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Web Terms
Browsers, short for web browsers, are software applications used in order to locate and display (aka "surf") web pages. A few examples of web browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Netscape Navigator.

All caches essentially store recently-used information so that it can be accessed easily in the future. For browsers, a cache can consist of recently accessed site URL's, images, etc. so that the next time you visit a site it will take less time to load since all the information won't have to be downloaded over again.

Cookies are messages sent by web servers to browsers. These messages are stored as text files which are sent to the server each time a browser requests content from that server. Cookies are often used to store information (such as your name, interests, etc.) in order to prepare a customized page each time a particular user goes to a web site. PBase uses cookies to identify page requests as coming from a specific PBase user associated with your username. If you don't log out, sometimes if you come... (more)

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, allow users to modify HTML code in order to have more control over the appearance of websites. Using CSS, a web developer or PBase user, can modify the look of headers, hyperlinks, background color, etc.

Direct linking is the use of a particular image or multimedia file on another website by linking directly to it on another web host's server.
For example, if you want to post an image on another forum, a direct linking URL (found on the edit image page) can be used to display that image via the PBase server on another website or forum.
An easy way to find the direct linking URL for your images is to go to the edit image page and see the 'direct linking URL' at the top right of the screen.

Domain names are used in URL's and are often called "web addresses."
For example, PBase's domain name is There are other pages on this domain such as the help pages which are written as

A firewall is a security system put into place in order to restrict unauthorized access to or from a private network.

HTML or Hypertext Markup Lanuage, is the coded language that is used to create documents on the web and control how websites appear.

A hyperlink is an item of text or an image that when clicked, starts a given response. Often, hyperlinks are used to link to another webpage.
For example, these two hyperlinks both lead to the PBase help home when clicked. and PBase Help

A scripting language used for a variety of interactive tasks. It can be used in addition to HTML to create content such as a pop-up window where you control the size and overall look.
Currently, PBase does not allow the use of javascript in galleries.

Style Sheets, often called templates, are files with CSS language that define the appearance of a given webpage.

URL or Uniform Resource Locater, is the address or location for a given website or web material.
For example, "" is the URL for the PBase help pages.

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