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Comments and guestbook posts offer an easy way for visitors to comment on or ask a question about your images and galleries.

Comment display preference
The default is to have any comments for a gallery or image, and a box to enter a new comment display right on the page.
The "comments displayed with link to the comment entry box" option means that any existing comments will display, with just a simple link to post a new comment.
Clicking this link will reload the page and display a comment entry box at the top of the page.

Commenting Options
When posting a new comment, just type your message and click the "Add Comment" button.
If you check the "private comment" checkbox, only the account holder for that image or gallery will be able to view that comment.

The account holder does not have the option to make your private comment non-private.
If you post a private comment on someone else's gallery, you will not be able to see your own comment.

If you are a guest, and guest comments are allowed on the page, you have the option of entering a name and email address. These are optional. If you enter an email address in the email box, it will only be displayed to the account holder. If you do not enter a name, your message will show as being from "Guest"

It's usually better to create an account first to make it easier to see who is really leaving the message.

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