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Publications in refereed journals:


  • Morphologie et répartition de Coluber rubriceps (Venzmer, 1919) (Colubridae, Serpentes) en Bulgarie. Acta Zoologica Bulgarica 17: 52-57. (in French with Russian summary). Bartosik, M. B., V. A. Bechkov, and V. N. Tzénov. PDF 1.4MB

  • Reptiles of the River Ropotamo Region in Bulgaria. (in Polish with English summary). Przegląd Zoologiczny 25(3): 371-385. Bartosik M. B. PDF 1.5MB


  • Osprey (Pandion haliaetus): Notes on Unknown and Poorly Studied Behaviors. Bulletin of the Texas Ornithological Society 42(1-2): 18-36. Bartosik, M. B.PDF 1.6MB

  • Notes on Brown-headed Nuthatch Behavior. Bulletin of the Texas Ornithological Society 42(1-2): 91-93 Bartosik, M. B.


  • OBSERVATIONS OF SEASIDE SPARROW (AMMODRAMUS MARITIMUS) ON TEXAS GULF COAST. Bulletin of the Texas Ornithological Society. 43(1-2): 11-24 Bartosik, M. B.

    Not reviewed papers and articles


  • New species to the Bulgarian Fauna. (In Bulgarian). Priroda i Znanie 30: 39 Bartosik, M. B. and V. A. Bechkov. PDF 0.4MB


  • Passiflora Tendrils: Fantasy Art in Nature. Passiflora 13(2): 52-54 (plus front and back cover photos) Bartosik M. B. PDF 0.9MB


  • First White Christmas in Recorded History in Lower Rio Grande Valley. Bird Watcher's Digest Bartosik M. B.


  • The Crested Caracara. Texas Birds Annual 3: 19-22 Bartosik, M. B. PDF 0.5MB


  • Masked Duck Behaviors with Notes on the Least Grebe. Texas Birds Annual 4: 32-46 Bartosik, M. B. PDF 1.9MB

    Student Research Symposia - presentations of research studies with published abstracts
    (copies are not available)


  • Notes on Bufo calamita distribution in the Kraków Vicinity

  • Reptiles of the Ropotamo River Delta in South East Bulgaria.

  • Ladybugs (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) from Bulgaria.

  • Initial Studies on Ladybugs (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) from Turkey.

  • Examples of Interesting Morphological Anomalies found in Beetles (Coleoptera).

  • Analysis of Distribution Aphidecta obliterata (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) Color Morphs Inside the Bialowieża Forest Population with Data on Species Biology and Ecology.

  • Distribution, Biology and Ecology of the Bialowieża Forest Ladybugs (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae).

  • BTOS2009cover.jpg