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Golden Hour

Photos taken just before, during, and just after sunrises and sunsets
(my favorite times of the day for photography).

Many more of my photos taken during golden hour can also be found in my 'Ground Fog & Mist Gallery'
which can be viewed here.

Be aware that while some of these photos were taken directly of the sun, I am always extremely careful (as everyone
should be) to never look directly at the sun and to never leave the camera pointed at it for any longer than needed to take
the shot. Eyes and cameras can easily be permanently damaged if this kind of photography is not shot with great care.

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Moon At Sunrise P1410862-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1410834-40 Irish Creek At Sunrise P1150797-9 Clouded Sunrise P1410649-53
Otter Creek Sunrise P1410159-65 Sun Rising Into Cloud P1410250-6 Irish Creek Sunrise P1150616-22 Two Goose Families At Sunrise P1150604-6
Otter Creek Sunrise P1410320-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1400955-61 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1400688-94 Otter Creek Sunrise P1120879-85
Cloud At Sunrise P1390733-9 Clouds At Sunrise P1400319-25 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1390420-6 Rail Yard Sunrise P1400085-91
Clouds At Sunrise P1390726-30 Three Swans In Flight At Sunrise P1100929 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1100587-93 Rosedale Creek Sunrise P1390392-8
Spring Sunrise P1390399-05 Clouds Over The Swale P1090246-52 Departing Rain Clouds Over The Swale P1090236-42 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1080836
Frosty Trees At Sunrise P1390125-7 Mute Swans In Flight At Sunrise P1080674 Overnighting Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1390271-7 Goose In Flight At Sunrise P1080752
Winter Farmhouse At Sunrise P1070772-8 Winter Sunrise P1070744-50 Boathouses In Frosty Sunrise P1390142-8 Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1390226-32
Lower Reach At Sunrise P1390210-2 Clouded Sun Over Turtle Island P1070548-54 Sun Rising Through Mist P1390031-7 Clouded Sun P1070465-71
Winter Sunrise P1070181-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1070255-61 Setting Snow Moon Over Collapsing Boathouse P1060821-7 Clouded Sunrise P1060856-62
Barn Light In Dawn Light P1070084-90 Winter Sunrise P1060265-9 Winter Sunrise P1060280-2 Winter Sunrise P1380769-75
Winter Sunrise P1380776-82 Clouded Sunrise P1060556-62 Solar Pillar Over Barn P1060486-92 Clouded Sunrise P1380659-65
Goose Island Fishing Pier At Sunrise 38662 Aransas Bay Sunrise 39093 Powderhorn Lake Sunset 37936 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 38021
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1370860-6 Sunrise Over Iced Irish Creek P1050150-6 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1370130-6 Clouded Sunrise P1370572-8
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1040682 Clouded Sunrise P1370586-92 Irish Creek Sunrise P1370544-50 Sunrise Moon P1370111
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1360919-25 Moon Over Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1370116-22 Clouded Sun P1040439 Frosty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1030548-50
Holiday Heritage House Museum P1360178-84 Frosty Sunrise P1030596-02 Frosty Otter Creek At Sunrise P1030575-7 Frosty Morning P1030637-43
Frosty Sunrise P1030630-6 Evening Sunbeams P1010991-3 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1030047-9 Sunrise Beyond Turtle Island P1350131-7
Sunrise Clouds P1340985-91 Red Sky At Sunrise P1350035-41 Interesting Sky P1010406-8 Precipitating Cloud At Sunrise P1350049-55
Thanksgiving Sunrise P1000253-5 Autumn Otter Creek P1000652-4 Rideau River P1340546-8 Roses Bridge Sunrise P1340741-5
Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1340726-8 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1340275-7 Sunrise After The Storm P1340331-7 Irish Creek Sunrise P1330285-7
Red Sky In The Morning P1330321-5 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1330301-5 Clouded Sunrise P1330140-2 Clouds At Sunrise P1330146-8
Spooked Duck At Sunrise P1320928-9 Clouded Sunrise P1320968-74 Waning Crescent Moonrise P1320651-3 Otter Creek At Sunrise P1320681-3
Towering Cloud P1320415-7 Otter Lake At Sunrise P1320522-3 Fishing At Sunrise DSCN29374.82 Clouded Sunrise Over The Swale P1320567-73
Fogged Sun & Water Tower P1320493-9 Old Barn P1320159-61 Red Sun Rising P1320310-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1320108-14
Field & Barn Under Red Sky DSCN28411-6 Irish Creek Sunrise P1320122-8 Otter Creek At Sunrise P1320097-101 Father & Daughter Going Fishing P1320093
Clouded Sunrise P1320013-5 Fishing At Sunrise DSCN27328 Lower Rideau Lake Clouded Sunrise DSCN27379-84 Field Of Bales At Sunrise DSCN26582-7
Heron In Murphy Park At Sunrise P1310930 Sunrise Sky DSCN26570-5 Sunrise Cloud DSCN26848-50 Great Blue Heron At Sunrise DSCN26426-7
CP Engine 2277 At Sunrise DSCN25936-8 Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN25939-41 Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCN25470-2 Canal Basin Sunrise DSCN24681-3
Weird Sunrise Cloud P1310707-9 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN24290-2 Irish Creek Sunrise DSCN24123-5 Moon Setting Into Sunrise Cloud Bank DSCN24132-3
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1310201-7 Kawartha Voyageur At Sunset P1310490-2 Lower Reach Sunset P1310005-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN22648-50
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1300878-84 Roses Bridge At Sunrise P1300992-4 Edmonds Lock At Sunrise P1300814-20 Sunrise Solar Pillar DSCN22252-4
Sunrise At The Swale P1300766-8 Palo Duro Canyon At Sunrise 71210 Barn At Sunrise P1300399-405 Sunrise Color P1300277-81
Frozen Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN19853-5 Common Mergansers At Sunrise DSCN19929 Loosey Goosey Sunrise DSCN19935-7 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1290577-83
Iced-in Buoy Line At Sunrise DSCN19835-7 Sunrise Cloud P1290794-8 Geese At Sunrise DSCN19475 Migrating Geese At Sunrise DSCN19563
Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1290702-8 Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1290686-8 Split-Rail Sunrise P1290739-43 Sun Rising Into Cloud Bank P1290625-31
Barn At Sunrise P1290653-9 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1290567-71 Barn At Sunrise P1290539.42 Mustang Island Sunrise 45802
Rideau Canal Winter Sunrise P1290277-83 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN18944-6 Roses Bridge At Sunrise P1290310-4 Pines At Sunrise DSCN18821-3
Desert At Sunset 83443 Arizona Sunrays 74290 Superstition Mountain In Late Light 81431 Powderhorn Lake Sunrays 26965
Moon At Sunrise Composite DSCN18644-9 Clouded Sunrise DSCN18653-5 Storm Clouds Near Sunset 32996 Wintry Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN18461
Desert Sunset 20060125 Big Sky Clouds & Sun Arizona Sunrise 20071127 Mustang Island Sunrise 20061130
Mountain Road 7335 White Sands 32163v2 Cloudy Sunrise Over Okanagan Lake 20051008 Big Bend Sunset 6571
Sunset Sunrays 20070815 Arizona At Sunrise 20060127 Sunrise 20061223 Sunrise Over Georgian Bay 20050711
Two Jack Lake at Sunrise 20050924 Sinking Into The Pacific Fulton Harbor At Sunrise 20070205 Superstition Mountain 81301
Shuswap Lake at Sunset 20050929 Phoenix Sunset Sunlit Swimming Raft 20070814 Scugog River Sunrise 20070820
Desert Sunset 78452 Dawn Tidal Pool 49111 Santa Elena Canyon at Sunrise 7332 Dappled Sunrise Sky 20070809
White Sands 31912 White Sands 32415 Docked Boat at Dawn 20050620 Farm Building on the Prairie
Almost A Sunrise 20061228 Canadian Rockies at Sunset 20050921 Bosque Sunset 20071119 Big Bend Sunset 6391
Desert Sunrise 20080110 Copano Bay Bridge In Twilight 52033 White Sands 31911 Beach Rock 20061216
Four Peaks At Sunset 20060213 Lion's Head & Lighthouse 13068 White Sands 20060322 Bales & Tree At Sunrise 63859
Golden Lining 20060716 'Piering' Into The Dawn 47839 Lake Superior At Sunset 02065 Scugog River Dawn 20070916
Sunrise 47175 Superstition Mountain Moonrise Heron In Dawn Glow 20070810 Port Isabel Lighthouse at Dusk 5596
Sunrise Sunrays 20080128 Oregon Coast Sunset4 Log Pile At Sunrise 20070726 Wellington Street At Sunrise 09870-1
South Jetty At Dawn 20061213 Superstitions Sunrise 20071228 Dawn Fishermen 20050703 A Beacon In Darkness 20071209
Mountain Sunrise 79043 Mustang Island Sunrise 45091 Cobourg Pierhead Lights 20070506 Big Tub Lighthouse at Sunrise 20050706
Mustang Island Sunrise 20061127 Red Scribbles in the Sky 20051202 White Sands 20060326 Buffalo Skyline Sunrise 20091019
Organ Mountains In Sunset 20060318 Desert Red Sky Presque Isle Sunset 9044 Scugog Marina in Predawn2
Dawn Fishing 20061202 White Sands 20060324 Port Orford Sunset 20051119 Deer Grazing Near Cape Blanco Lighthouse at Sunset
Backlit Flag Dinosaur Ridge In Sunrise 20060201 Red Mountain In Red Dawn 20080101 Desert Sunrise 20071229
Tree At Sunrise 20110510 White Sands 31901 Route 66 Overhead Sign 32529 Montreal At Sunrise 20061014
Red Barn Doors 20100204 Arizona Sunset2 Pier In Sunrise 20070126 Desert At Sunset 82527
Setting In The Clouds Historic Route 66 - Galena 20071030 Tucson Mountains Sunrise 77570 Geese Flying By Setting Moon 20100726
Valley of the Sun-beam 20080123 Ibises Flying Over The Setting Moon 20081212 Mount Hood at Sunset 20051108 Arizona Sunset 20071120
Sunset Rainbow Over Powderhorn Lake 20081123 Marina Egret at Sunrise 4539 Evening Clouds Sunrise Shadows 20080918
Winter Sunrise 03281-2 Desert At Sunset 81459 Lake Erie Birches Near Sunset... 20081027 Sunrise Rainbow 76505
Trans-Canada Trail 09005 Lake Erie Sunrise 20081024 Sedona 29683 Sunrise At Powderhorn Bayou 20090109
Fire In The Sky Sedona 29260 Swimming Raft In Sunrise 64583 Matagorda Bay Sunrise 20081206
River Grass In Sunrise Reflection 20080822 Rio Grande At Sunset 20060316 Fort Gaines At Dawn 55711 Red Barn At Sunrise 20091114
Matagorda Bay Sunrise 30963 Swimming Raft Under Rising Sun 20070831 Four Peaks At Sunrise 20080205 Arizona At Sunrise2
Oregon Coast at Sunset 20051118 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 27828 Freighter At Sunset 20081019 Desert Morning 20080224
Desert At Sunrise 20080105 Causeway at Dusk 5608 Windmill at Sunset 7306 Lake Erie Daybreak 69038
Superstition Mountain 20080129 Joshua Tree Rocks at Sunrise 20051230 Riding Off Into The Sunset 20071122 Creekwood Sunrise 6836
Geese & Sunrise Sunrays 20080901 Dead Tree At Sunrise 20071011 Desert Sunrise 78061 Sunrise Sunrays 20080815
Balloon In The Sun 20070811 Sunrise Shadows 20090613 Pointing To The Sun 28030 Windmill Sunset 52827
Joshua Tree At Sunset 20051228 My preferred processing Buildings In Sunrise Glow 20091129 Two Horses At Sunrise 63834
Autumn Sunrise On The River 20091008 Sunrise Fishers 20100707 Desert Sunrise 74996 Lockmaster's House At Sunrise 20100727
Scugog River Sunrise 20050823 Joshua Tree at Sunrise 25488 Morning Run 20060828 Joshua Tree At Sunset 20051229
Dauphin Island Sunrise 20070302 Joshua Trees At Sunset 25225 Frosty Chain 20101112 Sunrise Sky Squiggle 20110409
Barn At Sunrise 14526-7 Desert Scene 75978 Looming Cloud 20090626 River Grass At Sunrise 20090814
National Gallery & Notre-Dame Cathedral 20091028 Rideau Canal Sunrise 18360 Red Sky In The Morning 20100723 Mount Wrightson At Sunrise 20071221
Baboquivari Mountains At Sunrise 20080228 Palm Tree At Sunrise 28142 White Sands 32131 Loon In Sunset Reflection 20100625
Lake Superior At Sunset 49800 Sunset Solar Pillar 20110114 Grenada Lake Sunrise 47034-5 White Sands 32189
A Peek Of Sunrise 20081209 White Sands 32140 Oyster Shell Reefs In Sunrise 38650 White Sands 32445
Sunrise Long Shadows 46695 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20100929 Barn In Sunrise 20100802 Foothills At Dawn
Frontenac Axis Sunset 20100619 Sunrise Thunderstorm 20070613 Fire On The Horizon 48086 Scugog River Sunrise 20090819
White Sands 32137 Lake Erie Sunrise 23753 Sun Above Two Trees 20070802 Barns In Winter Sunrise 20101210
Cloudy Sunrise 20070630 Lake Superior Sunset 02101 Small Island At Sunrise 20090709 Saint Louis Sunset Panorama 70511-2
White Sands 32080 Otter Lake At Sunrise 20101113 Dick Bell Park At Sunrise 20100416 Small Skein Of Sunrise Geese 29129326
White Sands 32152 Friendly Horses At Sunrise 20110530 Our Saguaro 78539 White Sands 32431
A Port Aransas Ferry 49517 Golden Ripples Dauphin Island Sunrise 56104 Winterscape Sunrise 20121226
Red Sunrise Pillar 20090526 Camp Verde 29131 White Sands 32061 Gulf Sunrise 42579
Estero Bay Sunrise 20070313 Big Bend At Sunset 7622 Mountain In Sunrise 20080203 Clouds At Sunrise 79956
Snowy Superstition At Sunset 81903 Sunrise Reflection 10701-3 Lower Beveridges Lock 20100708 Jock River At Sunrise 08202
Otter Lake Sunset P1010173 Lake Superior At Sunset 20090623 Harbor At Indianola Panorama 20081202 Big Rideau Lake Sunset 18492
Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise 20101114 Lakeside Cottage At Sunrise 20101118 Ottawa At Sunrise 20091213 Sailing Off Into The Sunrise 20090121
Yellow Sunrise Pillar 20090521 Corpus Christi Sunset 42691 Canadian Rockies at Sunrise 20050925 Desert At Sunrise 20071226
Ottawa Sunrise 20100415 Sunrays Over The Rideau 20100606 Stormy Sunrise 61135 Pier In Sunrise 47775
Buffalo Skyline At Sunrise 09691-2 Goldfield Mountains 80937 Old Barn At Sunrise 20091006 Copano Bay Sunset 52286
Dauphin Island Sunset 56067 Pier At Dawn 48070 River Grass At Dock's End 20090816 Frontenac Axis At Sunset 17689-90
Dauphin Island Sunrise 55751 A Palm In The Sun 20090113 Tree Beside The River 20090921 Finished Fishing 19006
Grebe Among Lily Pads 23169 Powderhorn Lake Sunrise 31104 Four Peaks At Sunrise 79924 Newboro Lake Sunrise 20100531
Irish Creek Ice Shelf 06440-1 Disappearing Post 42298 Desert Sunrise 78511
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