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Canadian Rockies 2007

The Rocky Mountains of Canada are a vast land - filled with inspiring scenery, wildlife,
a multitude of recreational activities for all ages and a lot of unique sceneries that only the
people who live in this area know about.......These photos were taken from a vacation trip in 09-2007.

Note: The posted photos are all framed and compressed in low megapixels. Please contact me
if you need the original high quality pictures.
g5/86/778986/3/100237293.BsyMmZi9.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100237294.2DnDb5Zh.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188248.xq7Rf5YV.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188250.MdHVroCx.jpg
g5/86/778986/3/100188252.QmaCvwF1.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188254.L9iksnde.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188256.SdREzCz5.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188258.mbGOFECk.jpg
g5/86/778986/3/100188261.6RIoGRQf.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188264.TbgrgdwR.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188266.wKhSweB1.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188270.TexuMpik.jpg
g5/86/778986/3/100188274.hBVdZQV7.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188277.ebfnJHQI.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188280.KDiH66zc.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188283.O9ZaldTJ.jpg
g5/86/778986/3/100188286.Fijx6bTt.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188289.He5UJuGS.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188294.1A8OgEqc.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188296.kBSXkNl0.jpg
g5/86/778986/3/100188299.G7hCtvhG.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188301.yZcQZbqw.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188303.5Akx4shT.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188305.hs9ymzJz.jpg
g5/86/778986/3/100188307.say08t8v.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100188309.Y483obj2.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100237292.Vuvhoxwn.jpg g5/86/778986/3/100237295.Q8EagpCc.jpg