weaver P1120669 Spider On A Maple Bud P1100543
Stuck P1050514-6 Ladybug Closeup P1020178 Asian Lady Beetle P1010757 Wet Bee 20140911
Grasshopper Closeup DSCF18245-6 Grasshopper Closeup DSCF17814-6 Bee Leaving Beebalm DSCF17568 Bee On A Coneflower DSCF17547
Yellow Butterfly DSCF17532 Cute Little Bug On A Yellow Lily 20140801 Bug On A Yellow Lily DSCF17454 Bug On A Black-eyed Susan DSCF17339
Bee On A Black-eyed Susan DSCF17324 Bug On A Little Purple Flower DSCF16871 One Ugly Bug DSCF16665 Damselfly Closeup DSCF16344
Damselfly DSCF16335 Bugged Orchid DSCF16174 Dragonfly On A Peony P1050041 Dragonfly On A Peony P1050017
Tiny Little Fly DSCF16035-40 Green Bee On A Wet Iris DSCF15885 Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15822 Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15822 (crop)
Tiny Spider On A Budding Iris DSCF15814 Fly On A Flower DSCF14600 Bug Closeup DSCF14576 Grasshopper On Glass DSCF10330
Busy Bee DSCF09109 Hanging On 20130911 Cross-eyed Bug DSCF08474-6 Bee On Sunflower Closeup DSCF08385
Bugged Sunflower DSCF07271 Japanese Beetle At Work DSCF07126 Bug Macro DSCF06811-5 Dragonfly DSCF06521
Dragonfly Closeup DSCF06489 Long-legged Fly 20130705 Green Bee On A Yellow Flower 20130702 Damselfly Closeup DSCF5325-7
Damselfly Closeup DSCF5319 Bee In Flight DSCF05053 Bee In Flight DSCF04901 Midge On A Peony 20130616
Ant On A Budding Peony 20130609 Bee Buzzing Around Lupin 20130530 Bug On A Leaf DSCF03149-52 Ant On A Dandelion DSCF02916
Dragonfly On A Lilac DSCF02600 Dragonfly On A Lilac DSCF02597-8 Bug On Glass DSCF02305-6 Spider On A Wet Red Tulip 20130508
Zebra Longwing Butterfly 28247 Black Butterfly 28241 Orange Butterfly 28220 Orange Butterfly 28220 (crop)
Orange Butterfly 28219 Malabar Tree Nymph 28178 Butterfly 28168-9 Black Butterfly 28158-60
Butterfly On A Flower 28087 Butterfly Sipping Nectar 20120915 Butterfly Sipping Nectar 28022 Butterfly On A Pink Flower 20120904
Bee On A Flower 01571 Butterfly On A Coneflower 27811 Moth On White Phlox 01531 Grasshopper 20120805
Bee On A Yellow Flower 20120706 Dragonfly 27036 Butterfly On A Daisy 27022 Metallic Green Bug 26972-4
Metallic Green Bug 26972-4 (Crop) Dragonfly 26911 Dragonfly 26906-10 Red Admiral Butterfly 20120420
Grasshopper 17526 Dragonfly On A Rope 13175 Dragonfly 25487A My Car Was Bugged! 00263
Butterfly In Flight 54383 Orange Butterfly 54376 Viceroy On A Daisy 20100912 Dragonfly On A Shoulder 54286
Dragonfly 54279 Bee On A Wildflower 54274 Dragonfly 54263 Dragonfly 54253
Grasshopper Closeup 54245.50 Tiger Swallowtails P1010462 Bee Fly On A Flower 53788 Spider On A Peony 20100611
Bug On A Yellow Flower 53624 (crop) Bug On A Yellow Flower 53617 Bug On A Coneflower 20090923 Bug On A Coneflower 51584
Dragonfly On A Pine 20090914 Dragonfly On A Pine 51428 Dragonfly On A Pine 51422-3 Dragonfly On A Pine 20090912
Backlit Dragonfly On A Pine 20090922 Monarch Butterfly 20090910 Dragonfly On A Leaf 50828 Coupled Dragonflies 50823
Yellow Jacket 50599 Damselfly On A Leaf 50096 Dragonfly 20090804 Damselflies 20090615
Dragonfly 00591 Mourning Cloak Butterfly 00428 Mourning Cloak Butterfly 00425 Mosquito Closeup 49383-5
Bee On A Tulip 48121 Swallowtail Butterfly 20090409 Dragonfly 45998 Monarch On Lantana 45057
Butterfly On A Stalk 45034 Grasshopper On A Leaf 44992 Fly On A Pink Flower 21355A Bumble Bee On A Purple Flower 21041
Bumble Bee On A Purple Flower 21038 Fly On A Pink Flower 20804 Bumble Bee 19938 Little Spider On A Black-eyed Susan 20080914
Bug On A Bluet 19899 (crop) Bug On A Bluet 19899 Fly On A Pink Petal 20080912 Wet Bumblebee 19821
Tiny Bug On A Black-eyed Susan 19724 Bumble Bee On A Purple Flower 19718 Bumble Bee On A Purple Flower 19713 Dragonfly 18202
Dragonfly 17972 Red Dragonfly 17960 Bug On A Yellow-Orange Flower 17175 Bug On A Yellow-Orange Flower 20080806
Bug On A Yellow-Orange Flower 17164 (crop) Japanese Beetles Being Bad 17059 Dragonfly On A Wire 16784 Dragonfly On A Fence 16774
Dragonfly On A Fence 16772 Bug On A Pink Flower 20080711 Bee In Flight 16290 Fly On A Day Lily 15929
Bee On A Yellow Flower 15805 Bug On A Daisy 15796 Bug On A Daisy 15788 Dragonfly 15602
Dragonfly 15588 Bug On A Wild Daisy 20070620 Bee In Flight 20080610 Dragonfly 20080607
Bee On A Bud 20070603 Little Spider On A Pink Flower 14159 (crop) Bee In Flight 14139 Bee On A Peony 14111 (crop)
Bee On A Peony 14111 Caterpillars On Tap 20080521 Bee In Flight 20080515 Butterfly On Purple Flower 20080304
Bug On A Purple Flower 85055 Desert Butterfly 75151 (crop) Desert Butterfly 75151 Desert Butterfly 75149
Butterfly 69922 Butterfly 69883 Butterfly Closeup 69860 Wolf Spider 69015
Monarch Butterfly 20070906 Harvestman On A Black-Eyed Susan 20070825 Green Stink Bug 64972 Dragonfly On A Chain 64208
Dragonfly 63279 Damselflies In Tandem 62768 Big Bug On A Daisy 62349 Dragonfly Head 62319 (crop)
Dragonfly 20070703 Dragonfly 62286 (crop) Dragonfly 62286 Battle-Scarred Dragonfly 62281
Dragonfly 62279 Damselfly 61835 Damselfly 61787 Bee Fly On A Daisy 61781
Damselfly On A Wild Rose 20070623 Sunning On A White Flower 61726 Sunning On A White Flower 61726 (crop) Bee Mimic On A Daisy 20070620
Dragonfly 20070614 Bee On A Flower 20070610 Spider On An Iris 60845 Spider On An Iris 20070608
Bumble Bee On Purple Flower 60837 Bug On An Iris Bud 20070602 Eastern Forktail Damselfly 20070531 Bee Fly 60410
Green Bee, Red Tulip 20070524 Green Bee On A Dandelion 20070523 Butterfly 60007 Butterfly 60001
Butterfly 59939 Butterfly 59919 Butterfly 59909 Butterfly 59900
Butterfly 59848 Butterfly 59836 Butterfly 59808 Butterfly 20070505
Butterfly 59787 Butterfly 59781 Butterfly 59772 Eastern Lubber Grasshopper 20070403
Leaf-footed Bug (Coreidae) 20070331 Gulf Fritillary Butterfly 20070321 White Peacock Butterfly 57179 Butterfly 46544
Queen Butterfly 46535 Black Butterfly 46455 Coupled Dragonflies 20060819 Hover Fly on a Mushroom 20060803
Blue Dragonfly Macro2 Bumblebee on a Coneflower Living on the Edge 20060730 Goldenrod Crab Spider on a Coneflower
Blue Dragonfly Macro1 Busy Bee on a Coneflower 20060720 Damselfly Crop Bee on a Blackeyed Susan
Butterfly on a Blackeyed Susan Spreadwing Damselfly 20060715 Dragonfly2 Battle-Scarred Dragonfly
Yellowjacket in Flight 20060702 Dragonfly 20060701 Dragonfly3 Butterfly Closeup
Orange Butterfly3 Orange Butterfly 20060625 Orange Butterfly2 Weevil
Mantispid 20060619 You can run... (Mantispid) Caterpillar Quandary 20060618 Caught in the Middle 20060615
Yellowjacket Jam Crop Yellowjacket on a Flower 20050814 Bug on a Leaf Bug on a Bug on a Coneflower
Drone Fly 20050724 Monarch Butterfly1 Butterfly Sipping Nectar 13172 Butterfly Sipping Nectar 13171
Butterfly & Company 20050707 Bee Crop 13157 Spider Crop 13157 Incoming 20050614
Zebra Butterflies 5463 Big Bugger2 Monarch Butterfly3 Clearwing Hummingbird Moth 2929
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