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There are four options to specify who can post comments. This setting affects images, galleries, and your guestbook. The four options are:
nobody can post
This means that nobody can post at all and existing posts will not be displayed.
must be logged in
Only PBase users can comment. Existing posts will be displayed to everyone.
PBase subscriber
Only PBase users who have paid can comment. Existing posts will be displayed to everyone.
anybody... (more)

You have the option to preview comments before they are available for viewing by others. There are four preview options:
guest comments are displayed immediately
All comments are visible by everyone as soon as they have been posted. This is the default setting.
comments from anyone with an account display immediately
Comments from guests come in as hidden until you choose to show or delete them. All other comments display immediately.
only... (more)

Yes. You can block a particular user from commenting on your pages by adding them to your **blacklist usergroup.
There are two ways you can do this:
- Go to the profile page of the user you want to blacklist. Find the "Add user to a usergroup" section. Select **blacklist from the dropdown list. Click the "Add to Usergroup" button.
- Go to your usergroup management page and add their username to the members list.

When posting a comment, if you check the "private comment" box, only the account holder for that image or gallery will be able to view your comment.
The account holder does not have the option to make your private comment non-private.

PBase is constantly working to combat spam, but there are also a few things you can do to reduce the amount of spam you receive.
-You can allow only PBase users to post comments. This may not be a good idea if you would like for family or friends, who are not PBase subscribers, to post comments.
-You can choose to show PBase users' comments immediately, while guest comments will be hidden until you choose to show or delete them.
DO NOT post the spam comment in the PBase forums.

A comment is a post left on an image or gallery.
A guestbook post is left on your account's guestbook and is not tied to any particular images or galleries.
Both comments and guestbook posts show up on your comment management page, but only your guestbook posts show up in the guestbook

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