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Dear visitors,
welcome to my galleries.
If you think that some of my works are good photographs,
your votes will be extremely appreciated.
Good visit.


Thierry Lucas
g6/86/669186/3/60729785.0AHn3wQf.jpg Small yellow spider (3 mm)  on artichoke  flower Caterpillar on a rose Lacewing into a tulip
A green ladybird g6/86/669186/3/79977710.GUAKSs4k.jpg Hover flies reproducing on a sheet of ivy Ladybird larva
Butterfly  (Papilio machaon) g6/86/669186/3/75366728.I7LGvBgC.jpg g6/86/669186/3/74713542.OlLLDPaF.jpg Grasshopper
A fly drinking in a water drop g6/86/669186/3/78786381.xre1UkqS.jpg g6/86/669186/3/81319439.cFrf9gDb.jpg Insect dream
Little Snail on a rose Anemone Little snail g6/86/669186/3/75328942.kCmR8Kqo.jpg
g6/86/669186/3/78629885.zOAJERhd.jpg g6/86/669186/3/85828857.lUgi10Ok.jpg g6/86/669186/3/81610749.hc6M2He2.jpg La vie en rose
Dragonfly g6/86/669186/3/75842452.BkyuOXws.jpg g6/86/669186/3/78071697.mAXVsxgM.jpg g6/86/669186/3/71673155.2H0peHD5.jpg
Butterfly Caterpillar on a sheet of rose tree Snail eye Ladybird
Butterflies meet Fly Fly on a dahlia petal Floral sunset
A little acrobat snail 1 Freshnesses of youth g6/86/669186/3/75654371.JLDJKJNw.jpg Grasshopper
Jellyfish close up g6/86/669186/3/73836778.VLj1oLpC.jpg Yellow Ladybird Fly
Small crab spider on artichoke  flower g4/86/669186/3/64654269.Wi8zw8s7.jpg Grasshopper Heart of poppy
Ladybird Ladybird on a rose tree g4/86/669186/3/64681100.kf7illYQ.jpg Butterfly
g5/86/669186/3/68349377.DFc6k0My.jpg Spider g5/86/669186/3/68677181.NcVquT2n.jpg Spider
bombylius major g4/86/669186/3/63291048.DSBs7R3w.jpg Butterfly g5/86/669186/3/67717242.kcWCqr1e.jpg
Caterpillar g4/86/669186/3/61696702.maC2oRiG.jpg Hover flie g4/86/669186/3/63291098.CZjiiRdl.jpg
g6/86/669186/3/69107643.lxChKZDH.jpg bumblebee Butterfly  (Papilio machaon) Butterfly  (Papilio machaon)
Chryside g5/86/669186/3/67970471.TJIgFJ8U.jpg Stictocephala bisonia Paon du jour
Wasp transporting its prey (a caterpillar) g4/86/669186/3/63291134.UNiWjJsL.jpg Dragonfly  (Sympetrum) g6/86/669186/3/61696725.JaPLPGHZ.jpg
Fly bombylius major g4/86/669186/3/64094921.RNHHVvkg.jpg g4/86/669186/3/61696758.g8Ninbpu.jpg