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Topics offer an easy way to keep a list of galleries whose photos have common themes.

This is a great way to list galleries of specific objects, times of year, events, or anything else you can think of.

This is also an excellent tool for bookmarking PBase galleries that you visit on a regular basis.

On your topics management page ( ) you can create and delete topics, add or remove galleries to and from topics, change the order of galleries in your topics, publish or unpublish your topics, and edit the names of your topics.
You can add galleries to your topics on your topics management page ( ). You can also add topics to your galleries from the gallery page after adjusting your account preferences. In order to do so, edit your account settings and change your "Add gallery to topic from gallery page" to one of the following: display a link to the form: This will display an "add this gallery to a topic" link at the bottom of the gallery. The link will lead you to a form... (more)

Published topics are visible to anyone. You are the only one who can view your non-published topics. New topics are unpublished by default.
When you are viewing or editing a topic, you can make it either published or unpublished.

Galleries from a topic are displayed in the order you list them on your topic management page or the order which they are added to a topic.

Yes. When you view one of your topics, you can easily copy some or all of the galleries to another one of your topics using the "edit mode" link to the top right of the gallery listings.

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