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My Life in 2020

My daily pictures from 2020.
Older pictures are in the Photo Diary gallery.
End of One Year, Start of Another Smile :) Uber Elevator SP Lunch
Platform Santa and his Helper Fallen Lakota Take Away
Eye in the Sky Onigiri Carpet of Leaves Vegetable Shop The Walk Home
Willow Nanai Fudoson Framed Cosy Coffee Shop Hot Matcha Latte
Posing On Golden Pond Reflective Autumn Duck
Flowers at the Temple Camellia Autumn Hishaku Inviting
Banner Thatch Sake Brewery and Bar Morning Mist Takayama Jinya
Dango Leafless Caught in the Rain Autumn Trees Butterfly
Koishikawa Botanical Garden Parasol Mika Inokashira Benzaiten Evening on the Lake
Autumn Reflections Autumn Fire Framed Hatonosu Gorge Five Yen Coins
Sunset in the City Rowers Enjoying Autumn Grey day Floating
Incense Autumn Inokashira Koen Station Platform Looking Up
Shrine Take Away Posing Bonshō Watching
Park Coffee Shop Evening Sunlight Through the Trees Evening Mother and Daughter
Unagi Restaurant Back Street Crossing Gessōji Temple Admiring
Benzaiten Shrine Koi Wet Evening Lakeside Rowing
Posing Dinner Keio Father and Son Autumn Rain
Micro Brewery Autumn Clothes Plastic Leaf Camera Care Sunset from our Roof
Observation Yahiko Shrine Tamanohashi Koi Platform
Evening Swan Boardwalk Field of Spider Lilies Lakeside Kimono Shop
Post Box Physalis Missed Focus Boating Autumn Approaching
Higanbana Rooftops The Selfie Swan Izakaya
Stacking Not so Mobile カナブン Evening Lakeside Unagi Don
Gothic Floating Another Crossing Nanai Bridge Lotus Flower
Flower Market Tea House Temple Office Window View Izakaya Gessōji Temple
Sarushima Robot Izakaya Creepy Resting
Togetherness Reflections Hidden Hakone Shrine Sulphurous
Hakone Open Air Museum Eyes in the Sky Over Under Lunch Mika at the Lake
Snapper Gecko Waiting for the Thunderstorm Tropical Rain Cormorant
Another Visitor Tamagawa Swan Lake Chuo Line Through the Trees
Visitor Bicycle View Udon Stand In the Woods Torii in the Mist
Fortunes Wishes Contemplating Together One Drop
Lily in the Rain Sujiko and Ikura Harmonica Yokocho From the Depths Party of One
Surfing Flight Inokashira Misty Lake Crossing
Watching End of the Day Crossing Rudbeckia 山門
Shrine Sailor Restaurant Purification Silent
Kawasemi Traditional Chōzubachi Toothpicks Evening at the Lake Pods
Fish Eye Green Train Lotus Evening Walk Matsumoto Castle
Artisan Crossing Swan Flotilla Testing Urban River
Arched Rainy Season In the Rain Nature Survey Pink
Favourite Bench Inokashira Benzaiten Rose Patient in the Rain Monolith
Rainy Season Kaitsuburi   (Little Grebe) Inokashira Pond Sunlit Heron Expressions
Spring Arch Bridge New Home Moving Out Moving Out
Traveller Caught in the Rain Ripples Hydrangea Zenpukuji Koen
Otaguro Park Cold Stare Shrine Door Kousa Dogwood Heron
Kanji Boots Marunouchi Self-Seeded Shrine Cat
Jokoro Mightier than the Sword Steamy Noisy Fenced
Three Generations Hachiman Shrine Dainty Young Naturalists Reflections in the Pond
Chuo Line Silent Contemplating Chudo-ji Lily Pond
Baby Blooming No Play New Sunshine
Marvellous Simple Daisy Mika Drainage Park Work
Tawashi Flower and Pot Young Fern Stone Lantern Kandagawa
Iris Japonica Otaguro Koen Vending Machine Overgrown Reflections
Entrance Gate Liquor Shop Pocket Marvel Queuing Shrine
Roman Nails Lockdown Jigsaw Mika and Fujisan Sakura Fujisan
Fujisan Manhole Ubiquitous Izakaya Manhole Cover
Cherry Blossom on Ice Tsubaki Fabric Hanami Light and Shadow
Bread Sakura Prevention Sakura Iris
Statues Bonshō Edamame and Takoyaki Protection SP Magnolia
Spring Tracks Chuo Line Shrine Shōchū
Departing Railway Yard Waterlily Rice Recycling
Reflective Mood Magnolia Waiting Zenpukujigawa Plum Blossom
White Label Homework Time Pens Americana Sasa
Mount Fuji Mika in the Plum Blossom Mouse Sakura Whisky Bar
Camellia Japonica British Embassy Reflections on Koi Spring Soup Time
Metro Sunburst Jizo Temple Bell Snow Path Ogurojinja Ebisu Shrine
Snow Shoes Tree in Snow Snow Festival Tozai Line Metro ホタル
Fuku wa uchi !! Plum Blossom Enscription Ramen Restaurant Park
Sky Early Blossom Driver's Cab Tenugui  Traditional Farmhouse
Waterfall Don't Cross Flow of People Sunset Jizo Tozai Line Train
Kencho-ji In the Rain Izakaya Izakaya Raining at the Station
Seijin no Hi Dondo Yaki Hishaku Sensoji Construction
Colourful Preparing to Cook Citrus Torii Walk in the Woods
Clearing the Leaves Komomaki New Year's Day