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Red Fox (Vos)

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Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes - Vos
Europe, North-Africa, Asia and North-America.

The following 44 subspecies are being recognized:
Vulpes vulpes vulpes - Western-, Central- and Northern-Europe to Urals in European Russia;
Vulpes vulpes crucigera - British Islands, France, Germany to Italy and Greece. Introduced in Australia;
Vulpes vulpes ichnusae - Sardinia Island (Italy) and Corsica (France);
Vulpes vulpes silaceus - Spain (Burgos);
Vulpes vulpes barbarus - Northwest-Africa, Morocco, Barbary Coast;
Vulpes vulpes atlantica - North-Africa, from Algeria to Tunisia, Lybia and Egypt;
Vulpes vulpes niloticus - Egypt;
Vulpes vulpes indutus - Cyprus;
Vulpes vulpes arabica - Syria, Jordan and Israel to Oman, Saudi Arabia and Yemen;
Vulpes vulpes palaestina - Palestina Territory, Palestina, Israel and Lebanon;
Vulpes vulpes flavescens - North-Iran, Israel and Lebanon;
Vulpes vulpes anatolica - Turkey, Smyrna and Western Asia minor;
Vulpes vulpes kurdistanica - Northeast-Turkey, West-Transcaucasica, West-Kurdistan;
Vulpes vulpes caucasica - Caucasus Mountains, Turkey, Southwest-European Russia;
Vulpes vulpes ochroxantha - Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, South-European Russia;
Vulpes vulpes alpherakyi - Kazakhstan and West-Turkestan;
Vulpes vulpes griffithii - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Waziristan;
Vulpes vulpes karagan - Kirghizistan, Asian Russia, Kazakhstan steppe to Mongolia;
Vulpes vulpes tobolica - West-Asian Russia, West-Siberia;
Vulpes vulpes montana - Himalayas, West-China, Tibet, Nepal, North-India and Pakistan;
Vulpes vulpes pusilla - Pakistan, Northwest-India, South-Iraq;
Vulpes vulpes hoole - Southwest-China to Southeast-China;
Vulpes vulpes tschiliensis - North-China (Hebei, Shansi, Shensi, Gansu, Manchuria);
Vulpes vulpes peculiosa - Korea;
Vulpes vulpes daurica - Asian Russia, South-Transbaikalia, South-Siberia;
Vulpes vulpes dolichocrania - Far East Russia, South-Ussuri, Southeast-Siberia, Japan;
Vulpes vulpes japonica - Japan (Honshu, Shikohu, Kyushu Island);
Vulpes vulpes schrenckii - Sakhalin Island, Kurile Island, North-Japan (Hokkaido);
Vulpes vulpes splendidissima - North- and Central Kurile Islands, Northeast-Asian Russia;
Vulpes vulpes jakutensis - East-Siberia, Asian Russia (Yakutia);
Vulpes vulpes beringiana - Northeast-Asian Russia, Northeast-Siberia, shore of Bering Strait, including Kamchatka;
Vulpes vulpes alascensis - North- and Central-Alaska, northern parts of Yukon and Northwest Territories;
Vulpes vulpes kenaiensis - Kenai Peninsula, Alaska;
Vulpes vulpes harrimani - Kodiak Island, Alaska;
Vulpes vulpes abietorum - South-Alaska and West-Canada to Northwest Territories and North-British Columbia;
Vulpes vulpes cascadensis - South-British Columbia to Oregon, Washington and Sierra Nevada in California;
Vulpes vulpes necator - California (Mt Whitney, Sierra County, Lassen Peak and Mount Sasha);
Vulpes vulpes patwin - California (Sacramento Valley);
Vulpes vulpes macrourus - Northwest-USA, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, East-Oregon, Idaho and South-Dakota;
Vulpes vulpes regalis - Minnesota to North-Central-Canada;
Vulpes vulpes bangsi - Canada, North-Quebec and coast of Labrador;
Vulpes vulpes deletrix - Canada, Bay St-George, Newfoundland;
Vulpes vulpes rubricosa - Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, South-Quebec;
Vulpes vulpes fulvus - South-Quebec and South-Ontario to Virginia, Alabama and Georgia.

Of this species there are also Nature Photo's available.

Red FoxVulpes vulpes ssp.
Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes ssp.