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Bio and Credits

Degree in Zoology (major: entomology and herpetology) and Applied Chemistry. I've been working as a chemist for the last twenty years, most recently running semivolitales on a GC/MS. I have had an interest in photography since childhood but never could afford to pursue it as I can now. In the last several years, the advent of digital photography has opened me to limitless possibilities and experiments. I have taken some college photography courses but prefer to learn from books and even more by my own experimentation.

The two mottoes I like best: ... Imagination is more important than knowledge ... and ... Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Both uttered by Albert Einstein.

Since 2002 I started to be serious about nature and wildlife photography. Also then, I started to show my work publicly.

Major credits include:

In 2012 I decided to ‘retire’ from photo competitions as I devoted myself mainly to documentary photography collecting data about bird behavior. But old habits die hard so I ‘semi-retired’. I entered only one contest in 2012, National Wildlife Magazine yearly contest. From now on I will only enter selective contests from time to time.

  • Two Honorable Mentions - National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest 2012 in two categories: Birds and Baby Birds

  • 2nd Place - Merit of Excellence in Wildlife – Photography Masters Cup 2011

  • Awarded image, National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest 2010, chosen for Final Frame in April/May 2011 NWF magazine issue

  • Professional, First Place (An ultimate birding safari to Australia's "Top End," the Northern Territory) – Audubon Magazine - “Birds in Focus” 2009 Photography Awards.

  • Nature’s Best Photography Magazine cover - summer 2009

  • One winning image - The Nature’s Best Backyards Photo Contest 2008 category Wildlife

  • Two winning images - The Nature’s Best Backyards Photo Contest 2007 category Wildlife; both photos published in Spring 2008 issue.

  • The Honorable Mention placement in the 2008 National Wildlife Refuge Photo Contest

  • Highly Honored winner in the Wildlife Category in the Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards 2007 competition. Yellow-bellied Water Snake and Red-Shouldered Hawk ; along with 60 other winning and highly honored images will be on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, beginning October 30, 2007. The exhibit, presented by Sony, will remain open to the public for six months.

  • Trierenberg Super Circuit 2007 Gold Medal. (total of five of my photographs were honored to be included in the yearly contest catalog)
  • The Honorable Mention placement in the Amateur division of the Other category in the 2007 National Wildlife Photography Awards

  • The 4th place winner of the 2007 National Wildlife Refuge Photo Contest with 8 semi-finalist images out of 10 entered.

  • 3 images awarded to be print in the 2006 The Al-Thani Award for Photography book.

  • The 1st place winner in the Amateur division of the New Life category in the 2006 National Wildlife Photography Awards in partnership with Nature's Best Photography Magazine.

  • Photograph of Least Tern Chick will be on exhibit among other images at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Smithsonian exhibition featuring selected images from the 2006 Nature's Best Photography International Awards Competition and the 2006 National Wildlife Photography Awards will officially open to the public on November 10, 2006 and remain on display through March 19, 2007.
  • The Honorable Mention placement in the Amateur division of the Bird category in the 2006 National Wildlife Photography Awards in partnership with Nature’s Best Photography Magazine.
  • Had the honor to have my bio with 5 photo portfolio published in Bird Watching Magazine (host and sponsor of IWP) in the July 2006 issue as an introduction to 2006 International Wildbird Photographer competition.
  • Trierenberg (formerly Hasselblad) Super Circuit 2006 Gold Medal.
  • Who’s Who in Photography 2005 Listed in two Divisions: EID -Still & Pictorial Print Large Color
  • IWP 2005 - International WILDBIRD PHOTOGRAPHER 2005:WINNER: Bird Portrait, RUNNER-UP: Best Portfolio.
  • 1. World of Images Circuit Austria (Gold Medal in 2005 international competition).
  • The 3rd Annual Lucie Awards: International Photographer of the Year 2005 - Honorable mention in Nature in non- professional category.
  • Photography-Unlimited Japan 2005 international competition - 2 Special Recognitions.
  • Nature's Best (Highly Honored in 2004 international contest - published in 2004 Fall Issue Collector's Edition).
  • Hasselblad Austrian Super Circuit 2004 Gold Medal.
  • National Wildlife Federation (Winner in 34th The Best Photographs of 2004 yearly contest, published in National Wildlife Magazine Dec/Jan 2005 issue).
  • Photography- Unlimited Japan (Special Prize - 7 place in 2004 international competition and Special Recognition - in 2004).
  • Hasselblad Austrian Super Circuit 2003 Bronze Medal.
  • Wildlife Photo Club (Grand Prize, 1st Place and several Honorable Mentions in 2003 monthly international competitions).
  • National Wildlife Magazine (Back Cover photo in Feb/March 2005 issue).
  • Bird Watcher's Digest (article with 4 photos - Jan 2005).
  • Passiflora International (Front and Back cover photos in 2003 issue with inside 11 photos essay).
  • Fauna & Flora - Solo exhibit of 63 photographs March 5th to May 6th, 2004 - TAACCL Gallery: Houston FOTOFest 2004 venue.
  • My own motto is ... In my time, I fill up the space around me with beautiful animals' worlds and try to document both the unusual behavior and the natural beauty of the specimens as they pass through their time on Earth.

    _MG_3062 Red-shouldered Hawk.jpg
    _MG_3062 Red-shouldered Hawk.jpg
    Nature’s Best Photography Magazine cover - summer 2009
    Nature’s Best Photography Magazine cover - summer 2009
    _MG_3742 Great Blue Heron.jpg
    _MG_3742 Great Blue Heron.jpg
    _MG_7166 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron.jpg
    _MG_7166 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron.jpg