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PB270045-2-001.jpg PB210035-2-001.jpg PB210033-2-001.jpg PB190016-2-001.jpg
PB180002-3-001.jpg 26th October 2021  Carrbridge PB160016-2-001.jpg PB130084-2-001.jpg
PB130081-2-001.jpg PB130046-2-001.jpg PB060055-2-001.jpg PB060049-2-001.jpg
PB060043-2-001.jpg PA300022-2-001.jpg PA300020-2-001.jpg PA290138-2-001.jpg
PA280100-2-001.jpg PA280095-2-001.jpg PA280094-2-001.jpg PA270085-2-001.jpg
PA270082-2-001.jpg PA270081-2-001.jpg PA270079-2-001.jpg PA250053-2-001.jpg
PA250005-2-001.jpg PA220070-2-001.jpg PA220019-2-001.jpg PA200065-2-001.jpg
PA200014-2-001.jpg PA200008-2-001.jpg PA200002-2-001.jpg 29th September 2021  daylight fades
25th September 2021  crispy 18th September 2021  tunnel 16th September 2021  golden grass 12th September 2021  tiny
1st September 2021  in the dark PA160035-2-001.jpg PA100030-2-001.jpg PA100021-2-001.jpg
PA100029-2-001.jpg PA100028-2-001.jpg PA100027-2-001.jpg PA100005-2-001.jpg
PA100003-2-001.jpg PA030035-2-001.jpg DSC_6028-001.jpg P9210033-2-001.jpg
P9190191-2-001.jpg P9190142-2-001.jpg P9190141-2-001.jpg P9190135-2-001.jpg
P9190133-2-001.jpg P9190131-2-001.jpg P9160061-2-001.jpg DSC_6000-001.jpg
DJI_0010-2-001.jpg P9120006-2-001.jpg P9120001-2-001.jpg P9100014-2-001.jpg
P9100007-2-001.jpg P9100006-2-001.jpg P9090002-2-001.jpg P9040111-2-001.jpg
P9010011-2-001.jpg P9010009-2-001.jpg P9010007-2-001.jpg P9010006-2-001.jpg
P9010005-2-001.jpg P9010003-2-001.jpg P9010001-2-001.jpg P9010002-2-001.jpg
28th November 2020  mystery creature 27th November 2020  gathering 26th November 2020  last gasp of the sun 13th November 2020  4pm
8th November 2020  sprouted 7th November 2020  crispy path 1st November 2020  brighter 1st October 2020  Atlantic weather
13th October 2020  the far side 17th October 2020  Autumn colour 28th October 2020  changes DSC_2736-001.jpg
DSC_2732-001.jpg DSC_2651-001.jpg DSC_2636-001.jpg DSC_2570-001.jpg
DSC_2530-001.jpg DSC_2495-001.jpg DSC_2454-001.jpg DSC_2422-001.jpg
DSC_2401-001.jpg DSC_2377-001.jpg DSC_2361-001.jpg DSC_2351-001.jpg
DSC_2339-001.jpg DSC_2314-001.jpg DSC_2244-001.jpg DSC_2243-001.jpg
DSC_2087-001.jpg DSC_2026-001.jpg DSC_1995-001.jpg DSC_1993-001.jpg
DSC_1961-001.jpg DSC_1513-001.jpg DSC_1508-001.jpg DSC_1505-001.jpg
DSC_1504-001.jpg DSC_1501-001.jpg DSC_1494-001.jpg DSC_1477-001.jpg
DSC_1476-001.jpg DSC_1334-001.jpg DSC_0983-001.jpg DSC_0957-001.jpg
DSC_0956-001.jpg DSC_0841-001.jpg DSC_0849-001.jpg DSC_0826-001.jpg
DSC_0798-001.jpg DSC_0942-001.jpg DSC_0902-001.jpg DSC_0766-001.jpg
29th September 2020  cirrus 22nd September 2020  on the way home 18th September 2020  low sunshine 14th September 2020  endless golden days
7th September 2020  the rain 5th September 2020  September sky 4th September 2020  fairy activity 3rd September 2020  Fairy house
DSC_0466-001.jpg DSC_0461.jpg DSC_0438-001.jpg DSC_0437-001.jpg
DSC_0417-001.jpg DSC_0239-001.jpg DSC_0237-001.jpg DSC_0236-001.jpg
DSC_0228-001.jpg DSC_0227-001.jpg DSC_0216-001.jpg DSC_0198-001.jpg
DSC_0189-001.jpg DSC_0181-001.jpg DSC_0125-001.jpg DSC_0080-001.jpg
DSC_0046-001.jpg DSC_0045-001.jpg DSC_0042-001.jpg DSC_0041-001.jpg
DSC_0040-001.jpg DSC_0039-001.jpg DSC_0035-001.jpg DSC_0034-001.jpg
DSC_0032-001.jpg DSC_0031-001.jpg DSC_0003-001.jpg DSC_0017-001.jpg
DSC_9917-001.jpg DSC_9915-001.jpg DSC_9801-001.jpg DSC_9699-001.jpg
DSC_9702-001.jpg DSC_9671-001.jpg DSC_9657-001.jpg DSC_9648-001.jpg
DSC_9572-001.jpg DSC_9565-001.jpg DSC_9564-001.jpg DSC_9555-001.jpg
DSC_9549-001.jpg DSC_9543-001.jpg DSC_9519-001.jpg DSC_9513-001.jpg
DSC_9484-001.jpg DSC_9468-001.jpg DSC_9443-001.jpg DSC_9422-001.jpg
DSC_9421-001.jpg DSC_9420-001.jpg DSC_9419-001.jpg DSC_9418-001.jpg
DSC_9334-001.jpg DSC_9280-001.jpg DSC_9263-001.jpg DSC_9261-001.jpg
DSC_9255-001.jpg DSC_9207-001.jpg DSC_9160-001.jpg DSC_9012-001.jpg
DSC_9004-001.jpg DSC_8993-001.jpg DSC_8986-001.jpg DSC_8981-001.jpg
DSC_8979-001.jpg DSC_8861-001.jpg DSC_8856-001.jpg 23rd November 2019  autumn rain
DSC_2111001.jpg DSC_2084001.jpg DSC_2083001.jpg 4th October 2019  fairy house
5th October 2019  smelly 19th October 2019   fairies DSC_1745001.jpg DSC_1468001.jpg
28th September 2019  sunny interval 21st September 2019  bale 20th September 2019  equinox approaches DSC_1291001.jpg
DSC_1050001.jpg DSC_09872.jpg DSC_0896001.jpg DSC_0378001.jpg
DSC_0356001.jpg DSC_0337001.jpg DSC_0187001.jpg DSC_0059001.jpg
DSC_0035001.jpg DSC_0012001.jpg DSC_0008001.jpg DSC_9984001.jpg
DSC_9973001.jpg 18th November 2018  sunlit forest 17th November 2018  hound in the long grass 15th November 2018  on the road
10th November 2018  end of the day DSC_4463001.jpg DSC_4450001.jpg DSC_4441001.jpg
22nd October 2018  path in the woods 20th October 2018  Autumn sky 15th October 2018  house by the lochan DSC_43722.jpg
DSC_4291001.jpg DSC_4057001.jpg DSC_4041001.jpg DSC_4021001.jpg
DSC_38982.jpg DSC_38482.jpg DSC_38452.jpg DSC_37742.jpg
DSC_3707001.jpg DSC_3629001.jpg DSC_3544001.jpg DSC_3515001.jpg
DSC_3440001.jpg DSC_3433001.jpg 16th September 2018  fairies 9th September 2018  gold
DSC_3282001.jpg DSC_3244001.jpg DSC_3187001.jpg 16th October 2017  tree at Findhorn
18th October 2017  Autumn showers DSC_4633.jpg DSC_4627.jpg DSC_4442.jpg
DSC_4440.jpg DSC_4418.jpg DSC_4364-2.jpg DSC_4371-2.jpg
DSC_4355-2.jpg DSC_4360-2.jpg DSC_4082-001.jpg DSC_4080-001.jpg
DSC_4079-001.jpg DSC_3498-001.jpg 5th November 2016  seasonal shift 11th October 2016 high pressure
22nd October 2016  on the way home 27th October 2016  morning skyburst 29th October 2016  ugly duckling 20th October 2016  On the way up
8th October 2016  things that fell on my head 2 16th October 2016  road south 17th October 2016 Carrbridge DSC_7353-001.jpg
DSC_7365-001.jpg DSC_7347-001.jpg DSC_7329-001.jpg DSC_7323-001.jpg
DSC_7321-001.jpg 25th September 2016  Road to Balquhain 10th September 2016  The Bass 2nd September 2016  combine
DSC_7292-001.jpg DSC_7290-001.jpg DSC_7013-001.jpg DSC_6953-001.jpg
DSC_6948-001.jpg DSC_6941-001.jpg DSC_6938-001.jpg DSC_6936-001.jpg
DSC_6864-001.jpg DSC_9714-001.jpg DSC_9805-001.jpg DSC_9737-001.jpg
DSC_1060-001.jpg DSC_1266-001.jpg DSC_0545-001.jpg DSC_0150-001.jpg
DSC_0141-001.jpg DSC_9725-001.jpg DSC_9493-001.jpg DSC_0650-001.jpg
DSC_9540-001.jpg DSC_9422-001.jpg 10th September 2015  September sunshine DSC_9537-001.jpg
DSC_9820-001.jpg DSC_0365-001.jpg DSC_0194-001.jpg DSC_9505-001.jpg
DSC_2409 copy.jpg DSC_0180-001.jpg 2nd September 2014  first signs DSC_2334 copy.jpg
23rd September 2014  calm DSC_2103 copy.jpg DSC_1467 copy.jpg DSC_1728 copy.jpg
DSC_2050 copy.jpg DSC_2874 copy.jpg DSC_2214 copy.jpg DSC_2222 copy.jpg
DSC_0042 copy.jpg DSC_9726-001.jpg DSC_1830 copy.jpg DSC_2093 copy.jpg
DSC_2553 copy.jpg DSC_1663 copy.jpg DSC_3660 copy.jpg DSC_2747 copy.jpg
DSC_2128 copy.jpg DSC_2314 copy.jpg DSC_2428 copy.jpg 14th September 2014  quiet and still
DSC_1132 copy.jpg DSC_2306 copy.jpg DSC_3324 copy2.jpg DSC_3852 copy.jpg
DSC_2537 copy.jpg DSC_3662 copy.jpg DSC_2100 copy.jpg 13th September 2014  in the woods
DSC_1329 copy.jpg DSC_2557 copy.jpg 21st September 2014  equinox 25th October 2014  Cumar an dá Uisce
DSC_2551 copy.jpg DSC_0054 copy.jpg DSC_1812 copy.jpg DSC_1729 copy.jpg
12th September 2014  basking DSC_0006 copy.jpg DSC_2252 copy.jpg 7th September 2014  brightness
11th October 2013  very nearly home DSC_2036 copy.jpg 25th September 2014  on top of The Bass 14th October 2013  raining
22nd October 2013  October leaves DSC_3365 copy.jpg DSC_0003 copy.jpg DSC_0015 copy.jpg
9th November 2013  minus three 7th September 2013  rotoballe 5th October 2014  golden time 10th September 2014  golden times
DSC_0142 copy.jpg 23rd October 2014  end to a great day 10th October 2014  just before a rainbow 13th October 2013   from Berry Hill
20th October 2013  Colours of Autumn 9th October 2013  storminess DSC_0013 copy.jpg 26th September 2013  first frost
4th October 2014  sudden rainbow 13th September 2012  mid September 17th September 2012  from the window DSC_2215 copy.jpg
DSC_0004 copy.jpg 8th September 2013  on a walk 19th October 2013   woods at night in the rain 13th October 2012  turning leaves
18th September 2013  Shine on DSC_0107 copy.jpg 23rd October 2012  beautiful day DSC_0166 copy.jpg
15th September 2013  equinoxial DSC_0085 copy.jpg DSC_0102 copy.jpg 21st September 2012  Autumn Equinox
DSC_3621 copy.jpg 2nd October 2013  stormy Autumn night DSC_0289 copy.jpg 6th October 2013  near Chapel of Garioch
DSC_0148 copy.jpg DSC_0005 copy.jpg 9th September 2013  turning misty 3rd October 2012  out of the window
27th October 2012  by the River Don 26th October 2013  leaves DSC_0309 copy.jpg 14th September 2012  a skyburst
31st October 2012  Last of the light mornings DSC_0022 copy.jpg 10th October 2013  nearly home DSC_0101 copy.jpg
4th October 2012  Ocober skies 28th September 2012  Full Moon DSC_0141 copy.jpg DSC_0010 copy.jpg
25th November 2011  Friday 3rd November 2012  feels like November 30th September 2011  balmy days 26th October 2012  first snow
DSC_0029 copy.jpg 25th October 2012  misty glow 24th September 2011  golden days DSC_0073 copy.jpg
15th October 2012  cloud shadow DSC_0013 copy 2.jpg 30th August 2012   Blue Moon DSC_0310 copy.jpg
14th Ocober 2012  sunshine and showers 14th November 2011  November trees 20th October 2012  October path 21st September 2011  early Autumn
DSC_0293 copy.jpg 30th October 2011  Sunny October Sunday DSC_0116 copy.jpg DSC_0123 copy.jpg
DSC_0306 copy.jpg DSC_0130 copy.jpg 26th September 2011  Monday DSC_0055 copy.jpg
DSC_0018 copy.jpg 25th September 2011  tranquil Sunday 3rd October 2011  golden evening 6th November 2011  River Don
DSC_0037 copy.jpg 2nd October 2011  Sunday evening 27th September 2011  nebulous DSC_0284 copy.jpg
DSC_0041 copy.jpg DSC_0019 copy.jpg 15th November 2011  woods 14th September 2011  plough
23rd September 2012  foothills of the Cairngorms 18th November 2011  Friday afternoon sun 12th November 2011  in search of the sun DSC_0011 copy.jpg
4th October 2010  crisp Autumn weather 19th September 2011  last day of summer DSC_0252 copy.jpg 27th September 2009   peace and quiet
11th September 2012  blustery shower 3rd November 2011  the sun is still there 20th November 2011  November afternoon 30th October 2010  bales
DSC_0173 copy.jpg DSC_0110 copy.jpg DSC_0007 copy.jpg 1st October 2011  strange clouds
DSC_0008 copy.jpg 18th September 2012  North Wind DSC_0089 copy.jpg DSC_0150 copy.jpg
18th October 2008  October 6th October 2011  cold wind 6th October 2010  beautiful day 9th November 2010  cold sunshine
21st October 2011  Autumny colour 6th September 2010  nearly autumn 10th September 2009  bales 29th October 2010  mushroom
29th September 2008  tomatoes 28th September 2011  last of the sun 6th October 2008  early morning bales
DSC_0007 copy.jpg 14th September 2010  turning chilly 5th November 2008  gloomy mystery 15th September 2010  after the storm
DSC_0014s.jpg 1st November 2008  chilly DSC_0031 copy.jpg DSC_0002 copy.jpg
17th October 2009  frosty 7th November 2008  autumn meets winter 7th October 2010  Autumn gold 29th October 2011  end of October
DSC_0024 copy.jpg 29th November 2008  sunny side 16th September 2009  misty morning DSC_0059s.jpg
DSC_0036 copy.jpg 11th November 2008  chilly morning 29th October 2009  autumn colour 25th September 2009  long shadows
DSC_0067 copy.jpg 3rd November 2008  hanging on 18th September 2008  another misty morning DSC_0266s.jpg
24th October 2009  further rain DSC_0078 copy.jpg 17th September 2008  misty morning 11th October 2010  Autumn colours
12th September 2010  September sun 23rd October 2007  wispy skies 17th October 2010  River Earn DSC_0037s2.jpg
DSC_0073 copy.jpg DSC_0099 copy.jpg DSC_0017 copy.jpg DSC_0062s.jpg
DSC_0122 copy.jpg 29th October 2008  autumn's got legs DSC_0012 copy.jpg 30th September 2008  September sky
DSC_0052 copy.jpg DSC_0030 copy.jpg DSC_0054 copy.jpg 20th October 2008  blustery day
17th September 2009  end of summer 4th October 2009  windy 10th October 2008  rained all day 3rd November 2010  Early November
DSC_0300s.jpg 9th November 2008  bitterly cold 24th October 2010  Wicker 15th September 2009  bales
26th October 2010  not black and white DSC_0055s.jpg 26th October 2009  three trees 1st October 2008  red sky imorn
DSC_0016s.jpg DSC_0047s.jpg 20th November 2008  snow on the cards 9th September 2010  gold
30th October 2008  spooky 25th November 2008  winter sun DSC_0075s.jpg 12th October 2009  night in a castle
28th September 2009  view from Easter Aquhorthies 23rd October 2010  October DSC_0089 copy.jpg 31st October 2011  dark nights
DSC_0007s.jpg 31st October 2009  Halloween 17th November 2008  cold day 7th November 2010  sunny November weather
21st September 2007  the coast 11th October 2008  by the river DSC_0305s.jpg 2nd October 2010  fresh sky
12th October 2007  crisp October sunshine DSC_0002 copy.jpg 7th October 2008  day of rain 24th October 2008  crispness
13th October 2009  Misty Isle PICT0004s.jpg 22nd October 2009  raining 17th October 2008  autumny
3rd October 2009  stormy 4th October 2008  stormy day DSC_0006 copy.jpg 30th October 2009  fading
28th September 2008  tree in early autumn 20th October 2009   woods in a storm 14th September 2009  stones at Balquhain 12th September 2007  in colour
8th November 2008  light breaks through DSC_0073s.jpg 27th October 2008  Maidenstone DSC_0006s.jpg
DSC_0060s.jpg 30th November 2008  St. Andrew's Day 25th October 2009  hot poker DSC_0022s.jpg
24th September 2007  lull 27th September 2006  Loanhead of Daviot 23rd September 2007  big skies 24th September 2010  rainbow
12th October 2005 drizzly 19th September 2007  heading home 13th November 2008  red sky 31st October 2008  Halloween
4th October 2007  late shadows 25th September 2008  glade 20th September 2008  last days of summer 23rd September 2009  mystery of the stones
18th September 2007  last light of the day 25th September 2007  stormy 19th November 2008  another sunrise 15th October 2009  Loch Alvie
14th September 2007  late summer DSC_0046s.jpg 24th September 2008  on the way home 26th October 2008  Jack Frost is coming
DSC_0074s.jpg 17th September 2007  in between showers 26th October 2007   October light 10th September 2007  lay by
DSC_0003s.jpg DSC_0068s.jpg 5th October 2007  on the way to work PICT0001s.jpg
DSC_0050s.jpg 11th September 2008  harvest 28th November 2008  frosty 4th November 2008  mist coming in
DSC_0031x.jpg 28th September 2006  just in time 27th September 2008  drizzly 24th October 2007  early morning
11th September 2009  September skyburst 2nd October 2008  five o' clock 3rd September 2007  ragged DSC_0036 copy.jpg
8th October 2008  rainbow appeared 5th October 2008  beautiful autumn day 18th October 2009  tree tunnel 17th September 2006  more sunshine
DSC_0011s.jpg 2nd September 2007  deep in the forest 24th November 2006  late getting away 8th October 2007  still leafy
5th September 2009  Balquhain DSC_0041s.jpg 7th November 2006  eight a.m. 2nd October 2009  waltzer
DSC_0094s.jpg DSC_0021s2.jpg DSC_0001a.jpg DSC_0091 copy.jpg
DSC_0066s.jpg DSC_0066s.jpg dunideer.jpg 25th October 2005 hangar 37
DSC_0044s.jpg DSC_0001s.jpg 10th October 2007  last light at the stones DSC_0024s.jpg
8th September 2006  fantastic day 28th October 2007  winter is approaching 10th September 2006  escape DSC_0069s.jpg
31st August 2006  busy week DSC_0037s.jpg 3rd October 2007  time for breakfast DSC_0001s.jpg
26th September 2008  autumn skyburst 13th November 2006  a bit of colour DSC_0020s.jpg 24th September 2005     recovering
5th September 2007  Balquhain 30th October, spookiness 4th September 2007  beside a cornfield 14th October 2005 iron-age farm
DSC_0032s.jpg 30th September 2006  Loch an Eilan 30oct3.jpg DSC_0072s.jpg
DSC_0036s.jpg DSC_0025s.jpg 27th August 2007  calf at sunset river.jpg
DSC_0036s.jpg DSC_0008s.jpg 30th October 2007  another sunny morning 21st October 2005 sun is shining
DSC_0047s.jpg 16th October 2007  Fetternear 4th September 2006  bales in the sunshine DSC_0001s.jpg
Pict0023.jpg 2nd October 2007  misty start 6th September 2006  Balquhain Castle 13th September 2005 laughing at the wind
29th October 2006  wickerman 30th September 2007  three calves 17th September 2005 tails from the tower DSC_0082s2.jpg
26th September 2007  late getting away 7th October 2007  Quiet Sunday 31st October 2007  spooky drive home 14th October 2009  October Skye
27th September 2007  on the mooOOve DSC_0052s.jpg 11th September 2007  last of the light 17th October 2007  winter is coming
DSC_0037s.jpg 14th September 2005 riverside 29th September 2007  River Don 20th October
4th October 2005 mellow days Simg0022.jpg 12th September 2006  summer continues 10th November
6th October 2006  River Don 28th August 2006  golden harvest DSC_0047s.jpg DSC_0015s.jpg
31st October 2005 halloween 28th November, chilliness 7th September 2006  golden days
9th September 2006  spookiness 6th September 2007  late summer DSC_0055s.jpg 9th November, Green Goddess
11th September, leafy Loch Morlich 29th October 2007  still Autumn
13th October 2007  Slains Castle 7th November 2005 gone already Pict0023.jpg 24th September, escaped...
5th September 2005 early start 18th September 2006  Pitcaple woods DSC_0100s.jpg 13th October 2005 Avielochan
23rd September, well trodden path 1st November 2005 where is winter? 8th October 2005 placid 17th November, winter approaches...
3rd October 2005 where the trees won't grow 16th September 2005 road home 24th October 2005 stormy DSC_0043s.jpg
14th November 2006  somewhere in Scotland DSC_0108s2.jpg 7th November, a walk by the river
23rd September 2005 the visitors 6th November 2005 Kinkell Church DSC_0104s2.jpg skyburst3.jpg
DSC_0054s.jpg 16th October 2006  detour 13th October 5th October 2005 faithful friend
Craigievar Castle 4th September 2005 September morn 22nd September, fragile 19th November 2005 more ice
1st November, Oyne 11th November... 20octj1.jpg 14th August 2005 golden glow
DSC_0056s2.jpg 5th November 2006  edge of Donview forest 2nd October,  soggy
6th October, rain for luck... DSC_0042s.jpg skyburst9.jpg
DSC_0106s2.jpg 25th September 2006  late skyburst Pict0013a.jpg
Pict0023.jpg 16th October 2005 conkers 5oct 16th October, Loch Lomond
30oct4.jpg 20th October 2005 leafy carpet 4th November, Golden Time... 1st September 2006  monstrously fluffy clouds
2nd September 2005 the convenience 6th October 2005 anniversary skyburstb.jpg 28th October 2005 balmy days
Pict0011a.jpg 12th September, breezy any more conkers up there?
iron age hut circle 7th Oct, chillier salmon 30th October 2005 slightly warmer than he's used to
DSC_0012s.jpg 5th October, conker-tastic Pict0007.jpg 11th November 2005 rough seas
26th September 2005 angels 5th September, Benachie
27th August 2005 the laziness 20th November, Tarland 19th October 2005
Loch Morlich
27th September, sky-burst Loch Morlich
31st October, ghostly tree