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Grey Wolf (Wolf)

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Grey Wolf - Canis lupus - Wolf
North-America, parts of Europe and Asia, including Arabian Peninsula.

The following 35 subspecies are being recognized:
Canis lupus lupus - Central-Europe to West European Russia;
Canis lupus communis - Central European Russia to Asian Russia;
Canis lupus campestris - From South European Russia to Armenia;
Canis lupus signatus - Portugal and Spain;
Canis lupus pallipes - Middle East to South-Asia;
Canis lupus arabs - Saudi Arabia;
Canis lupus bactrianus - Uzbekistan;
Canis lupus chanco - Tadjikistan and Kazakhstan to North- and West-China;
Canis lupus argunensis - Mongolia;
Canis lupus albus - Asian Russia and Siberia;
Canis lupus hattai - North-Japan in Hokkaido (extinct);
Canis lupus hodophilax - Japan in Honshu Island (extinct in 1905);
Canis lupus arctos - Northern-Canada (Northwest-Territories to Ellesmere Island);
Canis lupus orion - North-Greenland, Cape York, Baffin Bay, North-Quebec and Newfoundland;
Canis lupus labradorius - North-Quebec and Labrador (Canada);
Canis lupus beothucus - Newfoundland, Canada (extinct in 1911);
Canis lupus hudsonicus - Along Hudson Bay in Northwest-Territories to Manitoba;
Canis lupus mackenzii - Northwest-Territories and Yukon Territory and Arctic coast and tundra of Mackenzie District;
Canis lupus manningi - Northwest-Territories and Nunavut (all parts of Baffin Island);
Canis lupus bernardi - Banks Island and Victoria Island, Canada (extinct in 1920);
Canis lupus griseoalbus - Forested areas of Saskatchewan and Manitoba to Newfoundland, Canada;
Canis lupus tundrarum - Tundra region of Alaska to Mackenzie District;
Canis lupus pambasileus - Interior West- and Southwest-Alaska;
Canis lupus ligoni - Alaska, Head of Duncan Canal to Southeast-Alaska;
Canis lupus alces - Alaska (extinct in 1915);
Canis lupus occidentalis - North-Alberta (eastside of the Rockies) to Saskatchewan and Manitoba;
Canis lupus columbianus - Greater parts of British Columbia (westside of the Rockies) and Southwest-Alberta;
Canis lupus crassodon - Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia, Canada;
Canis lupus fuscus - Southwest-British Columbia to North-California and Nevada (extinct in 1940);
Canis lupus irremotus - Rocky Mountains from South-Alberta to Idaho and West-Wyoming (extinct in 1940);
Canis lupus nubilus - Great plains of South-Canada to New Mexico and Oklahoma (extinct in 1926);
Canis lupus youngi - North-Utah and South-Wyoming to North-Arizona and North-New Mexico (extinct in 1940);
Canis lupus mogollonensis - Central-Arizona to West-New Mexico (extinct in 1920);
Canis lupus monstrabilis - South- and West-Texas, South-New Mexico and Northeast-Mexico (extinct in 1942);
Canis lupus baileyi - West-Mexico (Sierra Madre) to South-Arizona (extinct in the wild).

Of this species there are also Nature Photo's available.

Arctic WolfCanis lupus arctos
Arctic Wolf
Canis lupus arctos
European Grey WolfCanis lupus lupus
European Grey Wolf
Canis lupus lupus
European Grey WolfCanis lupus lupus
European Grey Wolf
Canis lupus lupus
European Grey WolfCanis lupus lupus
European Grey Wolf
Canis lupus lupus
European Grey WolfCanis lupus lupus
European Grey Wolf
Canis lupus lupus