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You can enter text in any character set, but other people won't be able to view what you have written
unless their browser supports and is set to display in that language.
So, if you are seeing what appears to be garbage written in someone's gallery, try changing the character encoding in your browser settings.
With Internet Explorer for example, you can find this setting
under the View->Encoding menu.

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) is a very old browser, released in October 2006. It is not compliant with current standards for HTML and CSS. Your PBase experience would be much better if you upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer (IE) or switch to a different browser, such as Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) but still got a message advising you to upgrade, you are probably running in compatibility mode. Click here for more information on compatibility mode.

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