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Kiss Me (Marisa Taddia)

Author Comment:
Message: In the society of the global and virtual era, where the real human contact, the deep emotions and the idea of a positive future for the human kind seem to be an old-fashion and forgotten ‘utopia’, the increase of the eroticism and sexuality deepens the desperation and the existential emptiness of the human being, moving it away of transforming emotions and turning it into a sexual and soulless machine.

• I tried to abstract the image in a way that only the big red lips, the spitting and the mechanical structure that maintains them were the ‘focus’, according to the message that I wanted to express.
• That’s why I made a partial desaturation (leaving the colour only in the lips and removing it from the background and spit), applied a soft blur to the background and made a tight crop to emphasize the lips.

• The intense contrast between the bright red lips and the black and white background creates a great tension in the composition, catching the attention of the viewer instantly.
• The big red lips, practically filling half of the photograph, appear to be sensual, inviting, suggestive and full of eroticism… but there’s such a distortion and disproportion in them that it seems that, instead of kissing us, they are going to devour to us. Are we their food?
• The ‘fleshy’ and seductive big red lips look quite desirable. But with that big spit coming from them… do we want to kiss them or just get away as soon as possible? What can be considered something beautiful and intimate (sharing the essence of the one that we love) opens the door to the doubts instead of the desire, to the questions instead of the emotions.
• The big spit seems to flood the place and, if we get too close, can also drown us. So, how we are going to kiss them without dying in the attempt?
• There’s an unreal colour and texture on the lips, due to the make-up. But, why is necessary that excess? Is it used only to enhance the beauty and ‘conquer’ the other? Is it a matter of low ‘self-esteem’? Is it a trick to attract the off guard ones? Is it used in order to conceal the atrocious thing that is hiding behind the beautiful and seductive scene? Questions and more questions…
• If we look behind the lips, we will not find there a human being but a mechanical structure that maintain them and help them to spit. Metal instead of flesh, cold instead of warm, harsh instead of smooth, void instead a soul… We will find a machine.
• From the lips comes the spit. But instead of a ‘colour’ spit what appears from the mouth is a faded liquid, a black and white substance that looks alike what is behind and surrounding those lips. Is this spit revealing us the true essence of what is inside of them? Is there ‘true’ life in black and white?
• If behind the sexy lips there’s no human but a machine… where are the emotions? Can we find emotions in a machine? If the answer is no… if there’s no emotion, then the only thing that matters and is all about is just the sex. Then, what we are looking at is a sex machine.

Human values:
• Consequence of the biologist and mechanical vision of the human being and the ‘evolution’ of mankind, since many centuries ago the society (a very particular part of it) has slowly taken away from the human being its freedom and voice, its body, soul and mind. It was drained of emotional and spiritual content, confused in his more intimate beliefs and desires to, finally, be left in the most devastating solitude and with a deep sensation of inner emptiness.
• In front of this inner state, fed at all possible costs by the global and perverse system of this new millennium, the human being loses his course and looks for something that fills its emptiness, with desperation.
• But… how can be filled the void, the emptiness? The mirage proposed by the system maintains that through the consumption of goods and merchandise the human will, at last, be fulfilled. And so, a society of addicts is created. We are the generation that can be called ‘gimme more!’, no matter what that ‘more’ could be.
• Like those lips… they don’t ask -or need- for emotions. Those big red and sexy lips just ask for more ‘sex’. ‘Sex’ is what will –somehow- fulfilled the emptiness of many many human beings, said the global and perverse system. Not the love, neither the affection, nor the confidence, nor the honesty, nor the respect… only the sex.
• And if it’s virtual, better! Virtuality… is the ultimate addiction and major isolation of the human being.
• While trying to survive in the consumer society the human being, drained of emotions, dreams and hope, is transformed in a machine. A sexual and soulless machine.
• In a society that is based in consuming, everything becomes merchandise… everything. Sex is merchandise; the body is merchandise; the human being is merchandise. From subjects to objects, from names to numbers.
• Those lips are the representation of the sex machine, and are a perfect representation of the twisted global system that rules in the world these days. Is the final exhibition of the law of the survival of the most apt, of the rule of who eats whom? Those lips don’t want to kiss us… they want to eat us, devour us. They need us to exist. We are their food.
• But, do we have to loose our soul and become machines to survive? More… why do we have to survive instead of enjoying a total and balanced life, based on the love, the respect, the peace, the conscious care of the humanity and our planet? Is surviving in a miserable way the only possible choice that is in front, and inside, the human being? If the answer is no, if we still believe that another world is possible, then the human kind has a long way ahead, but has inside the guide who will lead it by the right way.

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