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Grey Wolf (Wolf)

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Grey Wolf - Canis lupus - Wolf
North-America, parts of Europe and Asia, including Arabian Peninsula.

The following 35 subspecies are being recognized:
Canis lupus lupus - Central-Europe to West European Russia;
Canis lupus communis - Central European Russia to Asian Russia;
Canis lupus campestris - From South European Russia to Armenia;
Canis lupus signatus - Portugal and Spain;
Canis lupus pallipes - Middle East to South-Asia;
Canis lupus arabs - Saudi Arabia;
Canis lupus bactrianus - Uzbekistan;
Canis lupus chanco - Tadjikistan and Kazakhstan to North- and West-China;
Canis lupus argunensis - Mongolia;
Canis lupus albus - Asian Russia and Siberia;
Canis lupus hattai - North-Japan in Hokkaido (extinct);
Canis lupus hodophilax - Japan in Honshu Island (extinct in 1905);
Canis lupus arctos - Northern-Canada (Northwest-Territories to Ellesmere Island);
Canis lupus orion - North-Greenland, Cape York, Baffin Bay, North-Quebec and Newfoundland;
Canis lupus labradorius - North-Quebec and Labrador (Canada);
Canis lupus beothucus - Newfoundland, Canada (extinct in 1911);
Canis lupus hudsonicus - Along Hudson Bay in Northwest-Territories to Manitoba;
Canis lupus mackenzii - Northwest-Territories and Yukon Territory and Arctic coast and tundra of Mackenzie District;
Canis lupus manningi - Northwest-Territories and Nunavut (all parts of Baffin Island);
Canis lupus bernardi - Banks Island and Victoria Island, Canada (extinct in 1920);
Canis lupus griseoalbus - Forested areas of Saskatchewan and Manitoba to Newfoundland, Canada;
Canis lupus tundrarum - Tundra region of Alaska to Mackenzie District;
Canis lupus pambasileus - Interior West- and Southwest-Alaska;
Canis lupus ligoni - Alaska, Head of Duncan Canal to Southeast-Alaska;
Canis lupus alces - Alaska (extinct in 1915);
Canis lupus occidentalis - North-Alberta (eastside of the Rockies) to Saskatchewan and Manitoba;
Canis lupus columbianus - Greater parts of British Columbia (westside of the Rockies) and Southwest-Alberta;
Canis lupus crassodon - Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia, Canada;
Canis lupus fuscus - Southwest-British Columbia to North-California and Nevada (extinct in 1940);
Canis lupus irremotus - Rocky Mountains from South-Alberta to Idaho and West-Wyoming (extinct in 1940);
Canis lupus nubilus - Great plains of South-Canada to New Mexico and Oklahoma (extinct in 1926);
Canis lupus youngi - North-Utah and South-Wyoming to North-Arizona and North-New Mexico (extinct in 1940);
Canis lupus mogollonensis - Central-Arizona to West-New Mexico (extinct in 1920);
Canis lupus monstrabilis - South- and West-Texas, South-New Mexico and Northeast-Mexico (extinct in 1942);
Canis lupus baileyi - West-Mexico (Sierra Madre) to South-Arizona (extinct in the wild).

Of this species there are also Zoo Photo's available.

Grey WolfCanis lupus occidentalis
Grey Wolf
Canis lupus occidentalis